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Glimpse is an all Canadian review blog! That’s right. We will only be featuring the most awesome Canadian companies and products!

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Once we have been in contact, we can work out the details of what will work best for both of us.

Products will be tested, played with, and loved by our families. Once we have a good feel for the product, we will write a review, including pictures, and post it here on the blog. We will send you the link so you can share it with all your friends!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love to see The Baby Bin Boutique added to your list of Winnipeg retailers. I love this little boutique and have suggested it to many of my mommy friends!! Thanks.


  2. Hi Taryn. The only links we have on our site are the links of companies we have reviewed for. This website is set up as promotion for online businesses. At this point we don’t have any plans to promote brick & mortar stores, since our readers are scattered all over Canada and the US (and maybe a few other countries, who knows!). Thanks for the suggestion though. I have also been to The Baby Bin, and it was a pretty cool little shop!

  3. kathy downey says:

    Just wanted to say i really enjoy this blog,thanks for everything you do!

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