Three Canadians who love being moms and three moms who are proud to be Canadian!! And we are 110% excited about our Canadian Review blog! Glimpse will be devoted to doing reviews (and giveaways!) on products solely from Canada. We want to help spread the word about the great Canadian companies and products that exist (but sometimes are hard to find and sometimes many people don’t know that they are even there at all) and we want to spread the word to YOU! 🙂

Now for a little background on how GLIMPSE was established:

GLIMPSE was founded back in early 2008, by our review moms, Andrea & Stacey.

Here is their story:

Canadian moms who just happen to be best friends as well! Who could ask for a better combination…Mom + Canadian + best friends = Fun, fun, fun! **wink**

We met in high school – even though we didn’t go to the same school, and did not even live in the same town! We met through a church youth group and it only took one night for us to become the best of friends. It didn’t matter that we lived in different towns, or went to different schools…our friendship was sealed. We were both into music, we both hated sports (haha…we sat out of countless games of football together!), we both were a little crazy, and we both loved Jesus. From the first meeting until graduation we spent as much time together as we could. Graduation was sad…I (Andrea) was one year older than Stacey so I graduated a year before her and left to go to Bible College and Stacey started her Grade 12 year. We said a very sad goodbye that September. But like best friends do, we wrote loooooong letters back and forth all year long (and mailed strange items to each other such as…uhh…dryer lint. Yeah…don’t ask! haha!). Believe it or not, we survived our year apart. 🙂 The next year Stacey decided to come to the same Bible College as I was going to…and of course, we requested that we could be roommates in the dorm. What a wild year! We spent the next year together as roommates…and had our fill of adventures – which included making a teepee out of our bed frames, late-night talks, both of us going through dating relationships at the same time, and so much more. And now, here we are…both of us are proud moms with 2 kids each, and are busier than ever, but we still have enough time to call and email each other and to still be best friends – even mommies need best friends, right? 🙂

GLIMPSE was established as a way to treat and inform other moms about interesting and unique products. GLIMPSE quickly took off and anoth
er member was needed to keep up with the increasing demands. Starting December 2010, Andrea and Stacey added a new team member, Julie, who is very excited to be in this position on GLIMPSE. Without all of us, GLIMPSE would not run.

For more information on the team members click here.


  1. Wow your own review site this is so exciting!!!! Conrat you 2

  2. Thanks! We should be up and running in a few weeks!

  3. Congratulations Girls! You have NO idea how excited I am for you. Seriously I am genuinely excited for you and wish I could give you both hugs. I’ll have to get something up on my review blog to help promote you. Let me know when you’d like me to do it. =)

  4. this is a great idea. I will be checking in often.

  5. Sounds wonderful!! Congrats on the new site, I can’t wait for it to be up and running 🙂

  6. Thanks ladies!! Stay tuned for Monday morning!!!

  7. Thats soo neat! I had no idea you both were college roomies! Love this site. Great having a place to find childrens things from business in canada~!

  8. kathy downey says:

    So excited for you

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