Timeless Puzzles

We recently received a special package in the mail. And it just so happened to be for our special little boy. Tate received a Timeless Puzzle with his very own name on it! Timeless Puzzles is definitely one of the most unique businesses I have come across. Their main item is these adorable wooden name puzzles. They have many in stock…and the fact that they had the name “TATE” in stock is proof of that since Tate is not an extremely common name. Tate loves his little name puzzle. It is colorful, small enough to bring along to church or another place where we may need some entertainment, and best of all, it’s personalized! Now, although my 2 year old cannot read yet, he will quite happily tell you that his new puzzles says “TATE” when you ask him about it.
Besides offering a HUGE collection of name puzzles,Timeless Puzzles also has puzzle stools for your little one, extremely fun tray puzzles (in a variety of shapes and styles!), and personalized coat racks (for all that winter clothing we’ll be needing soon). You can tell that their products have been put together with care and will stand the test of time…and the test of your children playing with them over and over again!

Personalized gifts are so much fun, and Timeless Puzzles definitely offers a great selection of personalized products. Not to mention that their products are also educational!! What could be better than education and fun all bundled up into one item?! The tray puzzles and the name puzzles definitely fit into this category very well. I can’t think of a better way to teach my son how to spell his name than to use his new name puzzle. In the tray puzzles you can find puzzles with shapes, the alphabet, numbers and a LOT more.

Timeless Puzzles has a great selection of fun and educational personalized items, and if you can’t find the name you are looking for, they will create a new name puzzle/stool just for you!


  1. That is a very cool puzzles! but could be hard for littles one with super long names LOL

  2. Very nice puzzle! Selah has one wooden puzzle that she’s just starting to figure out:)

  3. that would be a great Christmas item!

  4. What a great gift

  5. DARLENE W says:

    Puzzles are extremely fun to do during the inter months when it is sometimes hard to get outside

  6. Great puzzle for little kids, they learn letters early & have fun at the same time!

  7. kathy downey says:

    That’s a cool puzzle

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