Bubu Bebe ~ And a Giveaway!

Diapers, diapers, diapers. Sometimes life as a new mom seems to be all about the diapers. Especially if you choose cloth! Wondering how long they can go between changes, how quickly they will grow out of the diapers, etc. And there are just so many options!

Bubu Bebe is an awesome family business that makes the most well thought out multi-size diaper I’ve ever seen! They seriously have thought of everything. The diaper comes with three different snap in liners, all different sizes. This means that you can customize the diaper for each stage! And once you child is at the largest setting, you can use all three for nights! With all the soakers snapped in, there are twelve thirsty layers of fabric.

Upon first seeing the diaper, it seems so trim fitting that I really didn’t believe that it would hold up for night. I’ve been amazed at how much this diaper can hold though! Here’s a funny mommy brain story for you… Last week I put Bria in her Bubu Bebe diaper for night. I put her in her sleep sack (the only way she will sleep) and put her to bed. The next morning, when I went to change her, I noticed that I had forgotten to put a cover over her diaper! And the outer fabric on the diaper wasn’t even wet yet. Wow! Maybe she just didn’t pee as much that night, but her diapers are usually soaked in the morning.

So there you have it. Another great Canadian made diaper that I can seriously RAVE about!

Bubu Bebe would like to offer one lucky reader a custom diaper with the fabric of their choice! Head on over here and pick out your favorite fabric, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which one you love the best. It’s a hard choice, but I think the Lime Polka is my favorite!

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CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!! Contest ends April 14, 2009.

Bubu Bebe would also like to offer our readers 10% off! Use the code ‘glimpse’ when you check out to receive the discount. Our Canadian readers can also choose to be billed in Canadian currency! Since the Hyena Cart is not set up for this, please puchase a custom slot to be billed separately.

Bubu Bebe stocks their shop every Monday at 12 EST.


  1. I would choose Fairy Dress. 🙂

  2. I really like the pink doggies!!

  3. It is so hard to choose!! I like teal giraffes, monkey dance and apples&pears!

  4. i follow

  5. I like the Fairy Dress! So adorable! We’ve got to get some cloth diapers in our house. We’ve got a wicked diaper rash!

  6. I’d pick the apples fabric.

  7. I’m torn between monkey dance and helicopters! I think I’d go with helicopters just to here my DS say the word more in his funny, almost-two language!

  8. I follow!

  9. i love the ooga booga – so funny!

  10. i follow too.

  11. i follow

  12. i have your button!

    hehe, code word is “sling”

  13. I love the Minkee – Retro Pink Dot. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  14. I follow on twitter and tweeted. 1amypugmire. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  15. I am a follower

  16. I have your button

  17. WAY to hard to choose! I like Monkey Dance, Moose & Mint Chocolate!!!

    marin (dot) obrien {at) g mail

  18. I subscribe.

    marin (dot) obrien {at) g mail

  19. I like the Underwater fabric
    thanks for the chance
    becky at harts dot name

  20. I like the monkey dance!

  21. i follow

  22. i subscribe.

  23. I subscribe

  24. I think I like the monkey dance.

  25. I’m thinking the teal giraffes!

    mommainflipflops At gmail.com

  26. blue ooga or teal giraffes. I just got my 3 diapers in the mail from her last week and they are sooooo nice!

  27. I have your new button!

  28. I subscribe!

  29. LaurenS says:

    I like the Autumn stripes


  30. I follow!

    civicsakura @ yahoo . com

  31. That is TOO HARD 🙂
    I think I’d pick mod circles though

  32. I love the underwater.

  33. I love the apples and pears fabric!

  34. Love the grass giraffe!

  35. Those are some seriously cute diapers!

    I’d have to pick the teal giraffes, but monkey dance is pretty darling, too.

  36. I’m gonna go with Monkey Dance although Rockets are a close 2nd.

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  37. I would choose either grape minkee or hello kitty. These are on my list of “must haves” I’ve got my fingers crossed !

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  39. Oh my goodness there are so many great fabrics. I think I like the retro pink dots the best!!!!

  40. I follow 🙂

  41. I have your button!

  42. I like “asian”. I have one of these and they are FANTASTIC! It is in the dryer as we speak and the first one I reach for when it is clean.

  43. So cute! I would choose teal giraffes.


  44. I love the teal giraffes print. Very cute.

  45. I would LOVE to win a custom diaper!! My fave fabric is minkee yellow dot 🙂

  46. Follow 🙂

  47. Subscribe 🙂

  48. I subscribe also

  49. I want u to choose for my future baby.


  50. I like Red Robots!

  51. I’m a subscriber.

  52. Underwater fantasy is by far my favorite. So cute!

  53. Gotta choose the Teal Giraffes. Too cute!

  54. I’m a subscriber.

  55. I love the Turquoise Swirl!

  56. Brianne says:

    I love BOMBER 🙂


  57. I love the Lime Retro fabric!

  58. I love the Teal Giraffes! So cute!!

  59. Just followed your blog!

  60. Wow, I can’t believe how much choice there is for fabrics! I would pick Grass Giraffes.

  61. I’ve got your button here:

  62. I love the Mint Chocolate Zoo!

    abbyandygaige (at) gmail (dot) com

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  65. There are so many to choose from! I must be pretty boring because out of all the fun patterns I think my favorite is the Minkee – Retro Pink Dot.


  66. I’d choose the Grape minkee.

  67. I’d go with European Lena.
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  68. tweet: http://twitter.com/ReizaM/status/1500180762
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  69. Wow, super hard choice! i loved the Happy Flowers the best.

    enchantedtree (at)hotmail.com

  70. I like the Minkee – Retro Yellow Dot.

  71. I love the Autumn Stripes fabric the best! It is so cute!

  72. I subscribe with google reader.

  73. I follow on twitter. Here is my tweet:


  74. I’m a subscriber….

  75. “Misprint” – the owls – are adorable!! Looking into cloth for my baby-on-the-way.

  76. I like the Monkey Dance !!!

  77. I like the Lime Retro!

  78. I subscribed to your feed!

  79. I like the fire engines!
    bs.webster at sbcglobal dot net

  80. Fire Minkee looks cool.

  81. The Apples print is so cute! I have a new niece and this would be an awesome gift!

  82. I like the Asian Blossom

  83. I have your new button

  84. I follow

  85. Man, that was hard…I would choose Grass Giraffes.

  86. I subscribe.

  87. Blue cowboys is my fave. I know my son would love it! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  88. Wow, that was hard to choose! But the Minkee- Cow is my favorite!!

    fitforachild at gmail dot com

  89. I like Ooga Booga!

  90. I’m a subscriber

  91. very hard choice, but I think my favorite is Monkey Dance! Thanks so much!


  92. Wonderful selection. I really liked Mint Asian. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  93. I would choose the Mad Sky – Madagascar. Beautiful!!

  94. Misprint is so cute!

  95. i would love the monkey dance on my son’s tush. cute!

  96. I like the spring flowers. Thanks

  97. My favorite would have to be the Blue bubbles.

  98. I am a follower

  99. I subscribe

  100. I would choose Dotty Owls or Mad Sky-Madagascar

  101. I would have to go with the Green Butterflies. Mostly because I LOVE butterflies, but also the the colors in this.

  102. Good post, nice picture. I like this post. Thanks for sharing. I am follow you.

  103. i agree the green butterflies are great, really cute. i have just ordered some Baby BuBu breastfeeding covers in green.

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