Saving our Earth…Baggie by Baggie! ~ GIVEAWAY!

One thing that we’ve been striving to do in the past few years is to take care of this earth that has been placed in our capable hands! This week (Wed. Apr. 22) is Earth Day! So to help celebrate and promote the fact that we MUST take care of our planet, I’d like to fill you in on some awesome earth friendly products from Lavish & Lime! In our home, we’ve done cloth diapers…we’ve done recycling…but one thing that we still use a lot of are plastic baggies. I did a bit of research to see plastic bag usage is like here in Canada…get this:

**The average family uses 700-1200 plastic bags per year!
**Canadians use 10 billion plastic bags each year.
**Approximately 28 million kgs of plastic bags end up in Canada’s landfills each year!

Yikes! That’s a whole lotta plastic baggies if you ask me! Ther is an earth friendly alternative to plastic baggies though and it’s a fun and easy to use Reusable Sandwich Wrap from Lavish & Lime. It is perfect for using in school lunches, work lunches, or even on a picnic in your backyard! And not only does it keep your sandwich (or snack) fresh, it also doubles as a place mat and gives you a clean place to eat your food. They are completely safe as well. The interior lining is BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free. The reusable wrap is safe, reusable, practical and perfect for anyone and any age. To go along with your reusable wrap, Lavish & Lime also has a variety of reusable lunch bags for both adults and kids! Check out the adorable animal shaped Munchler Lunch Bags for kids…or the stylish lunch bags for adults!

Lavish & Lime also offers a BRAND NEW green product line. They have some fabulous products here. I’m loving the idea of the All natural plant-based body/face paint! I’ve always been a bit leery of the normal face paint…I’m mean, it just CAN’T be that great for your skin. This is one products that would be fabulous to have on hand for face painting, carnivals or even Halloween. The paints are skin friendly, safe natural pigments that are easy to remove with water.

Another new product that really caught my attention is the Cardboard Activity Kits. Can you imagine how much fun kids could have with this?! Building, creating…playing! This is a do-it-yourself model kit that’s easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with. All pieces are pre-cut and pre-punched. They can be put together without glue and scissors using the slot-system. It is made of high-quality, recyclable cardboard so when your kids do tire of it, simply recycle it again. 🙂

Lavish & Lime would love to help one of our readers be a little more earth friendly by giving one of you your choice of a abstract or green marble Reusable Sandwich Wrap! In order to get one entry, head over to Lavish & Lime and let us know what your favorite product is from their shop.

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  1. I think my favourite product is their Bamboo Cami Tank – green.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  2. One thing I do to be more Earth friendly is compost.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  3. I like the Boon BPA-Free Snack Set

  4. I subscribe

  5. The one thing I have been trying to do for our earth is recycle what I can recyle ~ cardboard, grocery bags, cans & bottles, etc….

    I have your botton!

    I am a follower!

  6. Market Tote – reusable 3-pack is my fav!

  7. We are more earth friendly because we use our tap water instead of plastic water bottles.

  8. I love (and would use) the cork ladder trivet and the bamboo compost pail!

  9. To help out the earth, we just started recyling, i try to buy earth friendly products and I clean without chemicals aka Norwex!

  10. I have your button

  11. I like earthopoly!
    becky at harts dot name

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    becky at harts dot name

  13. The wooden cactus balancing game is my favourite!

  14. we’re using cloth diapers with our second to more earth friendly.

  15. i follow too!

  16. Maryse Morris says:

    I’d love of these!

  17. I love the Envirosax Shopping Bag – mono circles.

  18. I follow on twitter and tweeted. 1amypugmire.

  19. I love the meadow munchler kids lunch box!!! I’m thinking I might even get it for her for preschool in the fall!! She would love it and it doesn’t seem as big as everything you see in the stores!!

  20. I like their kids necklace with butterfly crystals.

  21. i follow.

  22. I like the water bottle thermos 🙂

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  24. I’m a subscriber.

  25. I like the 6-pc Waste-Free Lunch Kit


  26. We recycle, turn of the lights when we aren’t in the room, unplug appliances not in use.


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  28. I love the idea of the sandwich wrap! I also think that benny munchler is super-cute, even though he looks grumpy!

  29. I am a subscriber. Thanks!

  30. I use Norwex (chemical-free, antibacterial microfibre cloths)to clean my home and recycle pretty much everything. On garbage day we have 2 recycle bins and 1 little garbage bag!

  31. My favorite item is the Bamboo Short Robe in mushroom

  32. I love the “Waste Free Lunch Kit”!!

  33. I subscribe to your blog …

  34. One thing that we need to get started on again is recycling. We recently moved and I have not gone to the waste management office to pick up our blue boxes … how sad is that?!?! 🙂

  35. The wooden cactus balancing game looks fun

  36. We are going veggies from seeds and using totes

  37. Anonymous says:

    It was a tough choice, but I like the Cork Trivet – ladder. I have never seen anything like it before.


  38. To be more earth friendly I am going to start composting.


  39. I am a new FOLLOWER.


  40. I love the “bird” shopping bag. Its so much prettier than the cloth bags i’m suing right now.
    Thanks and happy earth day 🙂

  41. I also follow,
    thanks so much

  42. I love the sandwich wraps and the stainless steel Kid Containers!

  43. I plan to get a compost started – haven’t decided if it’ll be worm composting or that NatureMill composter!

  44. Anonymous says:


    Kids Lunchbag – meadow munchler


  45. I like the 6-pc Waste-Free Lunch Kit

    tiggeraj at yahoo dot com

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  47. I really like the 750ml Thinksport Water Bottle Thermos. I always carry a water bottle with me, but if I’m out for a while the water tends to get warm and yucky tasting. This would keep it cold and fresh tasting for a long time!!

  48. Something we do to be earth friendly is to use our reusable shopping bags all the time. I’ve got 2 IKEA bags and 2 Sam’s Club bags for when we buy in bulk…and about 6-7 Sprouts bags (including one cold bag) that we rotate thru for regular shopping. I also always keep a Chico bag in my purse for unplanned purchases.

  49. I use cloth diapers and use reusable grocery bags when I shop for anything.

  50. i like the envirosax!

    elkesten at yahoo dot com

  51. I love the waste free lunch kit!

  52. I subscribed.

  53. I love the Necklace Silver shapes within, so modern and sleek. Thanks
    jules0910 at gmail dot com

  54. Kids Food Containers – stainless steel 2-pack these would be great for kids lunches.

  55. Cloth diapers all the way!
    I visited the Lavish and Lime site and love their lunch bags, especially the super cute kids’ ones.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I absolutely love the waste free lunch kit!!!!!

  58. The Stainless Steel Think Baby kit is by far my favorite. Love the colors too!

  59. We recycle our cans to be more Earth friendly. Our community hasn’t caught on to recycling so there are no services offered at all!

  60. cammy at mrsmessy dot com

    My fav product is definitely their wool house storage bags. Sooo cute!

  61. To more Earth friendly, I use cloth diapers for my son.

    cammy at mrsmessy dot com

  62. I subscribed to your blog via Google Reader.

    cammy at mrsmessy dot com

  63. My favourite item is the kids stainless steel mini containers.

  64. I wash and reuse the bags our milk comes in so they don’t just go to the landfill and I don’t have to buy plastic wrap or baggies.

  65. I subscribe

  66. Following on twitter and tweeted:

  67. My favourite is the Mikado 5-pack Envirosax shopping bags. I use cloth bags for all my shopping but mine aren’t as pretty and colourful!

  68. I love the Envirosax Shopping Bag in mikado green.

  69. We have started using reuseable bags at the grocery store.

  70. Favorite item was the black bamboo night shirt. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  71. I love the Astrosatchel Messenger bag – Owl! Thanks for the giveaway! mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  72. Lavish and Lime says:

    Hi all, this is Louise from Lavish & Lime. Thanks for all the great feedback…we’re glad to see you like the products we’ve selected.
    Good luck with the giveaway!

  73. My boys would love the Wooden Toys – bug balance game. Thanks for sharing~

  74. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I love both the reusable bags and the cardboard toys. They’re amazing !

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