Sleep in Peace ~ GIVEAWAY! (2 Winners!)

Sleep…such an important part of our lives as moms! And too often both mommy and child don’t get enough of it. 😉 There are of course, many reasons for a lack of sleep…everything from teething to being too cold…to just wanting Mommy in the room! One thing that we’ve used for Emily to help her stay warm and cozy in her crib is a wonderful sleep sac from Dodo-Sac. Neither of my kids have liked blankets and in order for them to stay warm I find I am constantly going in and covering them back up. But with our new Dodo-Sac the worry of my kids getting too cold is gone! We received a spring/summer Dodo-Sac which was PERFECT for the hot summer months. I found it to be just the right thickness…lightweight, yet thick enough to keep Emily warm when things cool down during the night. The Dodo-Sac also has a unique feature that other sleep sacs I’ve seen do not have. It has loose elastic around the waist. I loved this feature! It kept Emily from getting “tangled up” in the sleep sac, and kept it nice and secure. Even though the length of the sleep sac was a little long for her it stayed put perfectly. Now…enough about summer (though I sure wish it was here! 😉 ). Dodo-Sac also creates some fabulous winter models. Made out of warm polar fleece they are cozy and cuddly…and just the right thing to keep your little ones warm through our cold winters.

Dodo-Sac’s are fun, original and best of all – handmade! I have almost always found that handmade items are FAR better quality than what you can find in your local department stores. And the Dodo-Sac is no exception. In addition to this, there are so many benefits to using a Dodo-Sac! Check out a few of these:

* May reduce SIDS
* Baby/toddler stays covered all night
* Full cut for comfort and ease of movement, will not get twisted
* Elastic at the waist for a better, secure fit
* Keeps them warm even when wet
* Delays child from trying to climb out of the crib
* Easy care fabric – polar fleece or light stretch cotton

We are beyond pleased with our Dodo-Sac and would definitely recommend it. Great style, great design, and you know it’s great when your kids love them as well!

Dodo-Sac is giving away the pictured Dodo-Sacs to TWO of our readers (each winner will receive one of the sacs shown). The red pattern (left) is a winter model made from polar fleece. It is unisex – size infant (0-6 months). The second dodo-sac (right) is for a girl and is a spring/summer model – size 6-12 months. This one is made from a mesh printed cotton. In order to get one entry, head over to Dodo-Sac and let me know what your favorite pattern is AND let me know which of these 2 Dodo-Sac’s you would be your first choice if you won.

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  1. I like the monkey one. It wouldn’t matter to me which one I one they are both very cute.


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  3. My favorite pattern is the monkeys. My first choice is the spring/summer model – size 6-12 months

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  7. What a great idea! My favorite pattern is the snowflakes! And if I won this I would choose the Paisley pattern!

    mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

  8. I would choose the fleece

  9. Seriously the rose fleurs blanches brodees is my favorite, but I also like the Rose pale Renaissance pattern.

    We would want the rose fleurs blanches brodees in the 6-12 mo size. (AppleBlossom is 5 mo now), but I could always send the smaller one to my new nephew (2 wks old!).


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  14. Brenda S. says:

    My favorite pattern is the monkeys. My first choice is the spring/summer model – size 6-12 months

  15. I like the coconut lime pattern and would choose the red 6-12 girl one.

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  19. That monkey print is adorable,an if I have to choose I would choose the unisex one,thanks

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  23. i like the Rose Renassiance pattern and would choose the second dodo-sac (the one for a girl in size 6-12 months)

    thank you!

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  27. If i could choose any pattern from their site it would have to be the Poussins sur fond blanc! Its so cute! If i won I would choose the red pattern winter model!

    Thanks for the contest!

    iwantbuddy at hotmail dot com

  28. I love the monkey and toucan pattern! If I won I would prefer the red unisex sac, but the pink one would also be useful for my family.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  29. I love all things monkey…. Thank you for the contest

  30. My favorite from the site is Rose pale Renaissance. If I won my first choice would be the spring/summer model for 6-12 months.

  31. I like the Rosepale Renaissance one. I’d like to be entered for the 6-12mo spring girl one for my 9mo old daughter(shes still in 3-6mo cloths, very small)


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  35. oh I just love the monkey one! thanks for the contest

  36. I like the snowflake pattern, and if I won, I would like the spring/summer sack. thanks!

  37. Blue plaid is my favorite and if I won I would choose the winter sack.

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  40. I also love the green monkeys print! If I won, I would pick the winter sack!

  41. i like the blue lamb and butterflies pattern

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  45. the monkey pattern is so cute and I’d pick the red pattern winter model

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  46. These would be so handy to have! I like the pale rose Renaissance pattern, very pretty. Out of the two giveaways I would choose the spring/summer model.

  47. These look great. I think the pattern I would get would be the winter sheep one. It’s super cute. Both sacs available in this contest look great but I do have a boy so I would love the unisex winter one.

  48. My favourite pattern is the monkey pattern on the front page but i couln’t find it in either the winter or summer collections nor could I find a link for it anywhere else on the site. It’s my favourite though, I love adorable!

    If I won my first choice would be the red winter model (size 0 – 6 months) in the left picture.

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  50. My favourite pattern is the snowflakes on blue – winter style. My first choice would be the winter model 0 – 6 months. But really I’d be fine with either.

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  52. I like the spring/summer one with cars.

    Because of here we live and when the baby will be born, I would choose the girls spring/summer one. It doesn’t get too cold here ever.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  53. says:

    Tres Belle! Mon Ami. I love the concept of trusting the Dodo Sac to encourage gentle slumber of one’s most precious angelic jewel.
    I adore the little monkey set, as well as the pretty-in-pink Summer slumber, “little angel” fashion statement. adieu, Barbie

  54. I really like the monkey one. Thanks for the chance

  55. i like the pink elephants, and i would choose the unisex one in the giveaway

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  58. The monkey one is really cute 🙂 I like the second sak y ou mentioned since we live in FL an dit’s hotter.

  59. The monkey one is really cute. I would chose the 6-12mths.

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  61. I like the cute bunnies in cars pattern! I’d pick the unisex – size infant (0-6 months)Dodo-Sac if I won.

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  64. Anonymous says:

    I just love the pattern “Fleurs sur fond jaune“.

    If I win, I like them both, no preference.

  65. My favorite pattern is rose fleurs…I like the second pink one in your photos.

    Ravish30 at aol dot com

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  69. The monkey one is my fav. And my first choice would be the panda bear one.

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  73. I also like the Rose pale Renaissance! If I won I would choose the winter 0-6 months.
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  75. My favorite is the monkey/toucan. If I won, I’d be thrilled with either. 🙂

  76. My favorite pattern is the Rose pale Renaissance. And I would choose the winter model that is unisex.

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  78. My fave is the Winter Rose coeurs pattern, I’d like the winter model if I won. Thanks!

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  81. I’m a follower.
    I hope I get this right. I’m really trying to learn all this blogging and tweeting but, I’m not really sure how to do this. I would like a sring & summer sleep sack if I win. But anyways, they are very, very nice. I will try this and if it doesn’t work I’m really not very lucky anyways. Thank You for letting me enter.
    Connie, GLTA!

  82. Hey I see my blog! What do you know. I am A follower! GLTA!
    I’ve allways been kind of a monkey anyway’s.

  83. Yes it is me again. I read the rules & forgot to put my email address on my blogg. GLTA!
    Spring or summer.Monkeys or sheep or, it doesn’t matter. They are all cute as a bug!
    One to fit a 1 1/2 year old little girl or boy. I have twins.

  84. My fav pattern is Coconut Lime!
    I would choose the 6-12 month size!

  85. rose fleurs blanches brodees is my favourite pattern and i would choose the 6-12 month size!!

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