Monkey Monkey Music!

My kids love listening to music. They “sing” along and “dance” with the most interesting moves! So they were thrilled when we received a new music CD to preview. I’ve never gotten anything before it’s release date before, so I was pretty pleased too!

Children’s singer Meredith LeVande released a new album August 31 entitled “What are the odds?” The songs are catchy, tunes are great, simple enough for children to hum or sing along, with a great beat! Another feature of her music that I really like is that the words are clear enough for everyone to hear and the songs are just fast enough for the kids to enjoy without leaving them behind. Meredith seems to be really in touch with children with this album. The songs are about things that kids of a variety of ages can relate to, for example: “Hello” is a great way to start something off (ie the day at preschool or storytime) and “Circle” is about circle time, something that children often do at school as well. For older kids, “What are the Odds?” (title track) is about odd numbers from 1 to 9.

Monkey Monkey Music, Meredith’s music project/program, produces songs that are both fun and educational. As a trained (but not actively working right now) teacher, I would use these songs in my class to reinforce concepts as well as to just have fun as I’ve always believed learning is fun, and you can have fun while learning – obviously Meredith shares this philosophy. The album would also be great to use at a kids party! The music is perfect for getting the kids moving, something we’ve needed often on all the rainy summer days we’ve had this year. And, while they’re dancing and singing along, I know they’re listening to something suitable for their age and understanding. All around, a great CD!

“What are the odds?” is available for purchase directly from the Monkey Monkey Music website, or, possibly easier for Canadians, from In the meantime, surf around the website, where you can listen to a different track on most pages, as well as samples of all the tracks on the Listen page. You can also watch a couple of Meredith’s video’s on the Watch page.


  1. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I love it when there’s music geared towards kids. I love watching them sing and dance around. It’s one of the cutest things to watch !

  2. kathy downey says:

    I love music and dance this sounds lovely!

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