Ameda…for Breastfeeding Moms!

Breastfeeding a little one is a special time in the life of a mom. It only lasts for a few years at most, yet during this time it is important and helpful to have a few specific products in your home. One of these is nursing bras. I love my nursing bras, and they are a must in my opinion for any breastfeeding mama! I recently received a new Nursing Bra from Ameda. Ameda has recently come out with a NEW line products specifically for breastfeeding moms. It includes both an Ameda Intimates Nursing Bra and a Nursing Camisole. Ameda has more than 70 years of history in the breastfeeding business and they know what moms need. The products were created with breastfeeding moms in mind, and have a LOT of great features to offer.

The Ameda Intimates Nursing Bra and Nursing Camisole both provide comfortable support without an underwire to help minimize plugged ducts or mastitis. This was a huge benefit for me. Underwire bras have never rated high in my books, but they are especially awful when you are breastfeeding. The Ameda Nursing Bra is comfortable, stretchy and adapts to a mother’s shape easily. Here are a few of the other great aspects of the Nursing bra and Camisole:

~ Made from flexible microfiber fabric (the fabric is comfortable…though personally, I do prefer a cotton nursing bra)
~ Dual knit side panels to help adapt to a mother’s changing shape
~ Has lightly absorbent properties
~ They work to prevent bacteria growth & odors (definitely a plus!)
~ Fabric is free from harmful substances…which in turn reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions for moms and babies.
~ Drop cup design with one-hand release clasp which provides easy access (great for breastfeeding in public!)
~ A variety of sizes (A-J cups)

Ameda has done a great job with providing breastfeeding moms with some quality nursingwear. The only con for me (and this is a personal preference 🙂 ) is that the bra is made from microfiber fabric, and I find cotton fabric to be even more comfortable. That said, the Ameda Nursing Bra is still a great product for nursing moms and I’m still hoping to get plenty of use out of it! It definitely does deliver the things that a breastfeeding mom needs the most – comfort and ease of use.

Ameda Intimates products are available at,, and

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  1. The first and last links are for breast pumps, and although the second link had a nursing bra, it only ships to the States…

  2. Teresa M. says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I breast fed my daughter for 8 months and it really was the most beautiful time that I have ever spent with my daughter. She is 25 this year 🙂

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