Curious about creatures?

We are!! Our kids (and we parents too) love to learn about animals. Animals from here or further afield, they’re all interesting! A great new animal book has found a place on our shelves, but it could easily be a coffee table book as well (we don’t have a coffee table, or it would be on ours!)Iit’s a wonderful addition to our home library, combining fact, fiction and fun all in one great informative read!!!

David FitzSimmons has a way of introducing creatures to readers unlike any other. Using stunning, detailed photographs, against an all-white background, the animals really star and nearly pop out of the pages! Each photograph is accompanied by text, often a story or poem, sometimes even in the animal’s own words, and this has really captivated our children as well. Curious Critters, Volume Two features 20 new commonly occurring animals. We really liked Curious Critters (volume one) and expected to be enthralled by the sequel. David is already working on a third book about marine animals.

David explains: “Kids focus on the animals. That’s when the learning begins. They focus on and notice clues about animals’ behaviors, diets, life cycles, and habitats.”

Through the text, we can get to know the animal’s preferences, habits and “personality.” Take the Green Frog for example – one of my son’s favourites. We learn about how he attracts his mate, how he makes his noise, what he eats  and where he lives. And we laugh at the idea of a frog talking with a slang accent! 🙂 The Monarch butterfly, portrayed as a pilot getting ready for takeoff, checking in with air traffic control, was also really amusing, and explained how the butterfly migrates and its descendants return.

The other day, I packed this book in my bag to take to the doctor’s office, expecting a long wait. The one book carried us through half an hour in the waiting room, as we looked at each picture and read about the animals.

At the end of the book, information about each animal is included, along with a another, small photo. Another page shows the life-size silhouettes of each critter, super-imposed so you can get a really good idea of size comparison. And the glossary at the end of the book helps younger readers understand some of the more scientific terms used.  Many of the creatures featured are found throughout North America, although some are only found in more southern climates – still interesting for us northerners!

Recently released, Curious Critters Volume Two is available wherever books are sold. Also available is an audiobook version of both books, read by David FitzSimmons himself and accompanied by fun and natural sounds as well as character voices! We listened to the sample files available online and they certainly are a fun accompaniment to the fascinating books.

Curious Critters is published by Wild Iris Publishing, and the audiobooks are available for purchase as MP3 or CD through the publisher.

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  1. This sounds like a book the parents would enjoy too.

  2. This looks like a great book.

  3. I have Curious Critters: Volume One and Volume Two. Both books are very interesting with beautiful photos of the critters.

  4. kathy downey says:

    My grandson being a Animal/bug lover would enjoy this book !

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