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March break is just around the corner…and I can just FEEL the excitement in the air. The weather is warming up…and kids are ready to get on their rubber boots and go jump puddles, right?! Puddle jumping might definitely be on our list for March break this year, but I don’t want to get too optimistic – because we DO live in Canada, and well, it IS only March, so there’s a pretty decent chance that we might still see some more snow, and dare I even say it – maybe another blizzard?! I hope not, but on the off chance that this warm, melting-snow type of weather isn’t going to last, I want to be prepared with some fun, exciting (and even educational!) indoor activities for our children as well. DK Canada is our favorite resource for this type of stuff, and they’ve got plenty to offer kids and families in their March Break Boutique! Let’s take a peek at a few of the fabulous indoor books/activities that could be enjoyed this March Break (or really, any time!)

The Smithsonian products are a favorite in our home, and this time we’ve chosen the Smithsonian Make Your Own T-Rex! This the ideal indoor activity for our 7 year old, dinosaur-loving son. Not only is it fun, but it can be a true learning experience too. From learning to follow instructions, to reading the informative book about dinosaurs that is included…it’s a win-win situation! The model is made up of 80 sturdy photographic “bones.” They easily slot together which is SO much better than using glue. It makes it mess-free, and easy for a child to complete on their own. Once the T-Rex model is put together it is over 2 feet long and will make a real impressive display on your child’s dresser!

Another great way to pass the time indoors as we wait for summer weather to arrive, is to play Lego. My son reminds me almost every day that Lego is his favorite toy…and he has the creations to prove it! Unfortunately, sometimes, you just need a few extra ideas…a photo, some inspiration, or a book to look at to get going again. There have definitely been times when our son is at a loss for what to build, and at times like this the Lego Play Book will definitely come in handy!! This book is filled to the brim with new ways to encourage kids to build, think and play creatively. It has more than 200 different ideas to build and there are lots of neat tips and tricks to help builders learn how to get the most out of their blocks. We really enjoyed some of the special sections as well, such as the “ten-minute builds” and the “handful of bricks” sections. Of course, the real life photography in the book is fabulous as well – often the photo along will inspire our kids, and off they go…using their imagination and creating a new Lego idea.

Here’s one last idea – and this one is for those who love to create and imagine with a paper and pencil (or markers, crayons…etc.!) Doodlepedia Wow is an incredible fun book that is a part of DK’s Doodlepedia series, and it is a fabulous way to get kids learning, thinking and doodling! In the book, you’ll get to complete drawings, color images, design subjects, add finishing touches, and more! There’s lots of little tidbits of information in the book as well, and it can make for many days or afternoons of doodling about rainforest scenes, space travel, animals and more.

DK Canada has a March Break Boutique going on right now where all these titles and MANY more are on a special 30% off sale! If you are in need of some inspiration to answer the “What should I do?” questions you’ll need to look no further than this great selection of DK books!


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