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There’s been a lot of information about non-stick pans and it’s left a lot of people wondering if you should use them or not. I think it’s something that everyone has to decide for themselves, but I do like a non-stick pan for certain things. For one thing, washing up is so much easier! And there are certain things that just stick like crazy, and really don’t turn out well at all if they’re stuck! Like our omelette fiasco a while back… what a disaster! 🙂 They turned out like chopped up scrambled egg bits. Tasty enough, but the presentation was sure lacking! 🙂

Not anymore though! Circulon has introduced their new Prime Collection! The coating used is three layers of top quality DuPont Autograph® non-stick and is PFOA, Lead and Cadmium free. It’s safe for even metal utensils, and the cookware can be used on induction ranges as well as in the oven (safe to 400F/200C). All of the lids are glass, which means you can easily see what’s happening in the pot or pan without lifting the lid.

There are quite a few options within the Prime Collection! The Red cookware has a red silicone, easy-to-clean exterior, and includes an 11 piece set ((2 covered saucepans, one covered saucepan with straining lid, deep covered skillet, covered dutch oven and poacher) as well as a jumbo cooker, a straining stockpot and 3 different sizes of skillets sold separately. The 11-piece set is also available in a hard anodized construction, which is stronger and more durable than stainless steel.  A third option is the stainless steel cookware, which is available in a 12-piece set (2 covered saucepans, one covered saucepan with straining lid, chef’s casserole, stockpot, open skillet and a steamer insert). Other items in the Prime Collection include the Jumbo Electric Griddle, an open Roaster and a Covered (or double) Roaster.

We received 3 items from the stainless steel collection. The 8.5″ open skillet has quickly become a favourite for scrambled eggs, omelettes and crepes! They just slide out like nothing, making preparing these items so much easier! Although the instructions with the pan say that you don’t have to use any fat or oil for frying, we still like to use a little bit of butter or oil (for taste!).

The chef’s casserole with lid is a great addition to any kitchen collection. I have used it for a casserole, where I started by sautéing onions etc on the stove top, and finished by baking the casserole with cheese on top. Even though the sauce and cheese ended up baked on, and I didn’t get to cleaning it until the next day, washing up was still easy-peasy!

I think every kitchen needs a stockpot! In fact, I was surprised when I found out recently that my good friend didn’t have one! So I passed this one on to her! It’s a great size for making stock (1-2 chicken carcasses could easily fit in), but also for making a big batch of soup. Once again, the non-stick coating makes clean up a breeze, and the clear glass lid helps you see and control what’s happening without having to lift it up.

Circulon’s Prime Collection is available exclusively at Canadian Tire in Canada! Check your local store for a great gift for the cook on your list!

Until Nov 16th, Circulon is running a great contest with weekly prizes from the Prime Collection and a grand prize of a Foodie Getaway to Montreal! Check out the details on the website!

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  1. I would love to try some of these, they sound amazing and we love to cook! Thanks for the review.

  2. Would love to try a set of these. I’m always on the lookout for a good set of pots/pans for cooking.

  3. I would so love to own these , they sound amazing , and i would love to have a great new set of pots and pans , thanks for sharing (Treen Goodwin ) Rafflecopter name 🙂

  4. these sure a nice set of pots and pans

  5. I have just recently been reading up on these. I like the large pans. They would be so handy.
    (Debbie W)

  6. Their pans are some of my favourites! Very durable! Victoria Ess

  7. kathy downey says:

    I love the look of those pans,large ones are best for me !

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