Christmas in the Kitchen!

p5248885_1_ca_en_ca_pdWhen the holiday season arrives, it seems that we do a lot of decorating! I don’t know about you, but for me, the kitchen doesn’t really get any decorations. This Christmas we’ve added a few goodies for the kitchen n our home. They come from Avon and are the simple and practical.

First off…our new favorite table decoration – the Snowflake Shape Trivet! It’s simple, but I love it! The trivet is made from felt and is easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down. It’s just the right festive touch for a family meal, for a company meal…or really for any meal during the Christmas season. The Snowflake Trivet is completely affordable too – only $7.00!

Avon also has plenty of other simple, yet beautiful holiday touches that you can add to your home. What about the Snowflake LED Candles? Or the Lenox Holiday Ribbon Sentiment Bowl? Beautiful, sentimental, memorable holiday decor! 🙂

p5236683_2_ca_en_ca_pdAlthough I do like my decorations, I also love the practical side of life and Avon has plenty to offer for this part of the holiday season as well! One of the practical gift ideas or products for the home that has been gracing our kitchen counters in the past few weeks has been the Cuisinart 3.5 Quart Oval Slow Cooker.

We’ve been putting this little slow cooker to good use and have been making a few new recipes and a few old recipes…and have been enjoying them all together as a family during these weeks leading up to Christmas Day. One of our favorites has been Slow cooker Oatmeal. It’s so nice to wake up to a nice hot breakfast ready-to-go in the morning…and it might just make a good breakfast for Christmas Day as well!

crockpotIn addition to making delicious food, I love that it gives us the option of preparing meals ahead of time. The touchpad control panel on the front allows all the versatility that you need to be able to make the perfect slow cooker meals. Once your cooking time is over, it automatically switches to a “Keep Warm” cycle where it keeps your food at the perfect temperature until you are ready to enjoy it. If you need a few ideas, the slow cooker also comes with a recipe book.

The Cuisinart Oval Slow Cooker makes a great addition to the kitchen during the holidays, and it also makes a great gift idea for family, friends or loved ones. There are lots of other goodies at Avon to choose from this holiday season as well. Head on over and take a look!

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  1. i absolutely enjoy having a slow cooker. i wish i could use it at every meal…really.

  2. Judy Cowan says:

    Didn’t know that Avon carried things like Slow Cookers, will have to check them out. I do like the snowflake trivet!

  3. Slow cooker are amazing love using them

  4. I need to get a slow cooker, I do not have any. So many great recipes around.

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    I love my kitchen appliances and gadgets, and the slow cooker is one of them, can make so much in the slow cooker and my favourite is lasagna!!

  6. Your snowflake trivet is beautiful.I could not do without my slow cooker.Sometimes I wish I had a bigger one.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I inherited an old slow cooker from my daughter when I moved here and I wouldn’t do without it for the world now! I do like the Snowflake Shape Trivet, a lovely design. 🙂

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