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LEAF Silver_Rose Have you ever been curious to know just how many steps you walk in a day? Especially if you work at a job where you walk a lot? I’ve always been curious, and while you can get pedometer apps for your smartphone, I’m not a fan of carrying my phone around with me all the time. It’s too big for that and I’d have to have some sort of carrier for it. You know, like a fanny pack! Nope, not doing that. Okay, correction, I did it once in order to use a pedometer app for a day.

LEAF Silver_BraceletThere are quite a few pedometers out there now these days and they seem to be getting smarter and smarter and can do more and more. The LEAF by Bellabeat is one of these such pedometers. Except this one is pretty. Quite pretty in my opinion. I don’t wear jewelry, other than my wedding ring, so being pretty wasn’t really a requirement for a pedometer, but it is kind of nice anyway!

The LEAF isn’t just a pedometer though. It can track your steps, or you have the option of tracking 5 or 10 minutes of activity a day, depending on what your goal is. I much prefer the steps option, because as I run around the house as a Mom, getting 10 minutes of straight “activity” doesn’t always happen! It will also help you track your period, which is kind of handy for those times when you’re going away for the weekend and can’t remember when you last had it and if you need to pack “stuff.” It’ll also track your sleep patterns and can help you de-stress with breathing exercises.

Now on to the nitty gritty. Here’s what I have to say about the LEAF.

* It’s pretty.
* You can wear it three ways: as a necklace, as a bracelet or as a clip (to shirt or pants).
* It tracks your menstrual cycle so you don’t have to, including bringing up a reminder when the time is getting close.
* It can also help you track ovulation if you are planning a pregnancy.
* You can add activity in – say if you went swimming (you can’t wear the LEAF swimming) you can add the activity. They have lots of activities included!
* They keep adding functionality to the app and thus far I have seamless connections back and forth between my phone and the LEAF.

LEAF _DSC1893Cons:
* If you wish to track steps, the only place you can really wear it is as a bracelet on your wrist. If I wear it clipped to my waistband, it counts about 50% of my steps. If I wear it clipped to my shirt or bra, it counts about 10% of my steps. One of the more recent updates to the app included the option to tell the app your LEAF placement, however, this does not seem to have changed the sensitivity and I still only registered 625 steps when I wore it as a clip after the update.
* While you can see your activity in the app, there is no option to upload the data to your computer or to see graphs for anything beyond daily.
* The LEAF tracks your sleep via your breathing, so you need to have it clipped to your shirt. While I find the bar graph interesting, particularly if I’ve been up with kids in the night, I haven’t found it to be helpful. Although it does remind me that I should be getting my 8 hours of sleep!
* I struggled with the breathing exercises. I attempted them multiple times and found it hard to breath right in order for it register my breaths.
* It’s thick. Due to the fact that I cannot wear it as a clip on my shirt in order to count my steps, I have to wear it as a bracelet. It makes for a bulky bracelet and catches on my sleeves. Also, since the clip is simply the leaf design cut from metal and bent in place, it has bent out a bit from using it as a clip, and I catch it on my sleeves, in my hair, etc.
* It’s a pain to switch from wearing it as a bracelet (leather strap) to wearing it as a clip.

LEAF Rose_ClipI am wearing the LEAF every day, except for the days where I forget it. I do like to see how many steps I get in and I’m trying (and failing right now) to get my step count up to 10,000! This is where I would like to see Bellabeat expand the functionality to include graphs, even if they were just within the app itself. Then I’d be able to see how I’m doing throughout each month and overall how much more I need to be walking. I would also love it if it was added to myFitnessPal so that I can sync with that app, where I track what I eat. However, I suspect that is more a myFitnessPal concern than a Bellabeat concern. It would be nice if the LEAF could be slightly thinner so wearing it as a bracelet is a bit sleeker.

Most importantly though, I would like to see the sensitivity increased. I’m not an elephant walker, I’m a ninja walker, and I think I simply don’t walk hard enough for it to read all my steps and that’s why it works better on my wrist. However, my phone pedometer app can read all my steps. And I’m sure lots of other pedometers can, so it’s not a case of inability. Perhaps they need to add in a sensitivity option so we can tell it if we’re a light, medium or heavy walker?

LEAFSilver_NecklaceOverall, I love the idea of the LEAF, but I’m still waiting for them to improve the basic pedometer functionality so that I can be happier with it. I really want to be able to wear it as a clip on my shirt and right now I can’t do that. However, I’ve been very pleased with Bellabeat as a whole, with responding to emails and with their continued updates to the app. I do think that they’ll get to where I’d like to see it, but the growing pains might take awhile. Would I recommend the LEAF? Not yet. But I do think it’s one to keep an eye on, especially if you’d like to wear something prettier than all the other pedometers out there!

To keep up with the LEAF and all the updates, makes sure you check out their blog.  Also, Facebook is a great place to stay in the loop!  And for those that are curious, they have a Pinterest and Instagram account as well.  Hopefully within six months I can update you all and tell you how much I love my LEAF and how much it has improved in that time!


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  1. This sounds really neat – I like that you are able to clip it onto a shirt verses having to wear it like a watch like some of the other trackers! It’s too bad though that that doesn’t seem to be perfected yet..

  2. These almost look like jewelry love the design 🙂

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    It is pretty. Wish the step counter was a little more accurate than what it sounds. I am sure they will get the flaws worked out of it. I have a clip on FitBit, not as pretty but it does the job for now.

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    This is really cool! I’m looking forward to your updates about it!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I do like the design of this but it does sound like it has a few problems that need to be sorted out.

  6. I am not huge fan of step pedometers, but this leaf looks lovely.

  7. Lynda Cook says:

    I love the design of this one and much prettier than what is out there now, but the cons outway the pros, which is to sad, but at least they are making improvements!!

  8. Christina A. says:

    Oh…I love that! Standard pedometers are so ugly!!

  9. I love the look of this one! Very unique!

  10. kathy downey says:

    Beautiful design!

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