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ProductLineIf you remember, back in December I introduced you to Sweet Living Company.  I’m back to tell you more! And to let you in on a really sweet deal!

So, as I told you before, they’re a company from Saskatchewan that was started by a Mother who was frustrated by not being able to find good skin care products! Lucky for her, she remembered her Gran’s homemade Shea Butter cold cream. Also lucky for her, she has a Mother who also has an interest in natural skin care! So what’s a person to do? Go into business with your Mother and have fun and create natural skin care products that are fabulous for you! And the great part is that now those of us who are looking for natural products can find them – and find them locally!

FrankiBalmMelissa sent me three products to test. The first is the Frankincense Beauty Balm.
Now this container looks small when you get it. But I’d like you to keep something in mind. You use very, very little each time! I have been using this on a sun spot I have on my cheekbone. I’m thrilled to say that I think the sunspot is shrinking and fading! But I also have to say, I’ve discovered how hard it is to take before and after pictures of yourself! Haha! They are much harder than they look! So while I won’t be sharing before and after pics with you, when I look in the mirror, I do feel like it’s a lighter color than it used to be. And that’s after using the product daily for approximately a month. Methinks I’ll keep using it!

If you’ve never used a product with Frankincense before, here’s what Sweet Living says about it: “Frankincense has remarkable rejuvenating and healing properties as it supports the skin in replacing old cells with new ones. It is often used to fade scars, eliminate sun spots and reduce wrinkles. This concentrated treatment helps reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth, cheeks and eye area while improving the look of skin texture and radiance.” Sounds pretty nice, hey? I think I need to start putting it on all of my face, it would appear that age is catching up with me!

RoseFranThe second product I was sent is the Rosehip & Frankincense Face Elixir.  Now this product is not a cream, it’s an oil in a dropper bottle. I would say I use about 5-7 drops daily, and when I look at the bottle I honestly can’t tell that I’ve used any – it’s going to last for a long time! I love how my face feels after using this product! It feels so smooth and moisturized, and even once evening comes, it still feels silkier than when I don’t use it. I’m going to include what Sweet Living says about this product as well: “A fantastic skin firming, anti-aging Vitamin C serum. Our combination of botanicals, including Frankincense and Carrot Seed, is an almost magical skin restoring formula. Firms and brightens skin while fading dark spots and scars. Restores and protects sun-damaged skin. Hydrates, tones and detoxifies.” I love that – isn’t it amazing what plants and herbs can do for us? Who needs chemicals when we have the world around us at our fingertips. And when we have folks like Melissa who are willing to do the work of creating products for us!?

LipBalmsLastly, I received a lovely tube of Cocoa and Seaberry Luxury Lip Balm.
Any chocolate lovers here? Mmmmm, putting this lip balm on is like enjoying a nice sniff of chocolate. I really like how it glides on so nicely. It lasts well and it doesn’t give me trouble with sensitivities like some lip balms do. I also believe this lip balm will last longer than others I have as it takes very little to feel like I have enough on.

Sweet Living also has a range of other products including an exfoliation mask, a beauty cream and luxury cleanser, clarifying facial serums, ultra elixir, massage oil, and beard and face oil. In other words, pretty much anything you need for facial products! And they’re all natural, with “No Coal tar dyes, DEA-related ingredients, Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, Parabens, PEGs, Petrolatum, Siloxanes, SLS, or any other scary chemicals are added to our formulas.”

Valentines1From my experience with these three products, I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking for real products with real ingredients that produce real results! And even better, Sweet Living has a sale on from now until February 14th, where if you spend only $28, you will also receive a FREE Frankincense Beauty Balm, a $47 value! How’s that for a sweet deal?  It’s an awesome product and it’ll last you for a long time!

Also, you can receive 10% off your first order with the code SLCWELCOME10. Signing up for their newsletter will keep you in the know about sales, new products and all the other fabulous things happening at Sweet Living. Facebook and Twitter are always a great way to keep up with things as well.  Or follow them on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and nifty pictures!


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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    These sound like very nice products and the fact that it’s a Canadian firm from the Prairies is a huge plus in my eyes 🙂

  2. Jamie hall says:

    These look like gorgeous products

  3. These products sound amazing and very unique! I love that they are Prairie based too!

  4. I’d love to try Rosehip & Frankincense Face Elixir, looks like great anti-aging product.

  5. I like that they carry items for men too! And the Beauty boxes, brilliant!! Love the packaging too!

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    They sound like a great product and one I would be thrilled to try out!

  7. Sounds like great products!! I love Chocolate so the lip balm would be super!!! 🙂

  8. Anne Dougherty says:

    I just adore the packaging!

  9. kathy downey says:

    They all sounds great i would loved to try Cocoa and Seaberry Luxury Lip Balm.

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