Bringing Heroes & History to Life! ~ GIVEAWAY! (2 Winners)

udf-mockupHistory. It’s a vital part of who we are today, and there’s a LOT that we can learn from it! Throughout my school days I remember always loving history class, and even today I love reading or hearing true stories from the past. However, for some of us, history might be a bit….Dry? Unexciting? Boring? Well, as unlikely as it might seem to you – we’ve got the perfect solution to bringing history to life for you, your kids and your family!

Heirloom Audio Productions are the ideal way to make history come alive! They are incredibly passionate about bringing real history to life and you can tell. We have been thoroughly enjoying their Audio Dramas this past month…and wow….I’m not exaggerating when I say that sometimes you feel like you are right there at that moment in history – the suspense…the deep truths and lessons that are embedded in these stories…it’s amazing! Our 9 year old son has especially enjoyed listening to Heirloom Audio’s dramas and often enjoys playing the audio dramas while building Lego. One of the ‘extra’ benefits that I love about the audio dramas that it is a way for him to learn, and really become a part of the stories without having to use any type of technology other than a CD player!

Heirloom Audio Productions feels a calling beyond just bringing history to life, and that is to also include the Christian morals, lessons and aspects that these Christian heroes portrayed during their lifetimes. For our family, this is very important. The mission of Heirloom Audio is to engage their listener’s imaginations by taking them back in time and immersing them in the story. We give them a triple thumbs up on this point! The sound effects, the voices, the way they tell the stories…it is easy to almost become a part of the story…and let’s just say that our son now has some fabulous history firmly planted in his mind! 😉


Heirloom Audio Productions are recommended for ages 6 and older, and I would say this has been a good gauge for us. Our younger kids find them to be a bit too suspenseful at times, but our oldest will listen to them over and over again. The stories of daring expeditions, virtue and valor, character and courage and so much more are perfect for him. From our viewpoint as parents, this is a win-win deal! We learn history, we learn valuable values, morals and lessons from history that can be applied and used right now, today…and through it all we are captivated and engaged!

TWO winners will each receive a free digital link to Heirloom Audio’s newest release: The Dragon & The Raven! In order to enter please follow the instructions on the form below. Open Worldwide. Contest ends March 17, 2016.

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  1. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I would probably pick In Freedom’s Cause first.

  2. I would pick dragon & the raven

  3. I think I would pick The Dragon And The Raven

  4. I would like to listen to The Dragon And The Raven.

  5. Tania M says:

    With Lee in Virginia

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