Music for Moods! App Giveaway x 10!

M4M2 I’m a Mom. I’m definitely not a perfect Mom. And that means that there are some days where I just need a break! Much as I love my kids, there are days that being a stay at home Mom gets real tiring. My curiosity was piqued when I got an email about an app called MusicForMoods. I really liked the idea behind this app – listen to music and breathe – and let both guide your heart to an optimal heart rate. And relax. It’s well known that most of us breathe with very little of our potential capacity. And it’s also well known that deep breathing is good for us and can be a great relaxation aid. So now – “there’s an app for that!”

This app is simple to use. Currently, there are two 10 minute programs and three 5 minute programs. You can choose from Sunrise, Shore, Mist, Bamboo Tree and Just Waves. I quite like all of them. They’re definitely not all the same! The music has been created by Rickard Åström, a dual Grammy-winning Swedish composer! And it wasn’t composed just for the sake of composing – it’s been created to “organically guide your breathing for optimal rhythm for your heart.” I’m a bit of a geek so I find it kind of neat that there’s a science behind this music! If you’re curious to know more about that, visit their website as there’s quite a bit of information and links to studies that have been done. One thing I think is fabulous is that they have been working on using music to help people deal with high blood pressure! Why use a drug when music can do the same thing!?

M4M1My biggest trouble with this app is getting Me to sit down and use it. Much as some days I know I need to sit down – even just for 5 minutes – it can be hard to do! There always seems to be more laundry to do. More meals to plan. Another snotty nose to wipe. You know how it goes. So I’m going to work on that. Especially on the days that I’m struggling with being frustrated and impatient! If I could sit down for 5 minutes and focus on my breathing and then get up and feel rejuvenated and ready to handle whatever the kids throw at me – that would be a very good thing! Well worth the 5 or 10 minutes don’t you think?

Another neat feature about this app is that it has a History option. Each time you do a session, you can tell it how you felt when you were done and add a note if desired. It will track the date and time as well as which music you were listening to. It also measures your SDNN (heart rate indicator), shows your initial and ending pulse rates and your total pulse throughout, which is really interesting to see. Lastly, it gives you a “You reached” %. The better you do with deep breathing and increasing those rings on the screen during the program, the higher the percentage you receive!

I think apps like this are great ideas. This one has a reminder option as well. So maybe you know you need a mid-morning break to avoid the late morning crankiness. Set a reminder and take an M4M break! We live in a busy world. A world that doesn’t want us to be quiet and a world that doesn’t want us to sit down and take a few moments for ourselves. But we can change that! And for only $4.07, you can make Music for Moods a part of your day. A part of your relaxation technique.  Follow them on Facebook to find out about new updates (I hear there might be more music coming!)  Or check them out on Twitter!


Rickard has given me the go ahead to give TEN of our readers a free copy of this app! How splendid is that!? It’s on both Google Play and the App Store. However, if you’re an Android user, you need to be from US or Canada. If you’re an Apple user, the promo code should work in most countries! So we’ll say this giveaway is open Worldwide! Contest closes April 13, 2016.

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  1. my mind always seems to be running and at times I really do find it hard to relax!

  2. My mind never wants to shut down and I work late afternoon shifts half the time, it is so hard to quickly unwind and get to sleep after work.

  3. I do struggle to relax – my mind is always going!

  4. Nancy T says:

    My mind (and sometimes body) feel like I’m always at warp speed. Between work, kids homework, activities, house cleaning, groceries, cooking etc I’m always trying to keep one step ahead which means my mind never stops.

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