Bare Organics!

Bare Organics 3I’m a fan of products that are real. Of products that are homemade. Of products without all the unpronounceable chemicals in them. And of products that smell good and feel good and make me feel good! That’s not too much to ask is it? Not for some companies! Take Bare Organics, for example. Why did Mama Bare starting making Bare products? Because she had a baby. And she went to wash that cute little newborn baby for the first time and just about washed him the baby wash that came in her hospital freebie bag. But then she read the ingredient list. And decided to just use water for that first bath!

Bare Organics 2Since then, Mama Bare has been on a mission – to provide pure, safe, minimal ingredient products! I love it! Ten years later, there is quite the list of products to choose from! There are body products. Everything from herbal bath salts, to organic healing balm to all in one cleanser. She also has organic bar soaps. I was lucky enough to receive one of these! I chose the Grapefruit flavor and I really, really like it! It has a mild enough scent to not be overwhelming and yet it’s enough to enjoy while bathing! This one includes essential oils of pink grapefruit, lemongrass and orange and also has some calendula petals! I also appreciate that it’s not glycerine based so doesn’t leave my skin with that “sticky” feeling after rinsing the soap off! The base for each of these soaps is saponifed oils – safflower, sunflower, palm and coconut.

There is also a page for the Face and Hair. Would you like to try facial serum or how about trying their natural solid perfume? It sounds nifty! And it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a Mama and Baby area too, would it? She has everything from baby massage oil to baby balm to hair and body wash. And because it’s fun to give gifts, there is even a page for gifts where Bare Organics has packaged up popular items into gift baskets! What a great gift idea for a new Mama-to-be!

Bare Organics is one of the companies that has supported our Share your Hair campaign and has provide a part of the gift package! We’re very grafteful to companies like this who help out causes like this! Please take a moment to check out Bare Organics on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website and check out all their fabulous products! These products are made right in Ontario so I’m proud to say these are Made in Canada products! Yippee!  And guess what?  Shopping local or shopping Canadian is *never* a bad thing!  Paying a bit more for products you love and products that are safe and healthy and real is a great way to say Thank You to small business owners for doing the work and bringing us great products!Bare Organics 1


  1. Looks like a great natural line.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love the fact that this is a Canadian firm producing natural products way to go Bare Organics. 🙂

  3. nicolthepickle says:

    I love grapefruit scented things. It’s so fresh and lovely. Thanks for sharing about a lovely company.

  4. I love that they are Canadian made 🙂

  5. Laurie P says:

    Love their bar soaps!

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    Sounds like some great products, I will have to check them out!!

  7. nicolthepickle says:

    Do they make deodorant? A citrus scented one would be super.

  8. Jamie hall says:

    These look lovely , love they are a Canadian brand

  9. DARLENE W says:

    I try to support Canadian companies when I can and I love grapefruit scent

  10. kathy downey says:

    Sounds like a wonderful company,thanks for the introduction !

  11. kathy downey says:

    I love a good pure product,sounds like a great company

  12. kathy downey says:

    These would make lovely gifts

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