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H0100Summer is here and that means that it’s the time of year when a lot of stuff is going on! Although school is out, there definitely isn’t a lack of activities to be involved in. For some this means summer jobs, for others it’s gardens, camping, or even moving from one home to another. So in the midst of all the business and excitement of summer, Master Lock has a few tips and ideas to keep your, your homes, and your possessions safe…

First off, let’s talk about some inside stuff. Every home has a few valuables that are of utmost importance. Whether it’s documents, family heirlooms, USB drives, CD’s DVD’s, or other treasures, it is important to have a place to keep these items safe. The Small Privacy Lock Chest  offers protection from floods, fires (guaranteed to survive in a fire for 1/2 hour in up to 1550°F) and also from prying eyes or theft. The chest is definitely a well made, heavy-duty product that you will not regret having around to safe-guard certain items in your home!

Master Lock also recommends using a Small Privacy Lock Chest when you are moving from one home to another. Moving can be a chaotic time, and whether you hire movers or enlist others to help you move, these people now have access to confidential paperwork and important documents like passports, birth certificates, social security cards and more. Investing in a small safe that’s easy to transport is a great way to make sure that your most important valuables and documents are protected as you move from one home to another.

Now…on to our outdoor possessions! Some of our most used outdoor items during the summer are our bikes! The kids ride their bikes almost every day, and both my husband and I enjoy a good family bike ride as well. Biking to work is another way we put our bikes to use in the summer…and it’s wonderful being able to have cheap transportation that allows us to also enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise!

MLCOM_PRODUCT_second_8300DKeeping your family’s bikes safe while you’re out and about – or at home – is an important part of summer. Master Lock has just the lock to keep your bike from falling into the wrong hands! The 6ft Set Your Own Directional Combination Cable Lock has a lot of great features that I think you’re going to love! For example, instead of opening like a regular combination lock, the lock opens on directional movements (up, down, left and right). The combination can be set to any length to make your lock as secure as you wish. It is easy to set, reset and can easily be locked or unlocked with one-hand. The braided steel cable inside is resistant to cutting and sawing and the outer housing provides impact resistance. The lock even has a vinyl coating for added scratch resistance. It seems to me like Master Lock has thought this one through well and has come up with the ultimate bike lock to keep your ride secure.

For more moving safety tips and products, visit the Master Lock website or connect with Master Lock on social via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.


One of our readers is going to win a Master Lock Directional Combination Cable Lock (pictured above). In order to enter please follow the instructions on the form below. Open to Canada & USA only. Contest ends July 13, 2016.

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  1. Jennifer P. says:

    We have a fire and water proof safe that we put our valuables in. When we travel it makes me feel safe knowing that our items are safely secured in case of an incident while we are gone.

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    I try not to carry unnecessary i.d/cards. I’ve locked them in my vehicle while we’re at the beach.

  3. vickie couturier says:

    i have a lock box that i use and keep it hidden,,also i have some private places in the house that i keep hidden objects,

  4. Dana Miller says:

    My best tip/idea to stay safe and keep my possessions secure this summer is to leave valuables at home while vacationing. It is never smart to leave valuables in the car or hotel room.

  5. Darlene Demell says:

    One way to stay safe is when you are going away on holidays, have someone pick up your mail and papers, leave a light on and have someone turn it off and different one the next night. Keep your valuables in a safe and make sure its out of sight.

  6. Julie F says:

    We clear our wallets out before any trip and use the room safe to secure our documents!

  7. SweetPanda says:

    I leave my valuables and important documentation at the safe at the bank. For that I might frequently use. I hide them away at home

  8. wendy hutton says:

    I have my valuabes hidden and locked in the house,always make sure when I leave the house doors and windows are locked, and if I am going to be away I tell my neighbours so they keep an eye on things

  9. Erika Letson says:

    I like to always make sure everything is hidden out of sight in our vehicles and everything is locked up tight!

  10. Darlene Owen says:

    Put them in a secure spot away from the public.

  11. Don’t leave anything on the seats etc in the car, don’t leave windows open.

  12. Don’t leave valuables in the car, if you must, put them in the trunk, preferably before you arrive at your destination so you aren’t seen hiding them.

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve always had a table lamps on a time switches when away from home, then it always looks as if someone is home.

  14. Carole Dube says:

    Don’t forget to lock you car door at night and don’t leave anything in your car.! Every time I forget I have teenagers going through my car. They never steel anything because there is nothing to steel in my car.

  15. Doris Calvert says:

    If someone want to get in bad enough they will so we don’t keep money or valuables in the house except the ones we can’t carry

  16. have lamps and radios on timers to go on/off at different times so there is perceived ‘activity’ while you are away. thanks

  17. Don’t leave your valuables unlocked or unattended this Summer. That is just asking for trouble.

  18. A fire and water proof small safe to store your valuables is a great for personal items.

  19. Jay Nelson says:

    If it has to be left in the vehicle then leave it in the trunk. Have a trusted neighbour watch the house (remove mail etc).

  20. Leave items out of sight that might tempt a passerby. When locking up your bike do it intelligently, we’ve all seen a bike wheel locked to the post but no bike.

  21. When leaving your car make sure all valuables are out of sight or placed in the trunk.

  22. Debbie Bashford says:

    keep valuables out of sight, if they don’t see any it might deter them.

  23. kelly tupick says:

    My best tips is to leave all your valubles at home when traveling and in a secure fire proof lock box in a hidden place.

  24. Florence C says:

    I carry only what I need and leave the rest in my lock box. I carry a few dollars in my pocket and use a money belt when travelling.

  25. Lock things up and keep valuables out of site!!

  26. we keep our items in a safe at home and do not take anything valuable with us while travelling

  27. We use a safe for our valuables and important papers

  28. My tip is to buy a safe. I’m looking for one myself.

  29. DARLENE W says:

    we have a couple of hidden spots where you probably wouldn’t look

  30. A small safe that is bolted down helps with small valuables and papers at the cottage

  31. Leave valuables at home but whatever is required to take on a holiday, like passports, should be kept in a hotel safe if possible.

  32. Silvia D says:

    even if in back yard make sure front door is locked, keep any valuables out of sight!

  33. ensure that you have the right lock for the purpose. we had a crappy bike lock, and lost our bike.

  34. I’ve heard that putting your valuables in a ‘regular’ container can deter thieves (i.e. in an empty chapstick container for rolled up bills, or a baby wipes container for keys). Not sure if this is a good idea?! 😛

  35. Dianne G. says:

    When you go away make sure you have a trusted friend or neighbour to check your house. Have them bring in any flyers and switch on different lights each day so it looks like you are home. Also, most insurance policies have a clause in them that your home must be checked every few days for water damage etc., so this will make sure any damages that happen will be taken care of right away.

  36. ivy pluchinsky says:

    keep important stuff locked up, always keep doors locked even if you just go next door!

  37. Rosanne Robinson says:

    My best tip/idea to stay safe and keep my possessions secure this summer is to leave valuables locked up at home while out, or vacationing. Don’t leave your windows & Sliding doors open, or unlocked.

  38. keep valuables in sight

  39. If you are going away, have someone check on your house, rotate your blinds and lights and take in mail!

  40. keep inventory of valuables

  41. I only carry what I need and leave the rest at home

  42. Jenness M says:

    Whenever I’m travelling I always keep my purse on my shoulder under my jacket.

  43. Karen Nadeau says:

    I keep things locked up and put away. I would love another lockbox though. I have too much that means a lot to me.

  44. Always have someone put in your mail when you are away on holidays. Thank you.

  45. Doris H says:

    Make sure someone is checking on your home if you’re away on holidays.

  46. Juliee Fitze says:

    Whenever we go to the park or the beach we always lock our purses and ipads in the truck.

  47. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    we always lock up or bikes – even just for a few minutes

  48. My best tip for keeping bikes and scooters safe is to put them away each night. Our kids used to leave them all over the yard and several have gotten stolen overnight. Now, we make a point of locking them up in the shed each night and they are secure.

  49. Tania M says:

    |I keep valuables hidden, and bikes locked properly (cable through wheels and frame, to a secure pole)

  50. Cassie Fancy says:

    Always secure your documents and cash when on vacation . In a secure hard to steal lose place

  51. I always make sure there are no valuables left in the car. I even carry my insurance in my purse instead of leaving it in the car!

  52. Nate Fuller says:

    Always keep your important papers with you when traveling, not in a bag but on your person.

  53. Lock everything up and keep track of serial numbers

  54. One way to stay safe is when you are going away on holidays, have someone pick up your mail and papers,

  55. Wanda Bergman says:

    For men … never carry your wallet in your back pocket. WAY too easy for pickpockets.

  56. I never leave a bag of any sort in my car. Thieves do not know what is in that bag and they WILL break a window to find out. << —Learned this the hard way. Now I am much more careful.

  57. Amber Y says:

    Don’t bring more things with you than what you absolutely need to. the more you bring the more there will be to keep track of and the harder to keep it all safe.

  58. Have a good lock and only bring essentials

  59. heidi c. says:

    If you are going on vacation, hold paper delivery and have someone collect your mail.

  60. Maritess says:

    Keep important items locked in a safe.

  61. Bo Simms says:

    One of my tips to keep my possessions secure this summer is that when on vacation, I put my regular mail on hold, and have someone trustworthy to stay in the home, so it’s not empty. We also do not announce to anyone online, especially not on social media, that we are going away, that includes not posting photos while on vacation which would alert people that we are away. Any sharing of photos or vacation details are done on social media once we return home.

  62. Caryn Coates says:

    Keep Valuables at home locked in a secure place

  63. KellyPC says:

    Don’t bring it to the beach!

  64. Betty S says:

    We leave our expensive jewellry at home what we go on vacation, and well hidden We also have someone checking the house

  65. katie smith says:

    I don’t bring my purse with me! 🙂

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