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LC Argan Oil Body Lotion

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I’m excited to be the lucky Mom who got to take over Julie’s position as Glimpse’s Live Clean representative! Julie has done a great job over the years of introducing our readers to each new product that Live Clean has come out with. Part of the reason that I’m excited to be the new rep is because Live Clean has been my lotion of choice for quite a few years now! And, you guessed it, it’s an easy job to review products when you already love at least one of them!

There are a few things that drew me to Live Clean in the first place – first, they’re Canadian and that always adds a lot of bonus points for me! Second, their products have only natural, plant-sourced or non-petrochemical based ingredients in them. They’re doing their best to be green and they’re avoiding all those yucky chemicals that became common place in products! I like knowing that it’s okay to use these products on my kids….and on me!

Going back to that lotion that’s been my favorite for years now? It’s the Exotic Nectar Argan Oil version. Guess what I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent first to review? Yup, the Argan Oil lineup! They’ve changed the picture on the bottle a wee bit but otherwise it’s the same lotion I’ve always loved. But not only did they send me lotion, they also sent me the rest of the Argan Oil line! I have been thoroughly enjoy the scent of the this line in my shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and hand soap!

LC Argan Oil Shampoo 750 mLLC Argan Oil Conditioner 750 mLWhat do I love? First, the shampoo and conditioner come in two sizes – 350 and 750 mL. Since I like to save my pennies where I can, I generally buy the bigger quantities, especially once I know it’s a product I like. And I love that the 750 mL bottle comes with a pump! I have long hair. And thick hair. So it’s super handy to have a bottle where I can pump three times for shampoo and four times for condition and I know I have the right amount! No more tipping the (sometimes heavy) bottle upside down and accidentally filling my hand and getting some on the floor! I’m also really enjoying how my hair feels with this shampoo and conditioner. I generally only wash my hair twice a week because otherwise it tends to dry out and get frizzy. Yet, when it comes to wash day I don’t feel like a grease mop and my hair still feels silky! And no, there is no silicone in these products! What is in them? Grape seed and olive oil! Who’d have thunk that those two oils are part of the magic that makes up a shampoo that works?

LC Argan Oil Body WashThe body wash also comes in 500 mL, so isn’t quite as large and thus is easier to pick up and squeeze into your hand. I’m also really enjoying both the lovely Argan Oil scent as well as the results of this body wash. It has a great lather and yet I don’t get left feeling like my skin has dried out. Did you know that “Argan Oil has proven to be exceptionally nourishing and moisturizing”? I didn’t – I just knew that I liked their products with the Argan Oil, both because I love the scent and because the lotion works really well for me. I struggle with dry skin, particularly in the winter, and year round on my heels. (Yes, I also need to drink more water!) So apparently, there’s good reason for me to use a product that has Argan Oil in it – it provides that much needed moisturizer! Another did you know fact – “Cold-pressed from the nut of the Argan tree, which is indigenous to the southern region of Morocco, Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s one of the earth’s most highly concentrated natural sources of Vitamin E.” I had guessed it came from a nut – because the previous picture had several nuts in it – but I didn’t realize it had so many other good things in it! Live Clean uses 100% pure Argan oil.

LC Argan Oil Hand Soap

I’m loving the hand soap as well!  It’s lathery and silky smooth and does not dry out my hands!  This Mom is not above having two soaps in our main bathroom – my Live Clean Argan Oil soap and then a foaming soap bottle for the kids!  And guess what, Live Clean has a foaming hand soap for kids out now – I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle to try for the kids.  Right now they’re using the homemade foaming soap I make!  Why? Because kids are notorious for using, oh, 5 pumps of soap in order to wash their slightly dirty hands. With non foaming soap, that’s a lot of soap down the drain. With foaming soap, that’s only a little soap down the drain! And they love the foaming soap because, come on, it’s bubbles!! So I don’t even have to bug them to use their own soap!

I just have one suggestion for Live Clean. I’d like to see refill packages – because I’m a faithful customer of Live Clean, I would like to refill my lotion or shampoo pump bottles, without needing to purchase the full bottle again. If they would sell a refill “bag” instead, I’d be totally on board with purchasing them!

I’m thankful that there are Canadian companies out there that are trying to do the best for their customers. They’re making green products, they’re making health conscious products and they’re making vegan products. It today’s day and age, I think we need to get back to using more and more products like that – both for our health and for the world we’ll be giving our children! To keep up with the latest at Live Clean you can keep an eye out on Facebook as well as on Twitter.  If you enjoy Eco-tips, they have some fun ones on their Pinterest Eco DIY board! I’m going to have to try out their pin on homemade dryer sheets! It’s super simple and such a great idea! Lastly, you can also follow them on Instagram.  I love their recent “summer is…” photo!  Want to try out the Live Clean products?  You can find them in plenty of your local stores and pharmacies.  If you’re an online shopper, my go-to place is!


Yes! One of you is going to win the same package that I received! It is as follows:
Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner -750 mL, Lotion, Body Wash, and Liquid Hand Soap – 500 mL. The total retail value is about $45! Make sure you get your entries below – open to Canada only, please.

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