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bedface 2Good news! I’m back to tell you about bedface! Remember them? The creators of colorful bedding? The ones who let you pick your own color for each different piece of bedding? Yeah, them! They offered to do a bed makeover for my littlest, much to my delight! You see, there’s that whole phenomenon wherein the littest often gets all the hand-me-downs from the older two kids. Maybe that’s not so normal in today’s world anymore, but it’s still a reality in our family! Needless to say, when we moved to the trailer and our eldest got his own room, our littest was pretty excited to be sleeping in the bunk bed! And really, she didn’t care one iota that her duvet cover and pillowcase could be considered “boyish”. I love the fact that our kids enjoy getting hand-me-downs and don’t care that that’s what they are – I believe that will put them in better stead for life than expecting all new things all the time! Here’s the before picture of our little munchkin in her bed.  See those stripey sheets – don’t they match so lovely with the boyish duvet cover? Ha!  Good thing she really didn’t care!  And good thing my house isn’t pictured in any home decorating magazine! Har har!

bedface 3Anyway, I digress. (I seem to do that quite a lot some days!) When bedface offered to makeover her bed, I was excited! She could be girly! Well, as girly as this Mom gets, which means no lace and no frills! We already had a set of sheets courtesy of Auntie that were stripey in pinks and corals. It only made sense to match up the bedface bedding with those sheets so that I could use them together when needed. There are times when a second set of sheets come in very handy!

We decided on the pretty Tequila Sunrise Sleep Set. Bedface has set up their different sheet sets to match what people like to purchase together. So in this case, the Sleep Set contains a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Yes, no flat sheet! I remember when I was in Europe I was confused at first by the lack of flat sheets! There was a covered duvet and a fitted sheet on the bed. Boy, it sure makes for easy bedmaking! However, I grew up always having a flat sheet and in the summertime, especially, I like having a flat sheet so I can skip the duvet until I get cold, but still have the light sheet over me. I have noticed something with the kids though. They NEVER use the flat sheet. Instead, they seem to rather quickly and conveniently kick it down to the bottom of the bed! So between the fact that I already have a set of sheets that I could pull the flat sheet from if needed and the fact that our littlest really isn’t going to care, I went with a Sleep Set this time. I love the Electric Pink of the duvet cover and the pillowcases and our littlest gave her stamp of approval as well! The coral of the fitted sheet pulls it together perfectly to match the other sheets I had. I love that I can now mix and match the two sets together to have a little more fun with her bedding. Now isn’t that a more girlish set of bedding??

bedface 4Now again, I will remind you, if you like silky smooth sheets, these are not the sheets for you. Personally, I love them. I like the fact that their a bit weightier than most sheets because I really like to have weight on me when I’m sleeping (and hey, I hear that’s scientifically proven – weighty sheets help people sleep better!) I’m not a big ironer – generally I only iron when I need to – so if you have an issue with wrinkled sheets, make sure you pull these ones out of the dryer slightly damp and put them on your bed right away otherwise they do tend to wrinkle quite a lot. But I figure I’m going to sleep on them and wrinkle them anyway! Ha! If you have a deep mattress, you can be assured that these sheets will fit! Ours is quite deep and there’s still a bit of space left for an even deeper mattress!

I have to remind you again how much I love bedface’s “Make Your Bed” option! I’m a very visual person and I often have a hard time envisioning what something will look like if I can’t see the big picture of it. It’s so fun mixing and matching colors and seeing exactly how it will look! I also love the fact that bedface sheets come straight out of Vancouver, BC!

Right now there’s a neat little article about the creator of the throw pillows that are for sale on their website. The creator of them is Nadine Nevitt and it’s just neat to see a collaboration between her and bedface. It’s a win-win for both to my way of thinking!

Wondering about purchasing sheets for yourself from bedface? Make sure you follow them on Facebook – you just never know when you might hear about a sale! If you sign up via email you will receive a $5 off code for your first order as well! You can also check them out on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!  And because we can only have one giveaway winner, bedface has agreed to make you all winners – we have a discount code for 15% off your order, just for our Glimpse readers – just use GLIMPSE when checking out!  And make sure you check out their Summer Sale – because it’s so much fun to use a discount code on top of a sale!  I’m loving their Blue Skies and Night Light sets!


Yippee! One of our lucky readers is going to win a Sleep Set (ARV $97) for their very own! Contest open to Canada and the US. Giveaway ends September 13, 2016!

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  2. Yes I could used new sheets

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    Yes, I could really use a new set of sheets

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    I can always use new sheet set, and truthfully I never ever use the flat sheet, they get put away and we use them for other things

  8. Most definitely! New sheets are always welcome 🙂

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    Absolutely! I think my ‘newest’ set is about 9 years old.

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