The Ultra Bottle ~ Exciting Promotion!


Are you a mom of a little one? A mom who is on the look out for a baby bottle that is EASY to clean, simple, sleek and best of all has that “natural latch” feeling that babies are looking for? Read on as I’ve got some great news for you…

In your search for the perfect bottle, I highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottle. Our little ones have thoroughly enjoyed this bottle – and the truth is that our 2 year old still doesn’t want to give it up. 😉

It’s got some great features such as a high-grade silcone nipple that has a natural breast-like latch and is angled to provide a continuous milk flow. Even when baby reaches those last few sips of milk, the angled nipple makes it easy for your little one to enjoy every last drop! The Ultra Bottle also has a secure seal. This means that a contour zone has been built into the ultra nipple which forms a perfect match to babies open mouth so when they latch on there is a secure seal to reduce air ingestion. It’s also nice not to have extra milk dribbles too!


Now that you’ve got a ‘taste’ of what the Ultra Bottle is like, you’ll want to take note of an upcoming promotion!! Tommee Tippee and Babies R Us are having an Ultra bottle promotion (available in Canada only). During the week of October 14-21 you’ll be able to purchase the Ultra bottle for 30% off!!

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  1. I wish they would have had something like this when my kids were small!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The Tommee Tippee Ultra Bottle certainly sounds like something I would have welcomed when mine were babies. My daughter-in-law too no doubt as my grandson refused to ever take a bottle whether there was breast milk in it or water. That was definitely a very trying time.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I’m going to send this post to one of my new mom daughters! Thanks for the info!

  4. Great deal, i’ll be sure to share with my expecting friend!

  5. I want to get a bottle or two and tie it to the shower gift I have for my friend. I’ve mentioned this brand to her, and think she should give it a try!

  6. This would make a great baby shower gift. We are getting it for a friend

  7. kathy downey says:

    Going to share this post with my daughter she just had her first child

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