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Fresh air. It’s something we don’t always get enough of (especially if we spend a lot of time indoors or in our vehicles), but I would venture to say that fresh air is something that we all want and could use a little more of! The truth is that many of us DO spend a lot of time in our vehicles, but the good news is that there are ways to keep that indoor air naturally deodorized as well as free of dirt, dust and other allergens. fram-cabin-air-filter

If you didn’t guess from the photo above, I’m talking about the FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter. I believe it is a little known fact that the air inside your vehicle can be up to 6 times dirtier than the air outside. Many times vehicle cabin air filters are sorely neglected – and often times rarely, if ever, get replaced. Whether we are running errands or taking a long road trip, this is definitely not the kind of ‘fresh air’ that we are hoping for in our vehicles!

Once you’ve located your air filter, you’ll likely want to replace it and continue to replace it regularly in the future…especially if it was as dirty as ours was! For our fall vehicle maintenance this year we took a quick trip to Canadian Tire to replace our cabin air filter with a FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter. FRAM has made it a part of their job to take care of YOU as you drive and spend time in your vehicle. There are multiple benefits to using FRAM cabin air filters..let me share a few of them with you…

FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filters are very effective as they can remove up to 98% of the dirt, dust and allergens from the air that passes through your air conditioning and heating system. As an individual who struggles with allergies to dust, pollen and other allergens this is a very important feature of the FRAM air filters for me. In addition, these filters do not only improve the air by filtering out unwanted allergens, but they also contain both carbon and Arm & Hammer baking soda which absorbs and eliminates other odors from your vehicle. It’s the only air filter that does this! Installation of the FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter was simple and we were able to get the job done in less than 15 minutes. In fact…here’s exactly how simple it was:

Step #1 – Empty out the glove department of your vehicle.


Step #2 – Unfasten the clips on the sides of the glove department and lower your glove department, which will give you access to the area behind it.fram-tut2

Step #3 – Pinch the side clasps together on the tray holding your old air filter and remove the tray and filter from your vehicle.fram-tut3

Step #4 – Remove the tray by pulling it towards you and proceed to remove the old (and likely very dirty!) air filter from the tray.fram-tut4

Step #5 – Replace the old air filter with your FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter by simply placing it in the tray with the air flow arrow pointing down.   fram-tut6

Step #6 – Gently push the tray with the new FRAM cabin air filter back into the designated slot in your vehicle.fram-tut7

Step #7 – Refasten the clips on the sides of your glove department to secure it back into place.fram-tut8

Step #8 – Fill your glove department back up with your owner’s manual, and whatever other goodies you store in there! fram-tut9

That’s it! Installing a FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter is quick and simple way to maintain proper vehicle maintenance and to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your vehicle!

In addition to changing our cabin air filter, FRAM also recommends that you change your engine filter at the same time. Chance are that if one needs changing, the other one will too! While we were at Canadian Tire we also grabbed a FRAM engine filter. The engine filter literally took 3 minutes to change and there are some amazing benefits to keeping this air filter clean as well. Did you know that it is your engine’s first line of defense? Or that it will aid in keeping dust and dirt from entering the engine? Clean, fresh air and a clean, fresh FRAM filter will keep dirt and dust out of the engine and it can increase acceleration, horsepower and improve your engine’s overall performance.

So, where can you find your own FRAM air filters to get the quality of air in your vehicle back up to where it should be? As I mentioned above, Canadian Tire is where we found our FRAM filters. The particular Canadian Tire that we visited had them in a back room behind their automotive desk (pictured below).  In order to purchase our FRAM filters we needed to ask at the automotive desk and the employees were happy to gather them from the back room and bring them to us to purchase.


Now it’s your turn to make sure that the filters in your vehicle are clean, fresh and able to provide you with fresher cabin air and a happier engine! Head over here to take a look at some more great tips for changing out your air filters.





  1. I picked up one for my parents car recently….looking forward to getting it into their car and seeing the difference 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    A FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter sounds like something that even I could use and do to replace the old air filter in my car. Thanks so much for the tip 🙂

  3. We have never even considered changing the filter in our car before this!

  4. Would be great for my allergies.

  5. Brandee H says:

    My car actually does not have an air filter. When I see how dirty the filter gets, it makes me wonder why not! Great explanation on how to change it yourself!

  6. I know how easy to change air filter, learned that recently!

  7. We do it regularly. Nice you picked an ignored subject

  8. This is something I have never ever thought about!! I am off to Canadian Tire this weekend to check it out as I am sure my van is in need of it!!

  9. vickie couturier says:

    that looks like something i would love for my husbands truck

  10. Lynda Cook says:

    I wished my truck had this option but it does not, ugh!!

  11. Wow – your tutorial makes it seem so easy to do. I am not well versed in car maintenance but I think even I could do this! #client

  12. This would be awesome to try out.

  13. Jamie hall says:

    This looks great , thanks for the post

  14. kathy downey says:

    I was shocked to see how dirty filters were

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