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raincoast-make-and-moveI love it when people make books that are both educational and fun! After all, isn’t that what teachers try to do every day? That fine balance between keeping education fun and interesting without losing the learning in the midst of it?

Raincoast Books sent me two books from Silver Dolphin that my kids were most intrigued with! The first is called “Make and Move Human Body” by Anita Ganeri. This book/puzzle is rated for ages 5 and up and my 3 and 5 year old loved putting the human body puzzle together! The book itself is 28 pages and talks about all the different systems in the body. It starts with “Amazing Body”, moves on to “Bony Frame” and “On the Move” and “Deep Breath” and goes all the way through to “Skin and Hair” and a final “Glossary”. I’d have to say they did a great job of keeping the big words to a minimum and simplifying systems down to ways that a 5 year old could understand. For example, “Stomach – Your stomach is like a stretchy bag. Here your food is mixed with stomach juices and churned up to make a soup.” Pretty simple, hey? There are also cute tips – for example, if you have the hiccups, did you know you can try drinking from the wrong side of a glass to try to cure them? I’ve heard of that before but always figured it would likely just be a good way to pour water up my nose!

Each system is covered, telling bits and pieces about it and using simple pictures to depict our amazing body. Throughout it, there are pictures that reference the puzzle so that when it comes time to make the puzzle, the parts look familiar! The puzzle consists of 28 pieces and makes a 38″ human body! It’s pretty cool! Not only do you have the skeleton, but then you get to add the brain, eyeballs, heart, lungs, intestines etc in as well! And the elbows are even made jointed so you can move them. I was really impressed with how simplified they made our human body! I’m actually going to see if my 5-year-old’s Kindergarten teacher out like this kit. I think it would be a great addition to a teacher’s repertoire for teaching about the human body!

raincoast-creature-close-upThe second one I was sent is called “Creature Closeup: Ocean Animals” by Barbara Taylor. This book includes a few different items. It starts again with a 28 page book, but then the “kit” that comes with it has a magnifier, an 8″ dolphin model that can be assembled, a model turtle, 21 reusable stickers and a foldout pearl oyster! This book is suggested for kids 8 years and up – so I’m going to see if my son’s Grade 2 teacher would be interested in it for the classroom – or perhaps the Grade 3 teacher! I love donating items like this to the school!

Throughout the book, there are little magnifier icons to let kids know that they should look closer at the pictures with the magnifier to see the fine details. This book is definitely scaled a bit older, as suggested. There is more detail and the wording is more advanced. However, I found that it was well done – the descriptions were appropriately short and to the point, not boring an 8 year old with too much detail! And since I love pictures, this book had lots to feed my habit! Haha! Given that it’s all about ocean life and since we don’t live in the ocean, it’s great to have loads of pictures to describe all the ocean life that we don’t see on a daily basis! There are descriptions of the different Layers of Life in the ocean, information about the animals that live near the shore, pictures and information about Coral. The information on the different zones in the ocean is super interesting – with pictures and descriptions of different ocean life, what part of the ocean they live in (from top to bottom), what they eat, etc! Let me tell you, there are some pretty freaky looking creatures down there! Ones like the female anglerfish. *shiver* Also included is information on Seabirds, Marine Reptiles and Marine Mammals. I know my 7-year-old son loves this kind of book right now! He’s fascinated by animals and oceans and volcanoes and all sorts of things like that!

raincoast-creature-close-up-2As I mentioned before, there are a few other items included in this kit. The magnifier can be used to look more in depth at the pictures in the book. The little turtle is just cute. And the dolphin model is a neat 3-D type model that even has a stand! And of course, kids love stickers so they’ll always be a hit!

These two books are great examples of ways to have fun with education! I believe both are scaled appropriately for the ages recommended and both are superbly done to fulfil both the educational and fun requirement. I really hope the teachers at the school can use them as that would just make my day! Our kids enjoyed testing them out and figured they were pretty cool – who knew building a human skeleton would be so fun?

Thanks to Raincoast Books for introducing us to these fabulous books! There are so many great ones out there, I’m happy to be able to tell you about a few of them. Give Raincoast a shout on Facebook and tell them hi from me. Or go to your local bookstore, find the kids section and just hang out awhile. I won’t tell! I’ve been known to do the same. Honestly, our kid’s library of books is much larger than our adult library and I’ve squirrelled away plenty that I’m hoping the kids will enjoy in a few years!

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  1. Thinking of getting the human body one for my granddaughter!

  2. Always a great selection with Raincoast books. I’d love to get a hold of the Human Body book!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Great books and I love the fact that they are both educational and fun too, kids learn easier and quicker that way.

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    These books look fantastic! My grandson and granddaughter would love them!

  5. Ocean animals is great educational book for children!

  6. Our children always loved educational books. Anything with facts and interesting things.

  7. This is a terrific post.
    I think books are the best gift that anyone can give a child. Educational books do NOT have to be dry and boring and I love that you are pointing that out here.

    I review a lot of books on my blog and some of them are children’s books. In fact I just posted a review the other day of an amazing new Board book called CANADA ABC. Check out the review on my blog at AmiesBookReviews dot wordpress dot com

  8. Lynda Cook says:

    These are great books, I love how they have it layed out, keeps the kids more interested in it!!

  9. Carole Dube says:

    These are really great books! I love the Raincoast Books selections!

  10. kathy downey says:

    My granddaughter would love them!

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