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New Years. Oh, but there are so many exciting things about New Years! New resolutions. New plans. New ideas. And New calendars! I love looking for a new calendar! However, given me and my propensity to procrastinate, I’m usually shopping for a new calendar on about….oh…..December 31st!? Yup, that’s about right. Well this year, I had an exciting turn of events occur! I had a fabulous new calendar given to me to test out – never have I been so excited about a new calendar!!!

More Time Moms is a company out of Alymer, QC that makes calendars! #MadeInCanada!  Not only calendars, but calendars for Moms! They have two main calendars, and they sent me both of them so that I could look and see which one I liked better! The calendar I have chosen to use is their Family Organizer calendar. I’m loving it! Why? Well, let me tell you! First – there’s SPACE to write! Since this is a calendar meant to keep track of everything and everyone there are plenty of lines (10) for you to write on. And my biggest pet peeve about regular calendars is writing on one page only to find when I flip the page that it has marked the next page! That doesn’t happen with this calendar! Oh no, the next page is still beautifully clean! I’m so enjoying having more space to write things down – I have a daughter in Kindergarten, so I always mark all her “K” days on the calendar because there are times when it gets mixed up! There is also a spot at the top of each month to write a bit of extra stuff. There are cute pictures along the top and little sayings printed here and there. There are even recipes if you need some cooking inspiration! There’s a whole page of stickers at the back – for Birthday, Party, Dentist, Doctor, Hot Lunch, Volunteer, Stars, etc so that you can glam up your calendar! I had fun going through and using a bunch of birthday ones! At the back there is also a page for Emergency Phone Numbers, Medical Card Numbers and other important phone numbers. There’s even a flap at the very back in case you need to keep track of a few papers! I’m thoroughly enjoying this calendar and quite enjoyed sitting down and filling out what I could for the year! It’s not even annoying me that it sticks out an inch past the cupboard! Haha! I like the calendar too much for it to annoy me! Oh – and this calendar actually is a 16 month calendar – there are full pages from September 2016 – December 2017. So if you prefer to run your calendars with the school year, you can do that as well!

The second calendar they have is the Fridge Calendar. This one is slightly more compact than the Family Organizer as it’s meant to hang on your fridge. You still get 8 lines to write things down and a space for extra notes. You still get 546 stickers! It still goes from September to the following December. You still get a great picture at the top of each page. The biggest difference is that these are tear-off pages. So when the month is over, you can tear off the page and head into the next month. However, they have hole punched the top in case you do wish to hang it up! Considering our kitchen is small and the space in front of the fridge is prime real estate and considering our fridge is always full ofkid’s pictures and family pictures and considering the fact that I like to save our calendars, for me, the better choice was the Family Organizer. However, I know several Mom’s that always choose the fridge calendar and love it!
The last item that was sent my way was another item that got me pretty excited. I’ve tried doing meal planning off and on and was even pretty faithful at it for awhile. I would actually do a month at a time (sounds crazy I know, but it worked great!) – I only planned suppers and there would be at least one day a week where nothing was planned. That allowed for spontaneity or nights where we’re in town for music lessons!  More Time Moms offers the Fridge List. It’s a tear off menu pad! Each page is one week and includes space to plan Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. But here’s the really cool part about this pad! The top part is your menu plan. And the bottom part is a tear off grocery list! And not just any grocery list – it’s split up into Fruits/Vegetables, Grains, Meat, Dairy, Groceries, Pantry and Errands! Cool! I used it today and I really like how it’s split up because it really helps me do less backtracking in the store! Another thing I’m enjoying about it is that I can still plan a month at a time if I like. Or if I see a recipe I really want to try, I can very easily pop it on my meal plan without having to open a file on my computer or print anything out! And so long as I do the grocery list at the same time I add the menu item, my grocery list is always up to date for the meals planned!

There are a few other great items that More Time Moms have to offer. They have a Student Organizer to help those students plan their year. Or Mom’s who need both a calendar and a planner – there’s the Mom’s Agenda! Sometimes I think I’d like both! Another one that might get purchased for this house is the Chore Charts! Anyone else’s kids need encouragement to help around the house? Mess-makers they are but cleaner-uppers they’re not!? They also have sticky notes and note pads. They even have a cookbook! Perfect pair – a cookbook and menu plan!

Another neat thing about More Time Moms is that 5% of their profits go to children’s charities! They have a little video on their About page that’s worth the wee watch. It’s also worth taking a moment to show them some love on their Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out their Pinterest! Hmmm, I see a pin on 15 Ways to Beat Procrastination! I’ll have to go read that…..tomorrow! Haha! (Seriously though, I will go read it tomorrow!) And for the fun of it, why not check out their YouTube channel as well!?


I’m excited! Someone, one of our lucky readers, is going to win a prize package from More Time Moms! The lucky winner will receive three items: The Family Organizer, Mom’s Agenda and the Fridge List! Yippee! Here’s to a more organized life! Please use the entry form below, open to Canada only. Giveaway ends February 7, 2017!

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  1. I would first purchase their adorable Sticky Notes.

  2. I prefer wall calendars!

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    I would love this!! I prefer wall calendars, I find when they are on the fridge they get smudged and knocked off and moved around!!

  4. I would really like the Fridge Calendar.

  5. Christine D says:

    The fridge!

  6. Monique L.S. says:

    I prefer a wall calendar.

  7. We don’t have much wall space, so i like using a fridge calendar.

  8. Definitely a wall calendar!

  9. Darlene Owen says:

    I prefer wall but have never had a fridge before to compare.

  10. Jenny Major says:

    I prefer wall calendars

  11. I prefer wall calendars

  12. Margaret MacKenzie says:

    I love the fridge calendar because I have an extra large fridge, with the freezer on bottom so it seems like I have plenty of room for it.

  13. I prefer wall calendars.

  14. I like wall calendars.

  15. Angela Mitchell says:

    I usually put my calendar on my bulletin board.

  16. I use a desk calendar.

  17. I would get the Moms Agenda first. I can’t function without one.

  18. I like the wall calendar. My fridge is not magnetic.

  19. Claudette Savoie says:

    Have been buying the calendar for a few years and absolutely love it

  20. Jennifer P. says:

    I prefer a wall calendar, mostly because our fridge is not magnetic so since nothing sticks to it unless we tape it, we tend to keep our fridge blank. Now we’ve gotten used to the clean look of it with nothing on it.

  21. Jennifer P. says:

    I would buy the Busy Family Combo Pads set first – would love both the chore charts and the grocery list!

  22. I like the wall calendar.

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