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Life is a juggling act…no time is that more true than in those too short years of raising babies! Diapers, feedings, trips to the park, cleaning, cooking, laundry…the list goes on. People often make the comment “I don’t know how you do it!” Fellow Glimpse writer Leanne made that exact comment one day when she stopped in at our house “oh, I have a few tricks up my sleeve” I replied, “feel free to share them!” came her response. First on that list of tricks is baby-wearing, at the moment she asked there is a good chance I had at least the baby in a carrier (I have been known to tandem carry a time or two). I could go on for hours about my love of baby wearing and I do sometimes, my hubby is slowly catching the baby-wearing fever too.

When our first daughter was a baby there wasn’t much need to take trips to the park especially not in winter. Now with a 3 year old and a baby and several daycare kids, trips to the park and preschool during winter are just a fact of life. One of my daycare girls goes to preschool 3 times a week, its about a 5 minute walk so we bundle everyone up and off we go. We were particularly spoiled this fall and didn’t really get cold temperatures until recently. I did not look forward to waking the baby and stuffing her into a snowsuit to leave the house…

Enter, Make my Belly Fit, In the winter of 2010, Montreal based Ben and his wife were expecting their first child and the winters in Montreal get chilly (almost as chilly as here in Saskatchewan! :p ) “My lovely wife was growing bigger by the day and was soon stealing my (extra large) puffy jacket every time we ventured out. I had resigned myself to having lost my favourite jacket for the winter… And then a light bulb went on: there must be something out there that just zips in to expand one’s existing jacket! We searched around, and when we couldn’t find one, I resolved to make our own zip-in panel for the front of my wife’s jacket.”  My husband can relate to this situation all too well, he lost his jacket when I was pregnant with our first too!

I willingly admit that I am frugal, but I also like items to be multi purpose and the idea of buying a separate coat to accomidate a growing belly just seems silly to me… plus I really love my current 4 season coat. So the idea of simply zipping in an extension to my regular coat really appealed to me. I’m not alone in loving this idea, in 2015 Make my Belly Fit appeared on CBC Dragons Den and made a deal with Manjit Minhas!

I have sung the praises of the Jacket extender to anyone who will listen ever since I got it, its such a well thought out little thing. It’s made out of a really soft weather resistent fabric and at 27″ it accommodates a wide range of coat lengths. I have one of those longer coats that comes down to about mid-thigh, I think the zipper in it measures 37″ and the extender fits it nicely too. Its made to work with any YKK zipper, they have a zipper quiz on their website to help you determine if you need an adapter for your jacket. My jacket is kind of odd in that it has 2 different zipper styles, the inner layer has a chunky YKK zipper but the outer layer has a finetooth zipper, it was ideal for testing the jacket extender. It zipped into the liner zipper easily but wouldn’t work with the outer zipper, not to worry they offer a Diy zipper too, I simply sewed the zipper over my existing zipper and trust me I’m a severely amateur seamstress!

The extender has snaps galore too, you can snap it up or down to fit you perfectly, pregnant…snap up the top snaps so its not bulky above your tummy, snap down the top so baby can peak out and they even have a little adjustable elastic Snaperoo that can be snapped anywhere on the BellyFit for a more custom fit. The really cool thing is that the extender is small enough to fit into the pocket on my soft structured carrier so I can just pull it out when ever I want to wear baby and don’t have to worry about forgetting the extender at home! For those really chilly days, they offer a warm fleece layer that snaps onto the inside of the extender or an independant carrier cover.

On an exciting note Ben’s wife was due with baby #4 just the other day so we are anxiously awaiting the news of its arrival and wishing their family all the best!

Win it!

Make my Belly Fit is giving away one jacket extender and a warmth layer to one of you lucky Glimpse readers!

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