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Did you know that 82% of kids are exposed to inappropriate material online before the age of 11?? I can’t say that I’m surprised as our world is VERY computer and internet driven these days. But at the same time, I do not want my own children to be a part of this alarmingly high statistic! So…what’s the solution?

In the past, I’ve often just been with our children when they are online…and they weren’t really searching for anything…usually just playing an online kids game, or looking at an item that they were dreaming of purchasing one day. 🙂 However, recently I’ve had to ‘face the music.’ Our kids are getting older, growing up…and wanting more freedoms and privileges. And I can’t sit with them constantly at the computer either as there are a handful of other little people who need my attention too. So with the safeguard of a parent watching their online activities being gone, I felt that we should put up another safeguard for them. This is where Net Nanny enters the scene. Net Nanny is a service that give you parental control (even when you’re not sitting beside them) and some of the best content filtering around.

Net Nanny has a ton of great features, including the following:

~ Internet Filter – Don’t let your internet control you – instead, control it! Net Nanny allows you to set the filtering for 18 categories of online content to block, warn or allow.

~ Blocks pornography – It will warn or block access to pornography and adult content. This is an incredibly important one for our family as we want to protect our children and their minds from pornography!

~Time Management – Here’s where you can exercise your parental control even if you’re not in the room! Net Nanny allows you to set the total number of internet hours allowed in one day or to set specific times of the day when your child can or cannot be online.

~ Masks Profanity – Net Nanny protects you and your family from vulgar language. It allows you to view a web page without being bombarded by language that you’d rather not see, hear or read.

~ Social Media Monitoring – Net Nanny Social helps to protect your kids from online threats and keeps a close “eye” on activities related to your child’s “friends.” A few examples that Net Nanny Social can help with are cyberbullying, sexual predators, privacy concerns and pictures or videos that could damage a reputation. All VERY important stuff!

~Alerts and Reporting – This one is specifically for the parents! You’ll receive reports and mail alerts about your child’s online activities. It’s a great way to keep track of what is happening online.

~ Remote Admin – You can check your reports, change settings, etc. from any computer that is connected to the Internet….a very practical and handy feature.

Overall, we have been pleased with Net Nanny! It’s given our older children the opportunity to search more freely online and it’s given us peace as mind as parents, that they are being watched and monitored even if it’s not with our own eyes. I had a few small issues setting Net Nanny up on our computer, but overall, the setup was pretty quick and painless. Net Nanny has been a great addition to our home and our computer and we’d recommended for other parents who would like to set up an affordable, easy to use safeguard for their families.


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  1. I love that it masks profanity etc, gives me peace of mind my kids will be safe while browsing the internet.

  2. Jennifer Ann Wilson says:

    I love the time management feature on Net Nanny.

  3. Dana Miller says:

    I appreciate all the features, especially the ability to filter, mask and warn against inappropriate content. We encountered issues just today when we were watching trailers for the latest kids movie on YouTube. One version had the lyrics to a song changed to f-bombs and the n word. I was mortified! The Net Nanny is what I need!

  4. Internet safety is important because children can easily land on sites and content that is inappropriate (profanity, violence, adult content, etc.) and information that they are unable to understand at their age. Even under a parent’s eye, one accidental click can easily can easily bring up a website that is not meant for children.

  5. I think that net safety is super important. I want to know who my kids are communicatingwith whilethey are on line and I don’t want it to be with strangers. also I want my kds to be able to only visit appropriate sites. Its so easy to stumble upon other stuff and I don’t want to expose them to that!

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