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Snow, snow, snow, its beautiful and clean and the kids can hardly wait to build with it…the explanation of what is the right kind of snow for building a snow man is lost on our 3 year old so far. For me that’s where the fun stops, I really shouldn’t complain but somehow I still do, shoveling, driving, muddy floors ugh! I transport my preschool aged daycare kids to and from preschool and this year the school is just one street over from our house, we just walk down the back alley and around the corner, talk about handy! The not-so-fun part is that we walk down the back alley, a lovely (note the sarcasm) mixture of soft, untouched snow and hard packed tire track. Part of our walk is the alley, perfect for a sled but it gets bogged down on the bare sidewalk, the stroller works great on the sidewalk but not in the alley…if only the was a hybrid… well luckily there is!

Remember my post about my Make my Belly Fit jacket extender and how much easier it makes it for getting outside in the winter?! Well their sister company Premier Skis is continuing the help in that area. Creator Ben shared my frustrations in trying to push a stroller in the snow and knew there had to be a better way! He designed a removable ski that attaches right to the strollers wheels!!! How cool is that!?  The thing I love most about Bens creations is that they don’t require a huge investment, are easy to operate and attach to your existing items.

I have 2 strollers, one jogging stroller and a twin stroller, I did declutter this spring and sell our umbrella stroller but I find that I use both of these strollers a lot depending on the activity. So I tried the Skis on both strollers. The ski itself is one piece and then there are just a couple assembly steps required, it is adjustable but once you tighten the screws it stays put, the ski is simply attached by a strap and the adjustable pieces ahead and behind the wheel keep it in place. The Jogging stroller has a single lockable wheel at the front so I only attached 1 ski to the front, and it worked really well, when I reached the bare sidewalk or inside the school I simply tipped the stroller back on its rear wheels and carried on. When testing the twin stroller I couldn’t tip it back on its rear wheel but to my surprise the bare sidewalks and school hallways were not a problem for the skis much at all! Unlike a sled being pulled across the cement because the weight of the kids was distributed across four wheels there wasn’t near so much drag on the skis.

I’m not the best for getting outside in the winter but with preschool 3 days a week and these great helpers its making it a little easier!


Premeir Ski is giving away a set of skis to one lucky Glimpse reader, be sure to enter below!

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  1. What a perfect invention! I so need this so that I can go for walks with my little guy during the day! So hard to do that with such thick snow!

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