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If I haven’t told you before, I’m a farmer’s daughter. So the farm is pretty near and dear to my heart. However, I did grow up on a *small* farm, so the big farming ways of today are quite a bit removed from the farming I’ve helped with over my years. That being said, I still love seeing innovative farmers. I love seeing farmers succeed when sometimes it seems like everything and everyone is against them.

Three Farmers is one of those companies that has gone above and beyond. They have taken three products that they were producing as farmers and decided to process those products into new products that they could sell to consumers. The three farmers; Dan, Colin, and Ron own Three Farmers and are now producing Camelina Oil, Pea Pops and Roasted Chickpeas.

What’s Camelina? I have to admit, it was not a crop familiar to me as it’s not one my father grew. Apparently it’s also called a false flax? Who knew!? It’s a distant relative to canola and, to me, the plant does look a bit similar. In any case, the three farmers saw a market for camelina oil. It doesn’t seem that there are many other producers! The great part about Three Farmers is that they’re producing their oil right – it’s cold-pressed, which means hexane isn’t required, which means it doesn’t need to be heated, which is generally a bad thing for oils. Camelina oil has a very high smoke point – 475°F, which is higher than canola, coconut or olive! This means it’s a versatile oil – you can use it for everything from salad dressings to sauteing supper! It also has a very favorably balanced mix of Omega 3, 6, 9 and saturated fats. The other neat thing about Three Farmers is that they provide traceability on their oils. If you enter the code found on a Three Farmers Camelina Oil bottle into their website, you will find out all sorts of information – from when and where it was seeded to when and where the oil was pressed!

Now that you know all about Camelina oil, you’re probably wondering what my thoughts are on it? Well, I’d have to say we quite like it. I was sent one of each of their oils – the original camelina oil, roasted garlic and chili and roasted onion and basil. Word of warning – the garlic and chili oil has some kick! The two flavored oils are recommended for pasta, stir fries and salads, while the original can be used for pretty much anything! Interested in recipes? They have plenty on their website and you can even sort them by the flavor of oil you want to use! The Thai Coconut Soup with Lentils sounds yummy to me! I haven’t used flavoured oils much so it’s taking some getting used to – I have to keep reminding myself that I have them! It’s fun experimenting through – when you can get the garlic and chili flavor or the onion and basil flavours just by adding oil! I love trying homemade salad dressings and there are plenty of salad recipes on their website! I think the Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing is a must try! I love how versatile these oils are. I think I could really fall in love with flavoured oils!

Now on to their other two products! I had my family help me taste test these! First up are the Roasted Chickpeas. There are five different flavours: Lightly Salted, Barbecue, Balsamic and Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt and Lime, and Maple Frosted. I like all the flavours but am probably most inclined to grab the Sea Salt and Lime ones first. Now I found these chickpeas to be a bit on the “too crunchy” side – because they’re a bigger “pea” – they’ve definitely got more crunch hidden in that seed! The flavour and texture take some getting used to – these aren’t potato chips folks! Instead they’re gluten-free, nut-free, nutritious and high in protein and fibre! In other words, you can replace your potato chips with these nummy critters!

Lastly, there are the Pea Pops! These were my personal favourite and I’m afraid I could likely nibble on them all day long! I am way more inclined towards salty snacks than sweet ones and these fit the bill. There are three flavors to these nibblers – Wild Ranch, Dill Pickle Pow and Sriracha Slap. Youch! Those Sriracha ones are spicy! I’ve never gotten onto using that sauce and so find these a tad bit too hot for my liking. I’ll give them to my brothers – they love anything hot and spicy! But the Wild Ranch and Dill Pickle! Yummy! Two of my favourite flavors – my daughter kept sneaking the Dill Pickle ones! Since these are peas and are smaller than chickpeas, there is a bit less crunch to them, which suited me fine. They’re still plenty crunchy and definitely fit the salty and crunchy bill! Again, these are nut free and gluten free and are also a high source of fibre. They’re apparently a great salad or soup topper! Considering how many salads I eat, I’m not sure why I keep forgetting to try them out on top!?

I love seeing people who take a product they are already producing and value-add to it! Three Farmers now has three different lines of products – each of which is tasty, healthier than many alternatives and is locally produced right here in Saskatchewan – #MadeInCanada! Fantastic!

To keep up with all the latest from Three Farmers, make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  It’s the way to stay in the know, you know!

I have a coupon code good for all my faithful readers! If you’d like to try your very own stash of nummy nibblers, head over to the Three Farmers website and make your order. Then add the code “GLIMPSE” to receive 15% off! The code will be good until March 24th, 2017 and is good for one purchase only! Gah! I see they have Chocolate Coated Chickpeas! Look out! I love the different sets that have been put together – you can try just about anything you want in any set you want! You can even buy bulk Original oil – a 5L bag in a box! If you’re like me and can’t hack the heat of the Sriracha, you can get the Pea Pops Duo Snack Packs that include just the Wild Ranch and Dill Pickle flavors! Perfecto!

Three Farmers has generously offered TWO Sampler Gift sets so we can have TWO winners! Each set includes a 250mL bottle of the Original Camelina Oil, Dill Pickle Pea Pops and Balsamic and Cracked Pepper Roasted Chickpeas! You’ll get to try one of each product – a fabulous way to taste test! Please use the entry form below, open to Canada only, please. Contest ends March 21, 2017.

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