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Back when I was young and carefree, I would have been content to simply travel. Work to make enough money to buy a plane ticket and live awhile, then fly, fly, fly! I loved travelling and managed to make it through 8 countries in Europe (not including a couple I only travelled though) over the course of three trips before I settled down and got married. However, the travel bug hasn’t left me and there’s a whole lot more I want to see!

Raincoast Books just sent me a book that is NOT helping the cause! You see, we’re going to be rather tied down for the next year or two while we build a house…ourselves! So visions of world tours just aren’t going to come to fruition for awhile! However, I’m thoroughly enjoying this book just the same! You see, it’s called “Where To Go When – The Ultimate Trip Planner For Every Month Of The Year” by Lonely Planet. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s packed full of tantalizing tidbits and pretty pictures and perfect plans for the next trip!

Remember how this book is for every month of the year? That’s exactly how they’ve laid it out. Know what month you want to travel? Head to that portion of the book and find out where the best places are to travel! Then you can pick from what type of holiday you want (relaxation, beaches, Mother Nature, good food, outdoor activities, etc) and through a flow chart you can find some options!

That’s not all though, for each month they give a page full of temperatures, which is really neat because you can then see how different areas compare! For example, in March, it’s 29°C in Mexico, 17°C in China, 11°C in Wales, 32°C in Sri Lanka and 18°C in Spain, just to mention a few! Then comes a page that is broken up into four; very family friendly or leave the kids at home and good value or expensive, but worth it! Again, it’s a really neat way of narrowing your choices down! And since we all want different things out of a vacation and we all appreciate different temperatures, this book has you covered!

From there comes the pages of blurbs about each vacation location. Sometimes you might get a full page spread, sometimes you might just get a column – but each time you get a picture and the necessary information! They even have a suitcase that is split up by colour showing you the quantity of Adventure, Cultural, Relaxation, Food & Drink, Personal Growth, Wildlife & Nature, Journey and Value for each spot! It’s a nifty way of highlighting what you’ll run into most! Not every suitcase contains every option, just as not every vacation location will provide the opportunity for Value or Relaxation! There are also three other pieces of information included for each location. There is a Trip Plan, then a Need to Know, and finally, Other Months. These have neat little tidbits of information regarding a possible way of laying out your trip, then bits of information that’s great to know with regards to the area and a quick briefing on the rest of the year!

The one thing I wish each of these locations had was a teeny little world map that highlighted its location. There are lots that I have a pretty good idea of where they are. But when I came across Mauritius I had no idea where it was! Needless to say, we won’t likely be headed there anytime soon as it’s a *LONG* ways away!

If you are interested in travel or even just interested in the world, this is a great book! There are loads of pictures, which always makes me happy! I love the way it is laid out by month – it just makes so much sense to me. And since we can sometimes have our blinders on, it’s really neat to read a book that opens up so many different vacation locations! It has a great index too. You can find locations by country, by “beaches” or “canoeing” or “railway journeys” plus it has each location listed. I’m afraid, however, that it’s going to make my travel bug a bit worse! Time to get planning the next trip!

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Would you like to have your very own copy of “Where to Go When”? I can’t blame you! So we’re going to offer up one copy for one of our faithful readers! It’s a beauty! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadians only, and contest closes on March 25, 2017.

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  1. Wendy Jensen says:

    I would pick the book you have reviewed – Where to Go When.

  2. I have been to Europe and various states in the US. I would love to go to Scotland and Greece.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    England, Wales, Scotland, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, USA, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Yugoslavia and Macedonia, and I’ve actually lived in 5 of those 🙂

  4. I’ve been to the US, Mexico, Jamaica and Europe. I’d love to go to Egypt.

  5. Jennifer P. says:

    I’ve travelled to Australia, Fiji, many US states, many Canadian provinces, England, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. The next places on my “to go” list are Poland, Greece, Alaska, Florida, PEI and Maine.

  6. I haven’t traveled much outside of Canada and the States but my son has.I would love the book :Where To Go and When” for him.

  7. The place I would like to go to most is Kenya

  8. Janet M says:

    I have done some traveling but there are always places left to explore and I would like to go explore churches in Russia to see the art.

  9. Allie f says:

    I’ve been to Spain, Italy and France and have lived in the States but I’ve always wanted to go to Japan!

  10. I would like to go to fiji, Australia, Sweden. Pretty much anywhere. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Doris H says:

    I haven’t traveled, but would love to visit Australia.

  12. Thanks for the chance…..I would love to go on a cruise, or Hawaii.

  13. Maryanne says:

    We’ve done a ton of roadtrips but would love to go to Tokyo!

  14. Samorjj says:

    I really want to visit Ireland.

  15. Wanda Bee says:

    I have travelled to Spain.

  16. Silvia D says:

    I have been to Europe , would love to go to the south pacific!

  17. SweetPanda says:

    I want to visit London, England

  18. We have traveled to Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary.

  19. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I have been to all the provinces from Quebec west as well as New Brunswick. I have also been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe when I was younger. Both PEI and Greece are on my bucket list.

  20. Growing up an army brat, I’ve seen a lot of Europe. Also been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. So much more to see in the world.

  21. Dianne G. says:

    I have been across Canada east as far as Montreal and as far as Vancouver Island to the west. I have been to most of the eastern US statrs as far as California. I would love to travel to the Maritimes.

  22. I want to go to Africa, never been there!

  23. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    woops, forgot to put Australia on my list LOL 🙂

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