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The snow is melting and spring is just around the corner! That alone makes me excited about all kinds of summer activities….camping, swimming, bike rides, etc. What about you? Are you excited about the return of summer weather? In preparation for spring and summer I’ve already started to get a few things ready….including a fabulous NEW addition to my summer wardrobe…

For the past few years I’ve either not gone swimming (due to being pregnant or to having an infant with me 🙂 ), or I’ve had to wear a t-shirt and shorts over my swimsuit in order to present myself in a way that feels appropriate and models the kind of light that I want our girls to dress now and as they grow older. Modesty is a big deal to us….not because we’re legalistic, but because we believe that it is respectful and considerate and honorable. But finding a modest swimsuit that is still comfortable and stylish is very difficult.

This winter I found a One-piece Zippered Aqua Surf Suit at Marsea Modest Swimwear that has exactly what I had been searching for. It was modest and modern. It’s easy to put on and incredibly comfortable as well. In addition to those great features, the Aqua Suit also is chlorine resistant and non-transparent.

I love the feel of the Aqua Suit and it is comfortable both in the water and out. For me, the best part is that it keeps me covered, yet still looking stylish at the beach or the pool. For now we’re swimming at the pool, but come summer you can bet you’ll find me out in my aqua suit enjoying the outdoor pool and the beach with my kids. 🙂

MarSea Modest Swimwear is a company that came to be due to the need for modest swimwear. Whether you want to cover up to keep the sun off you, or due to your own convictions or even due to medical reasons,

MarSea Modest is a great place to shop. The owner was incredibly helpful in helping me figure out what size was correct and answering all my questions about the Aqua Suit. She made the whole experience very enjoyable and easy.

At MarSea Modest Swimwear you’ll find a lot more than the Aqua Suit. There area all sorts of UV Swim & Activewear designs for all kinds of body types/sizes. There are even options for maternity wear. Their Swimwear is suitable for more than just swimming too. It can be comfortably used during water sports (like water skiing), or other out-of-water sports or as activewear (for exercising, hiking, biking, etc) as well.  The special fabric that is used makes the swimwear/activewear is comfortable to wear when wet or dry and it keep you cool(er!), even on those sweltering hot days. It is lightweight, non-clingy and breathable.

A few of the other options you’ll find at MarSea Modest SwimWear include swim dresses, swim tops, swim skirts, swim pants and even swim banadanas! They’ve got a great selection for women and girls who are looking for swimwear or activewear that is modest, comfortable and fashionable!

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  1. s powell says:

    This looks like an awesome suit It has many uses. Best of all it sounds like it is very comfy.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The Aqua Suit looks really good on you. It’s good to know that it’s chlorine resistant and non-transparent, both essential in swimwear I believe.

  3. Love this type of swimsuit; modest yet fashionable!

  4. Looking great! I haven’t worn a ‘traditional’ swimsuit in years and it is so much more comfortable.

  5. It looks comfy and very stylish!

  6. These look great – comfortable and durable, which is important when going into salt water and chlorine!

  7. Cheryl Grandy says:

    It’s great to have these options in swimwear. Thanks for showing them to us.

  8. That swim suit looks so nice and comfortable too.I could practically live in that all summer.

  9. Marilyn Legault says:

    My grand daughter is only 8, but prefers these type of suits over a regular swim suit.

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I can’t remember the last time I actually wore a swim suit!

  11. Lynda Cook says:

    These are great for when you do not feel comfortable in a swim suit

  12. kathy downey says:

    The Aqua Suit looks real nice on you !

  13. kathy downey says:

    It fits so well,i really like it

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