NCircle ~ “The Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Space” – GIVEAWAY!

We don’t have cable TV at our house so when my kids found out I would be receiving DVD’s from NCircle Entertainment to review they were pretty excited. 🙂  It is a treat to get new DVD’s to watch in the mail! I am happy about it too because the movie we got this month was fun to watch AND educational. I am all for educational TV shows and movies.

Remember the Cat in the Hat from good ol’ Dr. Seuss?  The Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Space takes Nick, Sally, Fish and the Cat on an adventure into space.  It all starts with a robotic dog arriving on earth to collect a rock sample and photo to add to the planet’s information on a space station.  Nick and Sally gain permission from their mother to accompany the Cat into space to follow the robotic dog. (Apparently they always get permission to go out on wacky adventures with the Cat on the TV show. My own kids commented with “You wouldn’t say yes, Mom”. Ha!)  Off they go, go, go, go on an adventure!! 🙂

While off in space they meet Astronaut Audrey.  She shows them around the space station and she also gives them lots of great information about planets and our solar system.  Cat and the kids get a chance to explore our solar system when the robotic dog, named Rover, gets stuck out in space and needs rescuing. While out on their rescue mission the team makes a stop on Mars. Did you know that dust storms on Mars can cover the entire planet and last for days?  They get to travel through an asteroid belt and almost get sucked into Jupiter…..which is just an enormous ball of gas. (I don’t remember any of this from elementary school!)

I have to admit, I actually learned a lot about the planets from this movie.  I am assuming my children did as well! My eight year old looked at me at the end of the movie and said, “I didn’t know that Uranus is on its side and that Pluto has five moons”.  😉

The Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Space has many catchy tunes and some quirky humour sprinkled throughout. It is a great addition if you have kiddos interested in the solar system, or of course, if you have a lover of the Cat in the Hat. 🙂


NCircle would like to give one Canadian reader a copy of The Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Space! Make sure to enter below. Contest ends April 14th, 2017.


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  1. sherry moffitt says:

    This would be wonderful to win for my grandson.

  2. Dianne G. says:

    One of my granddaughters is always telling me about things she has learned from The Cat In The Hat and asking if I knew about it. This would be a good surprise for her.

  3. It would be a fun way to learn about the solar system. My granddaughter would enjoy it.

  4. Darlene Owen says:

    My granddaughters room has the theme of Dr. Seuss, so she loves all Dr. Seuss books.

  5. I love Dr. Seuss books. they`re still my favourite.

  6. Carole D. says:

    Thank you! Great book, would love to read it with my granddaughters!

  7. Wanda Bee says:

    I’d love to win this for my nephew’s little girl.

  8. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Sounds like a terrific book that my grandson would really enjoy

  9. My kids would love this! They love Cat in the Hat and space!

  10. Judy Cowan says:

    This would be perfect for my nephew, he loves Dr Seuss right now.

  11. sabina Edwards says:

    Dr. Seuss has always been a long time favorite.

  12. My absolute favourite–Dr. Seuss. I use to read his books to my kids all the time! I’d love to get this for my little granddaughter.

  13. Would love this for my granddaughter!

  14. Cat in the Hat + Space= perfect combo

  15. We love the Cat in the Hat and watch it all the time.

  16. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    thanks this would be so great to win – we love Dr Seuss

  17. Wendy Jensen says:

    This looks like a wonderful children’s book.

  18. Jaclyn Bartlett says:

    My daughter loves Cat in the Hat dvds, we have several, but not the space one!

  19. Jennifer Ann Wilson says:

    I love the Cat in the Hat and I love space!

  20. Jennifer P. says:

    I love The Cat in the Hat and would love to win this for my kids – they’d love it!

  21. Silvia D says:

    Would love to read and share with my step grandkids!

  22. This would be amazing to read with my new nephew!!

  23. We love the cat and the hat! The stories are always so much fun.

  24. SweetPanda says:

    I would love to win this for my kids!

  25. Jennifer P. says:

    Hi! Just a heads up, your twitter link isn’t quite right – it brings me to a page that doesn’t exist.

  26. Tania M says:

    My kids love the Cat in the Hat

  27. Sunshine G says:

    Dr Seuss is always a good use of time!

  28. HEIDI C. says:

    I would love to win this for my kids!

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