Robert Rose Books “The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide” ~ GIVEAWAY!

Using natural products for my family is really important to me. If you ask my husband he may even say I am a bit obsessed about it. (He is probably right). 😉

When the chance to review The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide: Using the Science of Carrier & Essential Oils to Create Natural Personal Care Products by Danielle Sade and Robert Rose Publishers came up I was really excited.  My pinterest boards are full of excellent DIY beauty products (who doesn’t love electronic hoarding?!) but it isn’t the same as having an actual book sitting in front of you while you whip up some beauty products in your kitchen.  Plus, the author, Danielle Sade has done all the hard work for you by unlocking the science behind essential oils. Danielle has over thirty years of experience in researching aromatherapy and plant based medicine.  She also teaches and has been the President of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists multiple times.  Talk about qualified! 😉

Danielle begins the book by giving some history about herself and her medical struggles.  With doctors and prescription drugs not helping her in the way she needed she began digging into natural and holistic ways of helping her conditions. On top of making diet changes and lifestyle changes she also started making her own personal care products.  She completed a degree in Nutrition and linked nutritional medicine with aromatherapy and started researching the science behind aromatherapy. In her introduction she says “Because they have such a wide range of therapeutic benefits, using essential oils in personal care products allows you to establish a connection between inner well being and external beauty” (page 11). Beauty products that affect my health in a positive way…!

The introduction completely drew me into the book, and I hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff…..the “recipes” to create my own products!

Next comes all of the learning. 🙂  You know, learning is so much more fun when it’s something that you are genuinely interested in!  The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide gives you all you need to know about your skin: the anatomy of the skin, skin types, and skin care. It is like science class but way more fun. Mostly because you get to sit and read about it at your leisure with a cup of your favourite tea. Once you are knowledgeable on how your skin operates and what it needs to be healthy you get to learn all about creating your own skin care products.   This is where you learn that even natural products can cause reactions in some people, which chemicals to completely avoid and how to use essential oils as preservatives. To help extend the shelf life of your home made products Danielle recommends creating synergies from essential oils to add to your products.  These synergies have antimicrobial properties.  Sounds complicated, I know, but don’t worry, it is not difficult! There are three pages of synergy formulations to choose from. Examples of ingredients needed are: lemongrass essential oil, bergamot essential oil, vitamin E and alcohol or glycerin. Basically you need the vitamin E and alcohol or glycerin with a handful of essential oils. Doesn’t sound hard, does it?

Danielle then walks the reader through the supplies that will be needed including natural raw ingredients like clays, flours/grains, granules, extracts and emulsifiers.  She does a great job of explaining the need for these supplies and potential cautions.  My favourite is the carrier oils.  When I think of carrier oils I imagine my skin feeling so silky soft and smooth and wonderful. Ahhhhhh. On top of that is the fact that carrier oils contain essential fatty acids which are incredibly important to skin health!  My favourites are coconut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Which oils are your favourites?  Plant butters are also at the top of my list for moisturising.  Who doesn’t love shea butter? 🙂

A large portion of the book is dedicated to addressing each essential oil and it’s uses, benefits and the main chemical constituents of the oil.  I find this section great for when I need to quickly look up an oil.  Ok, I’ve got the patchouli oil, how can I use it?

THEN comes my favourite part of the book….the formulations (or recipes as I call them)! There are moisturising creams, toners, cleansers, facial masks, exfoliants, bath products, deodorants and even formulations for men and mothers-to-be. 🙂 Some of the formulations require some unique items to be purchased like stearic acid and bamboo extract.  And some are quite simple and only require essential oils, salt and filtered water!

My goal is to one day stop buying personal care products and make my own. I know that this book is going to help me fulfil this goal! If you love creating your own products, enjoy reaping the benefits of essential oils, and are concerned about the effects of chemicals in your products then this book is for you! 🙂


Robert Rose Books would like to gift one reader from the US or Canada a copy of The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide. See below to enter. Contest ends May 13th, 2017.


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