Raincoast Books – Mother’s Day! ~Giveaway!

Shhhhh! I’m about to tell you something you might not have realized! Mother’s Day is this Sunday! The 14th. Five days from now! Yeah, I know you forgot, but here’s your chance to set a reminder in your phone to call your Mom on Sunday!

Ah….Mother’s. All of us have one. Some of us are one (I’m still not sure how I can be a Mom!). Mothers are to be admired. Let’s face it, we’re the odd job queens, we keep the house going (uh, please don’t come look at my house!), we keep the washing machine going to provide clean clothes for our family (note, I did not say anything about folding them and putting them away!), we tend to be the planner for the food that hits the table (I excel at not planning and wishing I did!) and we’re the fixer of booboos (bandaids with puppies on them make everything better!)!

What do you do for your Mom? Or as a Mom, what do you like to receive for Mother’s Day? I’m a bit of a weird duck – I worked in a couple flower shops and I know how prices go up on holidays and personally I don’t think flowers are near as nice if they’re given “because I have to because it’s ________ Day” than if they’re spontaneously given because someone wants to! As such, my hubby doesn’t get me flowers on Valentine’s Day and such. But when he brings me home flowers for no reason at all other than that he wanted to – *that’s* what makes my heart sing! I apologize to all you ladies who’s men might see this post and decide what I say makes sense! Haha! Back to what I want for Mother’s Day. I’m pretty easy to please – if I don’t have to cook on Mother’s Day and if I can have a bit of quiet time to do some crochet or have a wee nap and if I can spend time with my family and enjoy some extra hugs and kisses from my kids – I’m happy! After all, life is about family, life is about love, life is about spending time on the important things, not on the material things!

Okay, that’s enough introspection and philosophicality for now! I have three beautiful items from Raincoast Books to tell you about! These three will keep you covered on multiple fronts! First, we have a beautiful set of notebooks called “Exquisite by Nature” There are two notebooks in this package, each with beautiful nature artwork by Michelle Morin on the outside. The pages are a really nice paper and are gold edged! These would make a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys journaling!

The second is called “Heart of a Mother – The Beauty of a Mother’s Love” by Paula J Fox. Paula does a beautiful job of putting flower together with the characteristics of a Mother. For example, “Azalea: A blooming azalea bush can range in colour from bright red to fuchsia and is often described with terms such as “fiery” and “flaming.” It gives us a picture of the mother who is on fire with the spirit of passion and enthusiasm for life. She gives off sparks that ignite and inspire her children to live their lives with purpose and a sense of adventure…to never be afraid to stretch their boundaries and achieve their dreams.” Isn’t that beautiful? There are also many quotes throughout the book all relating to Moms, love, courage and so many more things. This is a little book – a little bigger than 4×6″. Thus, it’s the perfect gift to tuck in beside your Mom for her to read snippets of whenever she needs a bit of encouragement!  Paula has several other “Heart of” books you might like to check out at that link above!

Lastly, I have a beautiful colouring book to tell you about! It’s the “Daydreams Coloring Book” who’s gorgeous pages are created by Hanna Karlzon.
Some of the pictures in this book are not as detailed as others, but many of them are incredibly intricate and beautiful! For example, take a look at this picture I found on Pinterest that Robyn Lipner coloured! It’s that beautiful!? I love seeing the talent, not only of Hannah, but also of people like Robyn who have done such a beautiful job of completing the picture! This coloring book is a hardcover – so you don’t need a desk or a table – colour wherever you want! It also has beautifully thick pages that are silky smooth – perfect for colouring!

As a side note – want to see my helper? Is this the way to work or what? Mommy working and my “baby” coloring beside me! *smile*


Raincoast Books is giving a copy of all THREE of these books to one lucky winner! This one is going to be a flash giveaway, so hurry and get your entries in! The contest will end on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017! Nope, you won’t get your prize before Mother’s Day, but we already determined the non-material things are more important – so these are the icing on the cake you already ate on Mother’s Day! Haha! Thanks again to Raincoast for sharing such lovely items with us!

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  1. s powell says:

    Usually spend time with family sometimes bbq

  2. We shower mom in lovely gifts and hugs!

  3. Janet M says:

    We like to go out for a family dinner.

  4. Mother’s Day doesn’t usually have any big plans, other then I don’t have to do any ‘chores’.

  5. Allie f says:

    I buy my mum her favourite flowers–peonies—and treat her to coffee and a sentimental card!

  6. Florence Cochrane says:

    We have a family dinner on Mother’s Day.

  7. Julie F says:

    We normally get together for a family supper

  8. Darlene Owen says:

    We will go out to eat for Mothers Day

  9. Lee-Ann S says:

    This year we are camping, celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday and going out for supper on Mother’s Day

  10. Silvia D says:

    will go out to dinner

  11. Tannis W says:

    Whatever my husband and kids plan for me! I usually try to find a nice gift for my mom too.

  12. sherry moffitt says:

    We all get together as a family and go out to dinner.

  13. Lynda Cook says:

    We don’t do a whole lot, but every little gesture means a lot!!

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I don’t do much, I’m on my own now since all my kids have left home. I often go up to one of my sons and family and join in a celebratory breakfast with him and his family.

  15. We usually spend the day together and do an activity as a family, and go out for dinner in the evening.

  16. Paula R says:

    My husband makes me breakfast

  17. I usually get some alone time and then we go out to dinner as a family and sometimes a movie

  18. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I phone my mom on Mother’s Day. My kids often give me gifts and sometimes we go out for dinner.

  19. Jamie hall says:

    We usually have a brunch at our house. I’m working this year though

  20. Dana Miller says:

    For mother’s day my little one asks me to stay in bed so she can surprise me with breakfast in bed. She’s so cute as she decorates the plate with a little flower she freshly picks from the outdoor planter. I love her handmade cards. We have a tradition of taking a mommy-daughter photo in front of the beautifully blooming lilacs.

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