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 I don’t know about you, but I seem to get sore muscles here and there. (Must be gettin’ old, right? Ha!) Sometimes it’s because I’ve done an activity that was out of the normal, sometimes it’s because I slept wrong, and sometimes I have no idea why! We’re likely all a bit like this – but the question always is – what can I do about it? Personally, I’d love one of those big comfy massage chairs, but oofda, they’re outta my price range! Haha!

Well, today, I’m going to tell you about a Canadian company that has a few products that can help out with those tired, sore muscles! The company is called acuProducts and they’re based out of Toronto. It was started by a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Cohen who encourages his patients to explore their self-healing abilities! That’s a great thing for anyone to be encouraged to do – as I fully believe we have much more ability to heal within us than we believe. I also believe most of us are very hard on our bodies and forget to listen to them!

There are four products that make up the acuProducts lineup. There is the acuBall, the acuBall Mini, the acuBack, and the acuPads. Each of these products are incredibly versatile and oh, so useful! Plus they can be heated! And never have to be refilled! All big pluses!

The acuBall and acuBall Mini are similar, but the Mini has smaller nibs and a harder feel. They’re great for massaging, for working on small muscle groups, for using under your feet, for doing acupoint work, or for using under your spine.

The acuPads are sold in pairs so that you can place one under your neck and another under your spine. Or sit on both of them. Or put one under each foot. Again, they have little nubs and they have channels in the middle – so you get your acupressure assistance and muscle workouts as well as freedom to place it under your spine.

The acuBack, which is the one I received, as also a veritable piece of usefulness! Again, it has the spinal channels. It has nibs for working those sore muscles. It has two styles of ribs for alongside the spine, depending how deep you want to work. And let me tell you – it sure can work! I struggle with my iliotibial band being super tight and sore and oh my, can this little acuBack cause my some pain! I haven’t advanced to lying on it because that’s too much yet, but I run it up and down that area and it sure does work on those tight spots! And I *love* that it can be heated. I tend to always be cold, so warming up the acuBack before crawling into bed and then letting it work it’s magic while I get ready to sleep is down my alley.

Oh, and if you’re not sure which product you might need/want, head over to their “Click Where You Hurt” page and it will open a short video telling you which product would best suit treating each area, as well as tips on how to work on the area!

I love companies that come up with products like this – products that are versatile, products than can help us help ourselves, products that are built for longevity! And the fact that it was created by a chiropractor who wants to help his clients help themselves – well that makes me happy too! And, naturally, the fact that they’re #Canadian sure helps in my books as well!

Head over to AcuProducts and check them out for yourself! See which one would most suit your aches and pains! I find their prices to be very reasonable as well – considering you can reheat and reuse these products over and over! The acuBall mini is $22.99 and the most expensive acuPads are $59.99 for the set of two. They also have several Kits available if you want to combine items. You can even purchase all four items together for $149.00.

Keep up with what’s happening over at AcuProducts by following them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube! They even have an app available to both Android and Apple that provides all the information from the “Click Where You Hurt” website – easily accessible in an app! Oh, and beware of cute videos on their Facebook page demonstrating just how much pets enjoy these products as well!

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  1. These look like great products. I especially like the ‘click where you hurt’ feature of their website!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The acuBack is just what my son needed when he was having back pain, shame he didn’t have one back then. I’ll mention this to him, he might want to try it out. 🙂

  3. kathy downey says:

    Sounds like great products,i always have muscle pain!

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