Sir Kaye the Boy Knight

Superheroes can often play an important part in a child’s life…especially in young boys. I know that our son enjoys superheroes and he likely knows more about them than I do! 🙂 The thing about superheroes is that they have the ability to influence and shape a child’s morals. That’s a pretty important job if you ask me, and well…if that’s what superheroes might do, then I’m looking for some pretty amazing superheroes for our kids to read about and enjoy.

I recently discovered a superhero chapter book series for kids that has a fictional hero that is different from many of the other ‘superhero stuff’ out there! This hero has no superpowers at all and, unlike most of the modern superheroes, the boys in this story face obstacles – and conquer them – without the help of any superpowers. I love that ‘real-life’ aspect of it and the chance for my boys to see and learn from the important life lessons that are brought out and addressed throughout the book.

The Eldridge Conspiracy is book #4 in the Sir Kaye series and is filled with both humor and silly fun as well as important life lessons and morals. This final chapter book in the Sir Kaye series tells the story of young knight Kaye and his friends Reggie and Beau who are in search of the only man who can save Kaye’s father. They come across a powerful enemy on their journey and you’ll read as the boys dodge henchmen and race against time to save Kaye’s father and stop a war between 2 kingdoms. It will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure!

The Eldridge Conspiracy, by Don. Winn was an instant hit with our 10 year old son. He sat down to read the book and did not get back up again until he was finished it! He devoured this book and as soon as he had finished reading the first words out of his mouth were “Can you get more books like this?”

This Sir Kaye Knight book has all the checkmarks for a great children’s book: a strong hero, a thoroughly exciting adventure, a light, accessible writing style and even a strong moral to keep parents happy! It’s a story with adventure but it’s not full of war and blood and it will easily keep a 7-10 year old boy thoroughly absorbed. Instead of all the war and blood, the author seems focus much more on helping his readers learn about the characters and want to be like them by following their morally strong examples.  We are HUGE fans of this book and would highly recommend it to any family. It is the perfect fit for any child’s summer reading list!

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  1. Laurie P says:

    takes me back to the kind of stories my boy used to love to read!

  2. Looks engaging! I love children’s books with a good moral.

  3. Rosanne Robinson says:

    My grandson would LOVE this book, he enjoys all of the Superhero books. Thanks very much for the great review, I’ll pick it up for him.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This would be just up my grandson’s street. He’s nearly 7 and so into Superheros but then which little boy isn’t? His bedroom is all done out with Superhero pictures, lamp etc etc.

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    Sounds like a great book and series for the young boys, there isn’t as much of a reading span for boys as there is for girls

  6. kathy downey says:

    My grandson would really enjoy this he loves Superhero books!

  7. kathy downey says:

    Books are so important,i love giving them as gifts

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