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Everybody knows the song “Old MacDonald”, right? I’m sure we’ve alllllll heard somebody’s kids sing it over and over and over until you were sure your head would explode! The last two days, my daughter has been singing “Head and shoulders, knees and toes….” over and over – and when I ask her to switch to a new song, she does. Aaaaand five minutes later she’s back to “Head and shoulders…..” Haha. Kids. That’s just what they do! I’d sure rather them be singing than fighting though!

So, back to Old MacDonald. Somehow that farmer has made quite the impression over the years and he still is making an impression. Raincoast Books sent me two Old MacDonald products for you to learn about! The first is a book called “Old MacDonald Had a Truck”. We knew that, didn’t we? Old MacDonald couldn’t JUST have animals! He’d have to have a truck to haul ‘em around in! This book was written by Steve Goetz and was illustrated by Eda Kaban. This book follow that good old song that we all know…..however, instead of animals, he has things like an excavator! Now, that’s right up my son’s alley! How about a bulldozer!? Or a Dump Truck!? I tell you, this farmer is working heavy equipment! It’s really quite a comical book – because in between each set of pages that tells us all about the big equipment that he has, we see him working on this truck. And by the end of the book – the big equipment has created a race track, complete with grandstands! And that truck he’s been tinkering on? It’s more like a monster truck now! And guess who’s driving? GRANDMA!!! Bahahaha! Super cute! And I gotta say, the illustrations are just peachy!

Now in combination with this great book, these two *also* created “Old MacDonald Had a Truck Bingo!” This is pretty cool bingo, because it’s for ages three and up! Each bingo game board has pictures on it instead of numbers. Then each bingo calling card has both a letter (bingo) and a picture on it. The players then need to see if, for example, they have Grandma in the B column. Our 4 year old loves it because she can play it too! There are also cute little red bingo chips, each with a white star in the middle. All of the pictures, naturally, relate back to the book. There are excavators and cement trucks and all the animals working away. And of course “Old” MacDonald and Grandma! All in all, it’s a super cute game and I love that even the little ones can enjoy playing! And since it’s really a game of luck, anyone can win, from the young to the old!

Want to pick up a copy for yourself?  Head to your local bookstore or check out Chapters or Amazon!  Thanks again to Raincoast for their continual support in sharing great books with us!


Raincoast is going to give away one set of these two items – the book and the bingo game! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadians only, please. Contest ends June 27, 2017.

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  1. My nieces would enjoy this game

  2. My nieces would loooove this game

  3. My son would love this game!

  4. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    My little cousins would definitely love this.

  5. kathy downey says:

    My grandkids would enjoy the bingo game.

  6. my grandson will love playing bingo

  7. Lynda Cook says:

    I would love to play this with my granddaughter, she would have fun yelling out BINGO!!

  8. Dianne G. says:

    My grandchildren would enjoy this Bingo game. They always enjoy playing games together.

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Definitely my grandchildren, not the babies of course. 😀

  10. Rochel S says:

    My kids would love it!

  11. I’d love to play this game with my child!

  12. Janet M says:

    I know my granddaughter would enjoy the bingo game.

  13. I would! (with my kids, of course :))

  14. My granddaughter would enjoy the Bingo Game!

  15. My little man would enjoy the bingo game!

  16. Silvia Demmy says:

    my step grandkids would enjoy the Bingo game!

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