‘Kaboost’ Them! ~ GIVEAWAY!

It’s no secret that kids love feeling like they are “growing up” or “getting bigger” and young siblings certainly want to be like their older siblings. I see it in our little ones all the time. Recently our soon-to-be-3-year-old has been telling me proudly how he has such BIG knees and that it’s because he’s growing bigger. haha. 😉 Growing bigger is an important part of life, but sometimes it’s nice to find a way to help the little ones “feel” bigger even though they’re still small.

The Kaboost Chair Booster is a ingenious way to  help little people feel like they are bigger. So what exactly is a Kaboost? It’s a compact, portable chair booster that snaps on underneath any kitchen or dining room chair, and raises the chair so that your child can sit at the table just like a big kid…or just like mom and dad! With the help of our handy little Kaboost our son is able to sit on a regular chair, yet at a proper height so that he feels BIG like the rest of us at the table. Of course, it also boost him up to the correct height to help him be able to easily eat, draw, color, etc. at our table.

There are so many aspects about the Kaboost that we are loving. Kids (even young ones) are able to easily slip off and on the chair by themselves. It is incredibly easy to put on and it simply snaps on underneath the chair with minimal effort. Each side of the Kaboost has it’s own height setting – so there are 2 different heights you can use it at (very clever!). It is very sturdy and stays attached even when you move the chair and actually has been engineered to IMPROVE chair stability. I have found this to be true…our non-Kaboost chairs tip over way easier than the one with a Kaboost underneath it. It is also easy to fold up and carry with you to grandpa & grandma’s house, a restaurant, etc.!

If you’d like to sit on the chair with the Kaboost, you can go right ahead! It holds up to 300 lbs so you can likely have a seat, and even put a child on your lap without having to worry about the durability of the Kaboost. The rubberized bottoms of the ‘feet’ make it non-slip and it will not scratch or damage your floor when it is pushed or dragged around.

The Kaboost Chair Booster is everything I’ve ever wanted in a booster seat for toddlers or older children who are too short to sit in a regular chair properly. It is durable, simple, modern and perfect for any home where young young children are present!



One of our readers is going to with their very own Kaboost chair booster!! In order to enter please follow the instructions on the form below. Open to Canada only. Contest ends July 27, 2017.

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  1. Laurie P says:

    Love that it fits 4-legged chairs (round or square) and up to 300 lbs!

  2. I like that it stays attached when the chair is moved and I would choose natural colour if I won

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    I love that it holds 300lbs. no worries about having to remove it all the time, anyone can sit on it!

  4. kathy downey says:

    My favorite feature of the Kaboost is it Snaps on chair in seconds
    No assembly required .The color i would choose if i won is natural colour.

  5. My favorite feature is that it Holds up to 300lbs

  6. I would get it in charcoal.

  7. Janet M says:

    I like that is non slip and won’t scratch floors. I would choose Natural.

  8. Allie f says:

    I would love the charcoal colour and love how it prevents the floors from having scratch marks on them!

  9. I love that it can be used at two different heights! I’d love the Charcoal one.

  10. I love that there’s no assembly required and I would choose the charcoal

  11. My favourite feature is that it is easy to fold and carry. I would pick charcoal.

  12. Gillian Morgan says:

    I love that it holds up to 300lbs and I would choose natural.

  13. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    This is genius. I love the charcoal colour

  14. Rosanne Robinson says:

    Love the unique features of the Kaboost chair, it’s non slip, won’t scratch floors, and holds up to 300 lbs! I would choose the Natural chair.

  15. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love this, especially that it stays attached even when the chair is moved, no assembly required and wouldn’t scratch floors. I doubt that I’d ever need to sit on it but I know that I could should I so wish. 🙂

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’d choose natural if I was lucky enough to win this. 🙂

  17. I really like that it stays attached when the chair is moved! If I won, I would choose the natural colour.

  18. I like that the Kaboost is engineered for stability of the chair. I would pick green if I won, as it is my daughter’s favorite color 🙂

  19. i would pick natural

  20. Cheryl H says:

    I would pick the natural colour and i like that it grows with my child and has two height adjustments

  21. Jessica eapen says:

    I like that there 2 different heights because that’d extend it’s use. I’d pick natural because it’s a versatile look.

  22. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    I like that its adjustable and I would pick charcoal

  23. i would choose the color charcoal

  24. Shirleyp says:

    I would choose natural and I like the fact that its height can be adjusted and it doesnt scratch the floors

  25. Maritess says:

    I like that it is designed to grow with the kid in mind. I would choose the charcoal colour.

  26. Betty S says:

    I love that it will hold up to 300 pounds, and that it snaps on in seconds. will be a big help for us

  27. Julie bolduc says:

    I love that there’s no assembly required and I would choose the charcoal!!!

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