Daniel Martin Moore “Turned Over To Dreams”

In our house there is usually some sort of music playing.  It may be the playlist on my iphone, the radio in the play room or one of my children composing at the piano.  At bedtime we all enjoy drifting off to slumber listening to some dreamy tunes. We have found a new album to enjoy near bedtime to aid us in winding down before bed.  The first time I turned this CD on I sat in our rocking chair and simply listened and relaxed.  As a busy mom of four I don’t often take the time to do this. Usually I am listening to music while also washing dishes, preparing homeschool work or folding laundry.  You know, multitasking.  That is what moms do! 😉

Introducing “Turned Over To Dreams” by Daniel Martin Moore .

Daniel Martin Moore, from Kentucky in the USA, created this album after learning that his friends had been using a previous album of his as a lullaby for their children.  This sparked the idea to create an album of lullabies.  The album includes his own compositions and vocals that he produced, mixed and recorded himself via Sofaburn Records

I did not have the pleasure of hearing Daniel’s music until now.  I am so happy to have had the chance to be introduced to his work. His voice is incredibly soothing.  His songs have a contemporary folk type of sound…..which just happens to be my favourite type of music.  I love artists that use a variety of instruments in their songs.  On the “Turned Over to Dreams” album you will hear a saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin, and cello. It truly is dreamy. Listen to the track Turned Over to Dreams here.  I can guarantee you will feel relaxed afterwards. 😉

Of the ten tracks Daniel created six of the songs. He included his own rendition of Brahm’s lullaby that is warm and cosy and is basically a staple to any album of lullabies.  One of my favourites is Daniel’s own mix to “It’s Such a Good Feeling”.  Most of you will recognise that one as a Mr. Roger’s classic. (Unless you’re a young one….then you may not know it!)

If you are searching for something peaceful and soothing to enjoy while you sip a cup of tea in the evening this is your album.  Have some kiddos that need help unwinding at bedtime?  Try popping this album into the stereo, or downloading it to your phone…..however you enjoy your tunes. Find Daniel Martin Moore on facebook here.

I hope you enjoy relaxing to Daniel Martin Moore’s music!  My family and I definitely do. 😉



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  1. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the introduction,i never heard of Daniel Martin Moore before.

  2. Sounds lovely!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve not heard of Daniel Martin Moore until now but then I’m not a musical person.

  4. I haven’t heard of this artist before but I’m so behind on music. I will have to give him a try. My son loves having music playing at bedtime.

  5. Laurie P says:

    Well I’m just going to have to check out the music now….

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Strangely enough all my kids love music, some can even sing whereas I can’t hold a tune for a million bucks!

  7. I am a fan of folk music and I would listen to an album of lullabies. Sounds like I should look him up.

  8. I had not heard of his music before this. Thank you for the information.

  9. kathy downey says:

    I will have to look for some of his music

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