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I love finding companies that are home-grown and are successfully creating things right here on our Canadian soil! It proves that we CAN do it! We don’t have to export all our raw goods only to import the finished goods back! This time, it’s a company who’s creating clothes – and it seems to me that saying they are successful would be an understatement!

The name is Buttercream Clothing and while it might have started with Candice creating aprons, it has blossomed into a fabulous business that produces everything from tops to bottoms, mens to womens, with a bunch of accessories thrown in too! They now have two manufacturing facilities – one in Calgary and one in their original location in Kelowna, BC.

Why are they so popular? Because a lot of people are deciding that they appreciate locally-made clothing and they are also deciding that they appreciate ethically produced clothing! So now, instead of just aprons, you can purchase scarves, tops, pants, dresses, kimonos…..  Lots of their items have a good portion of bamboo in it – which, from what I’ve heard is super soft and cozy!

What do I love from their shop? The Game Day Tee and the Men’s Baseball Tee. The Tiramisu Tunic Top looks so comfy! The Slouchy Long Dress looks like the perfect cool summer dress for every day life. Add some accessories and you could totally dress it up as you wish! Need a tee for here, there and everywhere? They have the Classic Tee that will fit the bill! Then there was this dress they brought out a few months ago……..it’s so pretty! I just wish it also came in a below-the-knee version, but then again, if they did I might be tempted to buy it in every colour! Haha! It’s called the Campfire Cowl Neck Dress. I kinda like some of their kimonos too! They look like they’d be super comfy and easy to add to different outfits! (Update: As per Candice, I have discovered that there is a note on the FAQ page offering length adjustments for a $10 fee! Yes!)

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of capsule wardrobes – I really want to work towards having one! Well, two, because summer clothes and winter clothes don’t cross over very well for someone as cold as I am in the winter! Anyway, I like how they have included a spot for the items that would fit into a capsule wardrobe! Looks like I’m going to have to get that Slouchy Dress after all!

The item I was sent was the Organic Scarf with Gold Dots and Peonies! I love peonies and I love pink. This is a double infinity scarf, so there’s plenty of length to wrap it around twice! And the fabric……you guys….it’s soooo soft and huggable and cozy and it’s going to be fabulous to wear every day this winter! I just might have to go shopping so that I have a few items that match it better! Heh!  And this scarf is just one of 35 options – there’s definitely going to be one that suits you!

One other thing you need to take note of is that some items are listed as “ready-to-ship” and others are listed as “pre-sale”.  I actually admire Buttercream for doing business this way – some items are in stock and ready to ship – so will ship after you order them.  However, the “pre-sale” items are made to order!  Sure, it might be a bit of an inconvenience to someone if they want/need the item immediately.  However, from a business perspective, I can see how this would make things a lot simpler.  You make what’s selling.  You don’t need loads of warehouse space for stock.  You can keep a really good eye on what’s most popular!  And once a person fall in love with Buttercream clothing, they’ll remember that they need to order what they want before they need it and it’ll be one harmonious relationship!

Please go check out Buttercream Clothing! See if you don’t fall in love with more than one item! Their prices, I think, are very reasonable considering you’re getting something #MadeInCanada, something ethically made, and something that’s made to last longer than two washes! It’s taken me awhile, but I’m learning to spend more money for quality, for something that will last. I tend to be a terrible clothing shopper for myself, I just don’t enjoy it much – so when I can buy items that will last me for several years, and that make it so I don’t have to go shopping again for quite sometime, I’m good with that! Want to try on an item first?  Check out their retail shop locator to find a shop near you!  While you’re on their website, you can sign up for their newsletter – I hear there are discounts and new product emails! Score! You can also head over to Facebook and give them a like to say hi! Keep up with the latest via Instagram and be inspired on Pinterest!


Are you wanting to add some Buttercream Clothing to your wardrobe? I have a discount code for you so that you can do just that! Yay! Just add your items to your shopping cart, click Apply Coupon and enter the code “GLIMPSE15”, and enjoy your discount! The code will work from July 15 to July 29 – so you have two weeks to figure out what you want first!  Oh, and they have a pretty awesome flat shipping rate of $5.00 (across Canada) for a limited time – so now is the time to snap up those items you want! Then enjoy the soft, cozy goodness of these beautiful items!

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Love the fact that they are Canadian. Do you know if they also have actual stores as I always need to try things on?

  2. nicolthepickle says:

    I love that Campfire cowl dress.

  3. Laurie P says:

    Gotta love a Canadian company! Really liking that Peonie print scarf!

  4. I’m not much of a dress person but the Campfire Cowl Neck Dress looks so amazing! I love it!

  5. What lovely clothing! I love their scarves especially.

  6. Thanks for sharing this with Canadian company with us

  7. melanie element says:

    Do you have the coupon code yet?

  8. HEIDI C. says:

    I love supporting homegrown companies like this one, especially if they offer such nice goods!

  9. Hadn’t heard of them until now but they do have some really cool items. Love the name of their shop too!

  10. Wonderful site. I share on facebook.

  11. This looks like a great Canadian site to keep in mind when looking for new clothes.

  12. Their clothing look very comfortable and I am all about the comfort. It is also a huge bonus that they are Canadian.

  13. Great Canadian store with making quality products!

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    Thanks for the introduction this sounds like a great line

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