Zoku Quick Pop Maker!

What kid doesn’t love popsicles? There’s just so much fun involved in eating something that melts before you’re done, something that comes in so many flavors, something that can drip down your arm, something that *must* be eaten when it’s 30 above out, and something that says Summer Holidays! What’s not to like about popsicles!?

Did you know there’s a super fun popsicle maker out there? One that doesn’t require you to remember to make the popsicles the day before the kids are begging for one? One that can make popsicles in as little as SEVEN MINUTES!? I know, hey? I didn’t either! The company is Zoku and they’re from Hoboken, New Jersey. The name Zoku actually means “family” in Japanese! Neat! It all started with the question “what if we could make popsicles freeze faster?” I can attest to the fact that they succeeded!

The basis of the Zoku Quick Pop Maker runs along the same lines as the ice cream makers, where you freeze the bowl before making the ice cream. So you know where I said you don’t need to remember to make popsicles the day before the kids are begging for them? Well, while that’s true, you DO need to remember to freeze the Zoku! However, that’s pretty easy, do like I did – pop it in the freezer as soon as it arrives at your house, even if you’re not sure when you’re going to make the popsicles! I was actually sent the Triple Quick Pop Maker, which is super awesome because I have three kids and you know how it is – seven minutes to make one for the kid that doesn’t have one is a VERY LONG time! Haha!

Now just what are my thoughts on the Zoku? I’d have to say, I’m in love! Seriously, this is a cool little toy! Now yes, the Single costs $24.99 US, the Duo is $36.99 US ($69.98 CAN on Well.ca) and the Triple is $49.99 US, which is a pretty hefty price tag for a popsicle make when you can buy the cheap junk kind for a couple bucks. However, let me tell you a bit more about this sweet little machine! First, it makes smaller popsicles. I like this, because I really don’t think my kids need massive popsicles! Secondly, it makes popsicles in seven minutes – really and truly! Thirdly, it’s super fun for the kids – you can actually *watch* the popsicles freeze! (I confess, I have fun watching the ice take over too!). Lastly, given the construction, I think the Zoku will last for years! The base is simple, the sticks are hefty, the drip guards are handy and the super tool is, well, super!

So here’s how they work. As I said you freeze the base first. Then all you do is pop the sticks in, pour your popsicle “juice” in, filling to the “fill line”, then watch the magic work! Once they are frozen, you screw the Super Tool on to the top of the stick and turn, turn, turn. What the Super Tool does is slowly lift the the popsicle up off the mould – so there’s no need to try to rock the stick or use any other methods to remove it! Zoku doesn’t actually include any “recipes”, instead they include some ideas and tips and tricks. For example, certain types of popsicles could cause them to be harder to remove, others freeze faster. They also include instructions on how to make multi colored popsicles and how to make ones with an different center! Pretty cool, really! Oh, and you’re not limited to just using the popsicle maker just once! I successfully made three sets of popsicles, one right after the other. By the third set, it does take quite a bit longer to freeze them, so make sure you check that they’re frozen on top before you try to remove them! Looking for different recipes?  Zoku has a Recipe Blog where you can find recipes for to use with all of their different products! You can even sort by the type of recipe you want.

The first popsicles I made where these Real Food Fudgesicles. They. Are. Stupendous! Seriously – if you’re a fudgesicle fan, you HAVE to try these! Now, the downside is that these are one of the kinds that are more difficult to make. First, because you’re basically making pudding, it’s hard to fill the popsicle slots with the sticks in place. So I put the sticks in after, which then meant I overfilled some of them. Which then means it’s hard to tell when it’s frozen. (If you over fill them with something like a pudding mix, use the handle end of a spoon to scoop out enough so that it’s back down to the line. If you overfill with a juice type mix, use a straw.) Also, this is one of the types of popsicles that take longer to freeze! So at seven minutes, they just weren’t quite done. And then because I tried to take one out before it was quite done, I ended up pulling the stick up a bit, but not the popsicle. This meant that when it actually WAS done, I had difficulty getting the popsicle out! However, all’s well that ends well – *I* got to eat that one because it was in pieces when I did get it out! Haha! And I learned my lesson – don’t overfill them, and watch to be sure they’re frozen to the top before pulling them out! I actually found that I could tap the top of the popsicles to see if they were frozen, then they came out no problem! I’ve made three different kinds of popsicles thus far – fudgesicles, grape juice, and tropical fruit ones! All three were fun to make and fun to eat.

Another fun part about the Zoku is that each of the sticks has a different pattern on it! So as the kids are nibbling away at their popsicle, they are uncovering different patterns, whether it be stars or swirls, or circles! The Quick Pop Maker and the Super Tool also come in different colours. Also, the Single comes with three sticks, the Duo with four and the Triple with six! So you can always make at least two sets of popsicles. I’m enjoying having a set in the freezer so we can pull one out on a hot day and enjoy some Frosty Yumminess.  I’m actually tempted to head to the Spare Parts store and purchase an extra six sticks!

The Quick Pop Maker isn’t the only product that Zoku has come up with! They also have Slush and Drink makers that include an Iced Coffee Maker that looks pretty sweet and water bottles. Then there’s the Ice Cream Maker, which makes a single bowl of ice cream in as little as 10 minutes! They also have several other popsicles molds of the traditional kind! They use silicone molds to make for easy removal of the uniquely shaped popsicles! This one makes me laugh! I love the different options – how cute! The Cool Moji Ice Tray is also fun  – ice cubes with an emoji on the bottom! Oh, and beware, they also have a “Chocolate Station” for adding chocolate dip, sprinkles and other toppings to your Quick Pops! Looks dangerous to me! Haha!

While I do think the Zoku is a tad bit expensive for us Canadians (gotta hate that exchange rate!), if a person could find it on sale, it just might need to land in your cart! They are super fun to make and I love how quick they freeze! It is really convenient to be able to pull the base out and have popsicles seven minutes later, especially if you decide to simply use fruit juice! If you’re interested in purchasing a Zoku product, head over to Well.ca as they have a sale on right now where you can Bundle up and Save – add two or more Zoku products to your cart and save 25%! That’ll definitely help with the exchange rate!

What to keep up with what’s new at Zoku? Keep an eye on their website, follow them on Facebook, be inspired by Pinterest and Instagram and check their Tweets on Twitter! Thanks for sharing your fun products with me, Zoku!

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  1. kristen visser says:

    This would be an essential in my house! We go through so many popscicles and ice cream it would be so much cheaper if I could just make my own. And I love that I could add different things to them such as different fruits to change up the flavor

  2. Our household loves popsicles! Zoku would be great to have in order to make our own healthy ones – perfect for summertime, or year-round, really 😉

  3. Shirleyp says:

    This looks like an awesome popsicle maker like that its quick

  4. Laurie P says:

    Pricey indeed! But I’ve heard nothing but great things about Zoku products!!

  5. This company has so many fun, innovative products. I’ve heard great things about them but have never owned any of them.

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Wow, popsicles in as little as SEVEN MINUTES! and ice cream in as little as 10 minutes! That is simply put incredible and I’d love to have these 😀

  7. Florence Cochrane says:

    Popscicles are a big hit in our household. The ZOKU QUICK POP MAKER would be great to have on hand especially with the hot weather.

  8. kathy downey says:

    Wow,that’s a nice popsicle maker and its quick,thanks for sharing !

  9. Laurie P says:

    Love that I can get this thru well.ca. I love shopping there! Might have to wait for a sale tho.

  10. HEIDI C. says:

    I bought mine through well.ca when it was on sale. I really like it!

  11. Alison Braidwood says:

    I’d love to try this. I’ve been trying to win this particular model off and on. I may have to break down and actually buy it. :0

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    My grandchildren would love to have this. 🙂

  13. Robyn C says:

    My son would love to make his own popsicles!

  14. Lynda Cook says:

    I have heard these Zoku makers are awesome, I would love to get one to make healthy popsicles!

  15. Wow that machine sure makes popsicles quickly!

  16. We always made our own when I was a kid. I like how we can control the ingredients.

  17. Summer ended too soon! 🙁

  18. I love the quickness of this quick pop maker.

  19. I’d love to get one for my little man!

  20. kathy downey says:

    These would be perfect for making healthier treats for the grand kids

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