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I have been enjoying Nora Roberts’ books for years now. In particular, I love her J. D. Robb series – I’ve read all of them! I have no idea how she manages to come up with so many ideas for so many books – she’s only written over two *hundred* – but she is certainly a fount of books!

Come Sundown” was certainly no exception! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! At the beginning of the book, in the Prologue, we learn about young Alice Bodine. She’s on her way back home, after leaving home abruptly the day of her sister’s wedding three years before. She’s just miles from home when her car dies and she gets picked up by someone who’s going to take her the rest of the way. Except he doesn’t.

Jump forward to the present, and we find Bodine (a young lady named after her Mother’s family name) running the Bodine Resort. She works alongside other members of her family to keep both the Ranch and the Resort running smoothly. As life will be, some unexpected changes cause some new hires, one being an old friend from her youth, Callen Skinner. There are sparks! However, I love how Nora’s books are never just about romance. She is a fantastic mystery author! You see, not long after the book begins, one of the ranch’s employees is found alongside the road, murdered. Then there’s the deputy that has a desire for revenge on the aforementioned Callen. And then we keep seeing glimpses of Alice, coming forward through the years. We see the rough life she has been forced to keep, just miles from her home ranch.

In the midst of another murder, some hot confrontations between said deputy and Callen (which just makes you want said deputy to be the murderer!), Alice escapes. Now the family at Bodine ranch is a close family – sure there’s bickering and disagreements – but there’s also an awful lot of love and closeness. So when Alice is found half frozen on the side of the road and is brought to the hospital and recognized by the Sheriff, suddenly there are a lot of questions. Questions about where Alice has been all these years. Questions about who abused her for so many years. Questions about where Alice will go now and what’s she’s able for!

And then there’s the ongoing search for the murderer of the two young girls and, added to that, the search for Alice’s kidnapper! Yes, Nora keeps you glued to the pages as you read this book! There’s just so much happening, between blossoming romance between three different couples, murders, plans around the ranch and resort, the ups and downs of life. You will not be disappointed with this book – but don’t blame me if you stay up all night reading it! I say, good luck putting it down!

Raincoast Books – thanks for sharing this one with me! Nora Roberts is a fantastic author and I’m delighted to be able to add my review to the many other raving reviews out there! Head over to Facebook to follow Nora and Raincoast Books!


One of our readers will receive a copy of “Come Sundown” by Nora Roberts! I dare you to not enjoy it! Haha! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadians only, contest closes August 18, 2017!

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  1. I have read novels by both of these authors!

  2. Florence Cochrane says:

    I have read Nora Roberts books.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I think that I’ve read books from J. D. Robb, however I read so many that I’m not too sure. 🙂

  4. kathy downey says:

    Yes,i have read many books by Nora Roberts!

  5. I am a long time fan of Nora Roberts. I especially love her trilogies. My mom and I both read them. My mom has a rather extensive collection (ie – every romance book she’s ever published!). I would love to win this for her.

  6. Doris Calvert says:

    I have read tons of books in both her names, love them!

  7. Janet M says:

    I have read her books in the past but not recently.

  8. Shirleyp says:

    Yes, I have read her books but not for a while. This book sounds like a great read.

  9. Lee-Ann S says:

    I’m not sure I’ve read either of the authors but this is the perfect opportunity to discover someone new.

  10. Jennifer L. says:

    I’ve read a few books by J.D. Robb. They were great.

  11. Darlene Demell says:

    Yes I have read lots of Nora Roberts books. She is a great author.

  12. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I have read her books in the past – usually love them

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This sounds like my sort of book, must keep Nora Roberts in mind when looking for a new book to read. Great review btw 🙂

  14. This book has pretty intriguing plot, loots like it is another great read in the evening!

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