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My son is now 8 and is headed to Grade 3 this fall. Where has time gone? Honestly, I’m starting to feel old as I say things like this! Haha! Anyway, given that his father and I are voracious readers, it’s little surprise that he also loves to read. Just last night he read two stories to his little sisters……..warms my heart, it does! He was pretty excited last week when a box of books arrived that were picked with him in mind. Our friends at Raincoast sent four books for him to read!

Today’s book is called “Survivor Diaries – Overboard!” by Terry Lynn Johnson. Terry just so happens to be a Canadian from Northern Ontario! She’s also a conservation officer! Needless to say, her area of work has given her a few experiences to draw some writing inspiration from!

As you might guess from the title, this book is about someone who went overboard! A family from the US is vacation in Washington and heads out for a boat tour in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which is between Washington and Vancouver Island. It’s a great place to whale watch at certain times of the year, and that’s what 11-year-old Travis and his family were headed out to do! Travis was most excited, because it was THE one thing he really wanted to do on their vacation! The captain, Alfonso, has a twelve-year-old daughter, Marina, who helps him out with the boat and with those on board. It doesn’t take long before they start seeing porpoises and humpback whales and then some orcas! However, they don’t get long to whale watch before the unthinkable happens and their boat is smashed by a rogue wave and both Travis and Marina are thrown into the water!

It doesn’t take them long to try to get to the life raft, but the waves keep carrying them farther and farther away, and other than one chunk of boat that they manage to grab hold of, soon they can’t see anything or anyone from the boat! They’re on their own! After passing one island and attempting to get to it but failing, what with Marina having a broken wrist and the waves being large, things look grim, even though Marina knows all the tips and tricks for surviving in water. But then a seal joins them and they follow her to the shore of another island. However, being on an island doesn’t mean that their troubles are over. First, they’re wet. Second, they’re cold. Third, they have no water. Thankfully, Marina has a few emergency supplies tucked away in her vest and with them, Travis is able to make a fire.

My son really enjoyed this book. While he couldn’t help asking me several times while he was reading about the end of the book (“Are they going to get help?”), he quite enjoyed it. I even quizzed him after and he was able to tell me what happened, where they ended up, what they had to do to start a fire, what they ate, and how they got saved! Apparently, there’s no difficulties with comprehension! Haha! It’s so much fun watching him start to read more in-depth books that take more than five minutes to read!

At the end of the book, Terry has an author’s note that gives a bit of information around the details of the book. Ones like the fact that rogue waves definitely happen in the area. The fact that there are quite a few true stories of survival against the odds. Also included are US Coast Guard-Approved Cold-Water Survival Tips – a neat addition for kids to read. Some of these are talked about in the book because Marina has learned all of them, but these tips provide more detail.

And remember how I said that Terry is a conservation officer? Well, she’s also a nature enthusiast. She’s a certified canoe instructor. She’s the owner and operator of a dog-sledding business. She also has 17 years of experience and training in cold-water marine environments and trained with the Canadian Coast Guard. Needless to say, she has lots of real-life experience to help her write the other books in the Survivor Diaries series – Avalanche, Lost, and Dust Storm!  These three are all coming out in 2018 and I look forward to watching for them so my son can read them as well! She also has three other books to look for, one of which is already published and two are that are coming out in the next two months! Keep an eye on Terry’s webpage for the news on upcoming books!


In celebration of a Canadian author, Raincoast Books is giving away TWO copies of this book! I love finding Canadian authors that I want to read more from! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadians only, contest closes August 29, 2017. Thanks to Raincoast for sharing this great book with us!

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