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Can you believe summer is almost over and, in just two weeks, our kids are going to be back in school!? I can’t. The summer has flown by, even though we didn’t get camping this year! Given that my kids are young and going into grades 1 and 3, we’re still at the age where we’re excited to go back to school! Haha! Seems that often changes a bit as they older, right?

Raincoast sent me three books for their Back to School giveaway! As per usual, my kids grabbed them and sat down to look through them! We sure do love books in this house!

The first book is called “Zombelina – School Days” by Kristyn Crow and illustrated by Molly Idle.  This book is all about a zombie named Zombelina. Most of her classmates are “normal”, while Zombelina and her new classmate, named Morty, have some interesting characteristics. Morty seems a bit ghostly, perhaps? Anyway, Zombelina looooooves to dance. However, she has this awkward habit of, well, falling apart while dancing! During her most recent Show and Tell, she was demonstrating her dancing skills and she lost a leg and an eye and collapsed at her desk in a heap. It wasn’t quite the show and tell she had hoped for! (Don’t worry, she’s adept at putting herself back together!) Morty, unlike Zombelina, is scared spitless to do his show and tell, but Zombelina encourages him – after all his couldn’t go any worse than hers! Ha! Pretty soon, Zombelina and her classmates discover that Morty and his interests (ie: bugs!) aren’t so scary. And people are asking Zombelina to show her how to dance (it was great before she fell apart!). That gives Zombelina the great idea to have a dance party at her house, where they can all dance together! And guess what? They all have a blast and they all become better friends than before and they all realize that even though they’re all different, they can still all be friends! This story is really cute and the illustrations are grand! Kristyn has actually written eight books and two others are about Zombelina! Molly has illustrated nine books – I love seeing how each illustrator has their own style!

Next up is “Seven Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if you Want to Survive the Cafeteria.” Phew! That’s a mouthful! But so is eating at the cafeteria! This book is written by John Grandits, who has four other books under his belt! Kyle happens to be a student who’s Mom *always* sends lunch with him. He has never, ever bought his lunch at the cafeteria! But today, he has to get his lunch at the cafeteria and his friend Ginny, who’s astounded at this bit of news, proceeds to inform him of the seven rules that he must follow! And can you guess what happens when he arrives at the cafeteria? Uh huh, he proceeds to break every rule! He holds up the line, he takes too many things, he forget to pay, and so on! It’s comical too, as Kyle has been reading this book on Bugs – and as he sees all these “scary” people in the line, he imagines them as bugs! Whether’s it’s the bully on the bus or the lunch lady or the big kids! Not surprisingly, Kyle survives his visit to the cafeteria, even though he breaks every single rule – so he informs Ginny that his new rule for the cafeteria is “Never, absolutely NEVER, pay attention to Ginny’s list of Seven Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if You Want to Survive the Cafeteria. Enjoy your lunch. The food is very good.” Sometimes things aren’t so scary as we might think they will be! The illustrations for this book were done by Michael Allen Austin and wowsers, he’s an amazing illustrator! I’ve included my favourite illustration from the book – it’s it great!?

The last book is called, “School’s First Day of School” and is written by Adam Rex and illustrated by Christian Robinson. I love this book! A new school has been built and he’s not at all sure that the kids that will be coming to learn within his walls will like him! In fact, he’s quite worried about this! He likes his name “Frederick Douglass Elementary.” He likes it when Janitor comes to clean him up before school starts. But when he finds out that children are coming, he gets quite concerned, especially when he finds out that Janitor won’t be there all day! Some of the older kids don’t like school and their “This place stinks” comments makes School sag in disappointment. And then there’s the little girl who doesn’t want to go in the school and her mother has to carry her in. School is really quite worried that he must be awful! He even accidentally squirts a boy in the face with his water fountain! And then his fire alarm goes off and all the kids have to go outside! Oh my, what an awful school he must be!? But the school learns that there are kids that are just as worried about school as he is about them! And he learns about shapes and letters. And, in the end, he asks Janitor to invite everyone back tomorrow! And Janitor reminds him that he’s lucky because he gets to be a school and School decides he’s likely right! I can’t wait to drop this book off to our Kindergarten teacher – I think it would be such a fun ice-breaker book for the first day of Kindergarten! After all, we’re all a little worried on our first day, aren’t we!?  Once again, I love how each book is so different when it comes to the illustrations and yet each book and its illustrations go together so well!


Raincoast Books is going to help us all celebrate the Back to School season by offering up one of these books to one of our lucky readers! These three are all keepers – so good luck choosing! I like them all for different reasons, but they’re all fabulous! Please remind Raincoast how much we appreciate them by heading to Facebook and giving them a like, if you haven’t already done so. And then use the entry form below to enter the contest, which is open to Canadians only, please. Contest ends September 8, 2017.

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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    I would gift this to my granddaughter who is all excited for going back to school!!

  2. I would like to share this to my grandson that starts school this autumn.

  3. My brother for him and his wife to read to my niece 🙂

  4. I would give School’s First Day of School to my granddaughter.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This book would be for one of my grandchildren, time enough to decide if I’m lucky enough to win eh?

  6. I would give this book to my son who loves to read.

  7. kathy downey says:

    I would love to give this book to my granddaughter!

  8. I would give this to my neice

  9. I would give this book to my little guys.

  10. I would give this book to my granddaughter.

  11. Jennifer P. says:

    I would you give this book to my daughters to share.

  12. I’d love it for my kids.

  13. I’d pick School’s First Day of School for my son because he is starting grade one.

  14. I would give this book to my little man, he needs to read more these days!

  15. I would give this book to my son.

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