Scholastic Monday ~ Sew Mini Animals

It’s no secret in our home that there is one of us who loves animals more than the anyone else. It doesn’t even matter what kind of animal…any stuffed animal and any real animal (perhaps with a few exceptions such as wasps! *wink*) This is our middle daughter…and we love that she loves animals so much!

Now…as a mom, I always strive to teach our kids as many life skills as I can and the key often is to get them to learn and practice these skills in a fun way! Klutz has a TON of great options for both having fun and learning new skills and the Sew Mini Animals Klutz kit is just perfect for our animal lovin’ daughter. This kit gives her the opportunity to learn to stitch, sew and stuff more than 12 of her own little Animal Plushies to play with and add to her stuffed animal collection!

The kit is geared for ages 8-12 and is easy to follow with the very clear instructions in the included instruction book. The mini plushies are made from felt, so they are quite easy to sew and put together. The best part is that after the projects are done, you can see the how proud they are of being able to create their very own little mini stuffed animals. Sew Mini Animals is a great kit that ties together learning and fun in a very real way!

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  1. kathy downey says:

    My granddaughter would love this book,she enjoys making things!

  2. kristen visser says:

    Such a great thing for kids! who doesn’t love stuffed animals and the fact that you can create your own makes it super special

  3. These are just super cute.

  4. What a lovely book – It would be so fun to make these little cute creatures then play with them!

  5. a project to share with my kiddo!

  6. I remember being so proud of myself for making small craft items when I was young. I know children will enjoy it.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m sure that kids would enjoy making these, I loved doing this sort of thing as a child.

  8. Such an amazing book for crafty hands!

  9. Jamie hall says:

    This book looks great for little crafters

  10. These are all so adorable — especially the fox.

  11. What a fun book and perfect for the age group.

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m just wondering if my granddaughter who’s 9 years old would be interested in this.

  13. These are super cute to make

  14. kathy downey says:

    I think my kids would have fun with this

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