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Once upon a time I used to use the regular cleaners that line store shelves. You know, those ones that may work well but smell really strongly and the ones that you need to lock up so your kids don’t touch them. But then I started being more conscious of what was in my house and I switched to cleaning mainly with vinegar and lemon oil. I find it really cleans just as well for the most part and the lemon makes things smell fresh!

There’s just a small problem with this solution……it doesn’t work so well in the kitchen, or on fruit and veggies, or on hands….. you get the idea! So when I discovered ALLORGANIC®, I was eager to try out their products! First off, they’re Canadian – #MadeInCanada! Secondly, all their products are 95% or more organic, they’re non-GMO, they have no synthetic solvents, preservatives, dyes, perfumes, parabens, or sulphates. They’re safe for septic and graywater systems – when you live in the country and have a septic system you start watching labels for “septic safe”! I like the fact that, because their ingredients are safe, they’re 100% transparent in their ingredient listings.

So now that you know that these products are safe to have in our homes, you’re likely wondering just what all they have to offer, right? There are seven different products. Since I wanted to give these products a good try, I lined quite a few of them up on my kitchen counter! After all, that’s one place I frequent! The first product is Hand Soap. I’ve always liked foaming hand soaps, partly because I find every other squirt bottle squirts out way too much soap! I find this hand soap to be really nice – it doesn’t dry my hands out – it’s more fun because it foams (haha! I can still be a kid at heart, right!?) – and it’s scent is muted so doesn’t bother me!Next, they have dish soap. Once again – it’s foaming! Now that’s a first! Now their directions for use are a bit different because of this fact. It’s recommended that you don’t dilute the soap – in other words – no filling the sink and adding the soap! Instead, put the soap right onto whatever you are washing (or your sponge/cloth) and wash it directly. I actually find I really like this dish soap for items that I am washing immediately. For example, cutting boards. I like to wash them right after using them, but there’s not much point to putting a bunch of water in the sink – so this dish soap works great because I can just squirt it on my cloth, then clean the board! If you do put this soap into the water instead, I’ve found that it kind of disappears and you lose the lather. So, case in point, follow the directions! The soap works well, however, and I like that its base is sunflower and olive oil!

I’ve never used a Fruit and Veggie Wash before so I was really interested in trying this product! Goodness knows, I’m quite keen to wash off whatever might be on our produce and fruit! (Oh for my own home-grown garden produce – need to get a plot ready!) One of the ingredients in this product is soapberry – something you might have heard of for use in your laundry! In this case, you can spray it on your food items, rub vigorously, then rinse well. I have also soaked items like grapes, that are hard to scrub, for a minute in water and the wash, then rinsed them really well. The squirt bottle works well for applying the wash and I’m really liking having a proper wash around!

The last one on my kitchen counter is the Bottle Wash.  This particular wash was created for washing items like baby bottles, dishes, utensils, and breast pump accessories. What’s different out about it? It’s specifically formulated to *not* leave any residue behind! Again, it’s base is made from sunflower and olive oil, however, as odd as it seems with oil in its base, I can attest to the lack of residue feature! Now, I don’t have baby bottles around anymore, however I am a frequent user of mason jars for our water kefir that I always have on the go! I am *loving* using this bottle wash (it’s a foaming soap again!) as I can squirt once or twice directly into the jar, pop the lid on and shake it clean! Often I have several jars to clean at a time so I will reuse the soap, pouring it from one jar to the next as I clean them. It does a great job of cleaning the jars and rinses off squeaky clean!

Next up we have the Glass and Surface Cleaner. Hmmm, I always seem to have dirty windows! There are little fingerprints frequently adorning our living room window! I say adorn because I’ve learned to just love the fingerprints instead of getting frustrated by them! With this cleaner, you can either spray it directly on the surface or moisten your cloth and then clean from there. My favourite part of this cleaner is that it’s not streaky – at all! So often when doing windows, if you don’t get it wiped up right away and it starts to dry, you’ll end up with streaks. But I find this one, when used with a good cloth, doesn’t leave streaks at all! Just don’t use this one on concrete, granite or marble.

Then there’s the Gear Cleaner. This product was created for the safe and effective cleaning of plastic, metal, cloth, and any hard surface. In particular, it was created for cleaning your kid’s gear! It has no yucky ingredients in it so you don’t need to worry about any bit of the cleaning solution being left behind! It’s not recommended for porous surfaces, so be sure to stick to the solid surfaces. You know, like all those toys you want to wipe down once in awhile. Or for those shin pads that get a little dirty by the time you’re two weeks into soccer season! Or clean up that bike helmet! Goodness knows, most parents could probably go through a bottle of Gear Cleaner in pretty short order!

The last item that was sent my way is their Laundry Detergent! The timing was impeccable because I was on my last few loads of the other detergent I had been using. The first thing I noticed about this detergent is that, while the bottle may not be huge (946 mL or 39 HE loads), it comes with a squirt bottle top! It’s recommended that you use 3 pumps for a regular sized HE load. I’m loving the squirt bottle – no more dribbles of soap running off the cap, no more gooped up cap! And it’s so simple to use! The scent is very light – and is created using three essential oils – lavender, rosemary and sage. And guess what? This detergent works well! I haven’t noticed any change in the cleanliness of the clothes coming out of the washing machine and I’m using quite a lot less soap! That’s a win in my books! You can also use this liquid as a pre-treatment for stains. My daughter got some tomato sauce on a white shirt and I used this as a pre-treatment and it got the majority of the stain out! I followed it up with a light bleach soak and I’m proud to say that her shirt is as white as it ever was! (Proud because I’m terrible at getting stains out!!) And you know what, when you combine a detergent that works with a detergent that’s also organic, non-GMO, has no yucky ingredients AND that you need less of, and you have a definite winner!!

I’m pleased to say that I would be happy to keep these products on my counter indefinitely! They work well, they’re real, they’re gently scented and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients! Oh, and I also like how they’re colour coded!  That way I know when I grab a squirt from the blue bottle on my counter, it’s bottle wash, while the green one is Dish Soap!  Head over to the ALLORGANIC® website to learn more! Want to pick some up for yourself? You can head to their Where to Buy page and find a retail store near you. My favourite online store, carries their full line of products. Keep up with the latest on Facebook and Twitter.


Two lucky winners are going to win their choice of four products! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadians only. Contest ends September 19, 2017.

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  1. Alison Braidwood says:

    The Lavender Rosemary & Sage scented laundry detergent sounds fab. I’d have to decide between wearing my clothes, and eating them :0

  2. kathy downey says:

    I would love to try the Hand Soap.

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    I would love to try the Glass and Surface Cleaner first.

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    I would love to try the ALLORGANIC FRUIT & VEGGIE WASH, sounds great!

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    I like that is has a light scent made from lavender, rosemary and sage. WOW
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