Conair Titanium 390 Haircutting & Grooming Kit!

Shortly after I got married, I learned how to cut my husband’s hair. I grew up with my Dad cutting my brothers’ hair and my husband grew up with his Mom cutting his Dad’s hair, so home haircuts really were the norm for us! And given that haircuts can be a pricey event, it seemed only natural to step up to the plate and learn to cut hair! Over the years we’ve had several different clippers and in recent days, our current clipper was needing replacement! I really like having cordless clippers, however, there has been a time or two when a haircut wasn’t *quite* done when the clippers died! Gak! So for my next set of clippers, I was really looking for a corded / cordless set so that if they did happen to die before the end of the haircut (ahem, usually caused by someone forgetting to plug them prior to the haircut!), that I could plug them in and complete the haircut!

Enter Conair. Conair has a multitude of clippers! Or at least it sure seems like it! They have corded ones. Cordless ones. Corded / cordless ones. Yes! Just what I was looking for! However, all the previous clippers had an adjustable guard that slid up and down, depending on the length of hair you wanted. Conair doesn’t have one like that in the corded / cordless option, so I chose the Titanium 390. This clipper comes in a nice box, with 2 interchangeable heads, 10 attachment combs, three combs, a blade guard, barber cape, neck brush, scissors, cleaning brush and lubricating oil! Phew, did you get all that!? Needless to say, this haircutting rookie has yet to use quite a few of the pieces! We’ve also had to do a bit of experimenting to discover just which combs matched up to the numbers we used on the old adjustable guard. Let’s just say my husband’s first hair cut wasn’t near as short as he normally gets because he was worried I’d take too much off! Haha!

When I cut my son’s hair for the first time, I used the old clipper (which only lasts about 5 minutes before the battery is dead again!) to make a swath up the back of his head, then matched it to the appropriate comb. By starting with a longer comb, then going to shorter ones, I avoided cutting his hair too short, yet was able to make the comparison! Much less stress that way! Ha! Though he wouldn’t have cared so much if his had ended up as a buzz cut.

So, what do I like about these clippers? Given that I was looking for a corded / cordless option, I really, really like this set of clippers for that functionality! Even if someday the battery starts going in it, we can still use it plugged in and get a bit more life out of it! I don’t mind the change to the attachment combs, rather than the adjustable guard, as it sometimes got clogged with hair when doing the initial cutting, so you had to adjust it further out, pull the hair out, then put it back to where you were. I also appreciate all the extras this kit came with! My son gets very itchy when the little hairs land on his neck, so the cape will come in handy.

I do have a couple disappointments with this set of clippers, however. First, no matter how slow I go with the clippers, they just simply do not cut the quantity of hair that I’m used to. Normally, I’d only have to go over an area 2-3 times in order to make sure all the hair is cut and all the stray hairs have been caught. With this clipper, I’m finding I have to go over the same area about 8 times! This makes for a longer hair cut time, which my son isn’t overly impressed with! The second thing I’m not a fan of is the clips that hold the combs in place stick out when not in use. Thus, when I’m clipping the hair around the ears, without a comb in place, I have to be really careful not to jab the guys with those little clips. Lastly, this clipper has a turbo button, which works great for the initial cuts when there’s lots of hair to be cut. However, it has to be held in the whole time, and its location makes it awkward to hold while cutting hair!

What’s my overall view of these clippers? Honestly, the jury is still out. While I really like having the corded/cordless option, the downsides right now are outweighing the positives. Previously, I was able to cut my son’s hair in about 8-10 minutes. Now that I have to go over the same places 4x as many times, his haircut now takes about 15 minutes. When I cut his hair, I didn’t use two combs so that he’d have it a bit longer on the top than on the sides, so while that saved time, it doesn’t look as nice either. I’m hoping that as I get more used to these clippers that things will go speedier again. And yes, I did oil the clippers! Oiling clippers is very necessary! In any case, we’ll keep using these clippers for now!

Conair has lots of other options for products – some for her, and some for him. And still others for the family. They have a couple unique products I’d love to try someday – like the Deep Tissue Foot Massager. It sounds lovely! Most of us simply do not take care of our feet like we should, considering how much time we spend on them. The Sky Light with Sound Therapy would be handy as well – since our kids use fans for white noise most of the time in their room. Since Daddy gets up early and is out of the house by 6, it’s preferable if the little ones don’t wake up!

Head over to Conair’s webpage to check out all their products! You can also check out all their social media, like Facebook, Instagram, PinterestTwitter, and YouTube!  Thanks Conair for sharing one of your products with my family!

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  1. Conair has a lot of awesome products the sky light with sound looks awesome

  2. Thanks for your review! I’d love to learn to clip my child’s hair.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I used to cut all my children’s hair, both boys and girls and without clippers too. Now that there are clippers on the market I find there is a massive difference in how good they cut. I still cut one of my sons’ hair from time to time but with clippers now – luckily he’s decided to grow it long so that he can donate it.

  4. I cut my husbands hair, saves just that little bit. Conair makes great products.

  5. Hubby clips our boys hair! In need of new clippers too, I’ll have to suggest Conair to him!

  6. We have always purchased Conair products and my son uses the hair clipper.

  7. I like Conair, every year their products amaze us for sure!

  8. Yep we now own one! Hubby was impressed!

  9. Darlene Demell says:

    Conair has great products. I am a hairstylist and always cut my husband’s and son’s hair as well as a few other people. These clippers would be great.

  10. kathy downey says:

    I have been using Conair products for years,good quality

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