Live Clean – Fall Beauty Giveaway!

I think we can all admit fall is here. The leaves are turning colour, the evenings are cooler, the frost warnings have started, and the combines are churning out the grain! This also means that the humidity is falling and, for some of us, our skin is going to start drying out! Live Clean to the rescue!

Our friends over at Live Clean have put together a Fall Beauty gift package! It consists of six of their products for all your moisturizing, cleansing and exfoliating needs! The first two products are the Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Argan Oil Restorative Conditioner. These are still my favourite amongst all the shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried. That could possibly be because it’s my favourite scent. But I also like the way my hair feels after. I only wash my hair a couple times per week and I don’t struggle with my hair getting excessively greasy in between times!

The next product is another of our favourites, especially for my two little girls. It’s the Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner Spray. Why do we love this so much? Well, we use it as a detangler! And it works wondrously! My eldest daughter has hair that reaches to the bottom of her bottom now and so it’s pretty long. Her favourite hairstyle is a braid, which helps prevent too many tangles, but there are times when it’s just in a ponytail and that means extra knots to get out. This spray is so handy and works so well and then leaves a lovely scent in their hair that I get to enjoy every time I get my hugs. And even though we use this almost every day, it doesn’t make their hair extra greasy either!

I know I’ve told you how much I love the Live Clean lotions, and their Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Lotion is no exception! I’ve always loved the coconut scent so it’s no hardship to use this lotion! In fact, I just finished up an Argan Oil one, so this one got popped in its place! I really like the subtle scent as I never feel overwhelmed by any of the Live Clean scents! And, more importantly, it works! I’m a fan of lotions that rub in quickly, yet feel like they’ve done the job. I’m not a fan if I have to rub them in for 10 minutes before I feel like I could safely drive a vehicle, if you know what I mean!

Next up is the Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub. Methinks I need to add this one to my morning routine! Have I told how you slack I am in any type of facial routine? Uh huh, I kind of can’t stay committed to anything other than a quick face wash (I don’t wear make up, so there’s no need for make up removers and such). However, this is described as a gentle yet incredibly effective facial scrub. It removes impurities and surface dullness to reveal….get this…..soft, even-toned and luminous complexions! I’m not sure my skin would know what that is! I better get using it, think it would help my way-too-early-to-be-on-my-face age spots!? In any case, it’s gentle, can’t hurt!

The last package in the Fall Beauty kit is the Fresh Face Nourishing Night Cream. I keep this on my night stand and I try to remember to put it on – but again – I forget easily! I do love how creamy and smooth it is – and its purpose is to restore and rejuvenate our skin while we sleep! Just think, no work from me! And it has orchid extract in it – how could it not make us more beautiful!?

Keep in mind, all of these products come with the promise that all Live Clean products do: Minimum 96% plant and natural derived, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, SLS free, DEA Free, petrolatum free, silicone free, mineral oil free, paraben free, phthalate free, phosphate free, dye free, with essential oils, never tested on animals, package recyclable, and contains biodegradable ingredients. In other words, they’re safe for you, for me and for our kids! Follow Live Clean on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest!


One very lucky winner is going to be basking all winter with these products at their fingertips! All six products are included in this giveaway and they’re such lovely products! Please use the entry form below, open to Canadian’s only, please. Contest closes October 13, 2017.

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  1. I love Live Clean Kids’ foaming hand soap

  2. I love trying new products, so some fall picks would be awesome.

  3. Great products! I love the facial scrub!

  4. I would love some fall beauty picks! We use a lot of Live Clean products in our home. I love the Sweet Pea hand soap and the shampoos and conditioners. My kids love the Baby and Kids lines. 🙂

  5. I like the Fresh Face foaming daily cleanser

  6. Some fall picks would be awesome; with the changing leaves comes skin changes bit drier.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Fall beauty picks, not too sure what you mean by that. I’m a soap and water sort of person but I do use a moisturiser sometimes as my skin dries out, especially during our harsh winters.

  8. Florence Cochrane says:

    I love the products. My favorite would be the Live Clean Fresh Face moisturizer.

  9. Florence Cochrane says:

    I would love some Fall beauty picks and Live Clean has some of my favorite ones.

  10. I would love some fall beauty picks! I’ve got my eye on the coconut milk body lotion.

  11. kathy downey says:

    I love the the hand soap !

  12. kathy downey says:

    Yes i could certainly use some fall beauty picks.

  13. I was just thinking of trying Live Clean shampoos and conditioners, so yes I need the picks!

  14. I really like Coconut milk moisturizing body wash.

  15. I’d like some fall beauty picks for my sensitive skin.

  16. Holly MacRitchie says:

    I love the Coconut Milk Body Lotion! It smells amazing!

  17. Holly MacRitchie says:

    I need fall beauty picks!!!

  18. I love the foaming hand soap! Like the new look of their website!

  19. I would love some fall beauty picks! My favorite would be the Live Clean Fresh Face moisturizer.

  20. Sure, why not.


  22. I’d love some fall beauty picks. The first day of fall isn’t even done and already my face is dry

  23. Debbie White Beattie says:

    My favorite product is the Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Wash

  24. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I would love to see some fall beauty picks

  25. Yes I’m in need of some fall beauty picks. Thanks for the chance!

  26. I love the VANILLA OATMEAL SOOTHING BODY WASH, love the smell and how it leaves my skin feeling.

  27. Definitely would love some Fall Beauty Picks, changing season time to change up the products!

  28. My favorite product is the SPA THERAPY SOOTHING DEAD SEA SALTS.

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  31. kristen visser says:

    I could totally use some fall beauty picks! a woman can never have enough 🙂

  32. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I would absolutely love some fall beauty picks, I just love Live Clean products

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    Love the Fresh Face line.

  34. Karla Sceviour says:

    oh,yes,I do need some fall picks!

  35. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I definitely need the Live Clean Fall Line Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub & Night cream.

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    I love Live Clean products. I need more shampoo product as I sm running out.

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    I love these products, but haven’t been able to find the night cream at my local stores (I don’t live in a big city)

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    Re fall beauty picks, I do need some new lipsticks. I want to try different colours than usual, but won’t/can’t wear orangey reds, or anything too dark.

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  53. LILLIAN BROWN says:


  54. LILLIAN BROWN says:

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