Go Vertical with Strictly Bricks ~ GIVEAWAY!

Have you ever seen a purple & pink Cafe? Or a “J” Flower? Or, what about a 13 story parking garage with an extra wing on the 12 floor for the largest car in your collection? Well, if you haven’t, you are about to! 😉 We’ve been busy creating all kinds of unique creations, ones that have never been seen before, and might never been seen again. We’ve been building things horizontally and vertically. We’ve been using our imaginations and our creativity and it’s all because of the arrival of a big box of Strictly Briks!

Strictly Briks are a brand of construction toys that do more than simply entertain. They are a toy that is all about open-ended play. They give your child the chance to think, create, imagine and build in new and exciting ways. Thus far, our favorite way to build is UP – that is, vertically! Strictly Briks makes  almost 400 different sets and colors so there is a lot to choose from. However, some of the most unique parts of their building sets are the base plates and stackable pieces. The base plates are designed to be stacked and combined with your existing bricks (Pssst….they work with other brands of building bricks too!) and the stackables are just the kind of brick you need to make stacking the base plates easy and do-able – even for little hands!

In addition to building fabulous, high, touch-the-sky stackable towers there’s also the ability to use Strictly Briks’ silicone flexible building straps. These are great for building bridges, ramps, and all kinds of exciting things like roller coasters or playgrounds! We haven’t tried these, but the certainly look like a lot of fun and would add the ability for kids to be even more creative.

Our family has been enjoying the Unique Shape Towers set which comes with everything you need to start stacking! You’ve got a colorful set of circles, triangles, half circles and squares along with a bunch of stackables. These unusual shapes are a lot of fun. From triangle parking garages to a special flower with her letter in the center of it.

The 1000 Piece Deluxe Brik Set also was a a great way to open up limitless building possibilities. The kids were busy adding their own personal touches to their creations with these extra bricks. As you can see below, there is a beautiful cafe ready to serve anyone who may enter its doors. And beside it you’ll even see a swimming pool! Now that sounds like a cafe that I would like to visit…how about you? 😉

Strictly Briks makes a wonderful, STEM based, open-ended play gift idea that is affordable and fun! I’m sure there will be many more hours of building and creating going on inside our home in the days, weeks and months to come….thanks to Strictly Briks!


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Strictly Briks is available at strictlybriks.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. 


It’s time for YOU to get building too! One of our readers is going to win the Unique Shape Towers. In order to enter please follow the instructions on the form below. Open to Canada & USA only. Contest ends November 11, 2017.

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  1. I do consider construction toys educations as they help with spatial recognition and building.

  2. Yes, Construction toys can be educational. They help build math skills, thinking skills, problem solving and hand-Eye Coordination and Dexterity.

  3. Yes,I think they are educational

  4. construction toys are absolutely educational! So much to benefit from being creative and using imagination! I try and have a variety of toys for constructing, whether indoors or outdoors!

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    Yes I consider them very much educational, they teach the kids eye/hand coordination, building and so much more!

  6. kristen visser says:

    Very much so! They help with fine motor skills and help them to use their imagination

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    Yep, I surely do consider construction toys educational!

  8. Judy Cowan says:

    Yes I do because they encourage creativity, imagination and help with motor skills.

  9. Yes I do consider construction toys educational as they learn to build and keep a building from collapsing.

  10. kathy downey says:

    Yes,i consider construction toys educational and the instruction booklets that come with them are great my grandkids are so good at reading them and following directions.

  11. lynn clayton says:

    i do helps with reasoning skills how to follow instructions so yes i do

  12. wendy Hutton says:

    yes they are very educational it teaches great motor skills as well as cognitive skills

  13. Andrea Amy says:

    Yes, they are very educational. Great for both the mind and the hands, not to mention the imagination.

  14. Yes, of course. They are top on our list of educational toys.

  15. Yes because they encourage creativity and dexterity.

  16. I definitely think construction toys are educational

  17. construction toys of any type are very educational

  18. Construction toys are definitely educational They exercise the brain–engendering skills of creativity and innovation!

  19. Yes I consider them educational as they encourage creativity and develop coordination.

  20. Yes I do! Kids have to use their little minds to figure out how everything is going to fit together. Then their imagination to figure out what to make.

  21. Definitely, construction toys are education in our family as we play together and learn spatial awareness and building strategies!

  22. Kristi R. says:

    Of course! And they’re a great way to pull kids away from video games!

  23. Jennifer P. says:

    Yes, I absolutely consider construction toys as educational! My daughters will build for hours, and I see all kinds of learning happening – from basics such as sorting colours, to complex spatial awareness. Math, fine motor skills, co-operation, creativity etc. So much learning potential!

  24. I think construction toys are definitely educational. It teaches hand eye coordination

  25. Of course! They use a child’s imagination for creation!

  26. Construction toys are educational for my son. He gets creative with them.

  27. as an early childhood educator construction/building toys are essential to learning.

  28. yes i do, it helps children use their imaginations as well as some math skills

  29. I definitely do. They encourage imagination, creativity, problem solving and motor skilld.

  30. SweetPanda says:

    I do consider construction toys as educational

  31. I do consider construction toys educationnal, they help with fine mother skill and they use their imaginations!

  32. Wendy Jensen says:

    I definitely consider construction toys as educational as it helps develop how to put things together.

  33. ERIN MCSWEENEY says:


  34. Darlene Owen says:

    I do consider these educational toys.

  35. Marina M. says:

    Yes, I think construction games are the most educational toys.

  36. Gillian Morgan says:

    I do consider them to be educational.

  37. Vicki Wurgler says:

    yes I do boys and girls use their imagination to build

  38. Erika Letson says:

    I definitely consider them educational. I’m all for any toys that encourage open-ended play!

  39. I consider construction toys as educational as they teach balance, symmetry & structure.

  40. I consider construction toys educational because they teach planning, spatial relationships and creativity.

  41. I consider construction toys educational because it encourages analytical thinking and spatial recognition.

  42. Julie bolduc says:

    I definitely think construction toys are educational

  43. I do consider construction toys educational. They teach motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

  44. Yes I do, because they encourage you to think and be creative.

  45. Rosanne Robinson says:

    Yes, I do consider construction toys as educational because they enhance an child’s imagination.

  46. Yes as they encourage creativity and problem solving.

  47. Yes I construction toys as educational

  48. Construction toys are very educational…They foster eye-hand coordination, creativity, independent thinking etc..

  49. Kelley moore says:

    I think it makes a child think of ways to create something to use thier creativity

  50. Darci Paice says:

    Yes, I definitely would put construction toys as educational, learning about the laws of physics while playing!

  51. Yes of course they are educational, they build visuoconstructive and planning skills!

  52. Debbie Kennedy says:

    Yes they are definitely educational!

  53. Christine D says:

    Absolutely hands on is really important for motor skills

  54. Tammy Dalley says:

    I do consider them educational toys!

  55. Yes, I do consider construction toys as educational!

  56. Sandra McG says:

    I consider construction toys very educational….no is no end to the possibilities!

  57. Yes I do, I think they are awesome to build imagination as well as fine motor skills!

  58. Shannon F says:

    I consider any type of play as educational. Play is SO important for a growing child. Blocks help with their imagination, their fine motor skills… and so much more.

  59. yes, I do believe they are very educational!

  60. Monique L.S. says:

    Construction toys are definitely educational – anything that allows children to be creative and building things is great.

  61. Juliee Fitze says:

    Yes I do , they are great eye and hand control pus they get their imagination going.

  62. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I do consider them to be educational.

  63. I think construction toys are absolutely educational and so much fun!

  64. yes, I do

  65. Yes! They involve engineering, design, architecture and fun!

  66. Of course! Construction toys allow for creativity and exploration!

  67. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    Yes, I do. They really help with creativity.

  68. Amanda Fontaine says:

    Yes, absolutely. Construction toys allow a child to use their imagination to build, figure out how things work. It helps with their fine motor skills as well when it comes to building. They’re also learning the parts and machines that they may be using.

    Yes, it is absolutely educational.

  69. Jessica eapen says:

    Of course I think construction toys are educational; there may be a budding engineer!

  70. kristy edgington says:

    yes great for motor skills and can be useful in math!

  71. Kari Barone says:

    Yes, I consider construction toys educational as they teach fine motor skills and Mathematics.

  72. I don’t know if I consider construction toys educational as much as I think they unlock the imagination. Having a good imagination opens up…thinking function I guess you might say? This leads to new inventions being created & better products. Hope that made sense…hard to type & play with lego at the same time.

  73. I have a 12 year old son who loves learning about bridges and wants to be an engineer. He uses construction toys to build bridges and loves to figure out different ways to support his bridges so I would say they do have an educational component to them.

  74. Tara Gauthier says:

    Construction toys are definitely educational, encouraging creativity and problems solving. Building with bricks is my daughter’s go to pastime!

  75. Louise Smith says:

    Construction Toys are good for hand-eye coordination and imagination so yes they are educational.

  76. I definitely consider construction toys as educational.

  77. amy stonger says:

    Construction toys are most definitely educational. They help with things such as hand eye coordination, small motor skills, following directions, and cause and effect.

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