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Let’s face it. I’m what some people call a “crunchy” mom. I love natural stuff, home remedies and anything that is safe for our family to use with as few (or no!) side effects as possible. One thing that I’ve been learning about and using for the past years are essential oils. I’m so glad that my mom decided to introduce me to them a few years back and that she got me started on my “essential oil journey!” They are amazing and I have enjoyed using them in many, many situations with a high rate of success.

Now….I have to tell you a story. Two summer back we went camping and one of our kids accidentally burned their little hand on a hot Weiner roasting stick. Ouch!  I still remember that burn and how it blistered and looked so painful…and how that child learned the definition of “hot” very well that summer! 😉 However, as we were camping out there in the woods, I had not thought ahead and had not brought any of my oils or home remedies along that I could use on a burn. Oh, how I wished I had brought along at least my lavender oil!

Well, this past summer, you can be sure that my oils came along camping with us. They came along in a box that was a bit too bulky and didn’t keep the oils neatly placed…but at least they were along. However, for our next camping trip or longer time away from home, I’m thrilled to say that we have an essential oil carry case from Taryn’s Cloth Creations that is going to make taking oils along SO much easier.

Taryn’s Cloth Creations has an amazing selection of handmade, high quality 100% cotton essential oil carry cases. They each have a unique, handmade Vanessa’s Clay Adventures polymer clay button closure on the handle (I love the ‘style’ this adds to the bag!) and can hold either 6 or 12 essential oil bottles depending on the size of case you purchase. Each case also includes a lift out padded insert that holds your bottles safely and securely. 

Essential Oil Carry Cases would make a great gift idea for oil lover in your family this year! They are practical, high quality, stylish and fun!

There are plenty of other wonderful, handmade products to check out at Taryn’s Cloth Creations as well so be sure to check out her online storeetsy store and facebook page to see what other goodies she has to offer you this holiday season!


Taryn’s Cloth Creations is giving one of our readers an Essential Oil Mini Carry Case (for 6 oils)! In order to enter please follow the instructions on the form below. Open to Canada & USA only. Contest ends November 23, 2017.

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