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A little while ago I got to tell you about Outset Media and two games we received from them! We have been having great fun playing the games!  However, that wasn’t all we received! We also were introduced to four of their puzzles. I grew up a family that did puzzles all winter long, so I was quite eager to try these. I’m thrilled that my kids enjoy puzzles, though I’m not so thrilled about the puzzles pieces that somehow go missing!? I’m not sure who eats them but somehow they disappear.

The first puzzle we checked out was the Winter Barnyard family puzzle. I have never seen a puzzle like this and it completely intrigued me! Now, it only has 350 pieces, *but* it has THREE sizes of pieces! How cool is that!? Our kids thought this was a very cool puzzle – especially our youngest who would often get a little more left out with this size of puzzle! I’ve included two pictures to try to show you how it works with the different sizes. I thought that perhaps the pieces would all be interspersed through out the puzzle. However, if you look close, the large pieces are mostly all on the left, the medium sized pieces are mostly in the middle and the small pieces are mostly to the right. It’s a neat way of doing it, because then the youngest children can work on the left side of the puzzle and the adults can work on the right side! Naturally, the kids also loved the topic of the puzzle and enjoyed finding the different pieces that made up the animals! If you’d like to take a look at these puzzles, they actually have two options – 350 piece puzzles and 400 piece puzzles. I believe there is a total of 25 different puzzles to choose from. I could definitely see another one landing on our puzzle table!

Next up is one a 1000 piece Granny Square puzzle. Now, this one we haven’t actually managed to do yet. However, it’s a super fun looking puzzle made up of pictures of 35 crocheted granny squares! Let’s just say, this one has NO interminable sky areas, NO never-ending grass areas and while some of the granny squares have similar colours, I’m thinking it’s not going too difficult to find the spot where the piece goes!

My favourite puzzle is called Building the Eiffel Tower. This puzzle is a cartoon – and it’s quite cute! I thought maybe our kids would get into this one a bit more but they found it a bit too overwhelming given that it is a 1000 piece puzzle! However, it’s a really neat puzzle that reminds me a bit of a “Where’s Waldo” picture – there is so much to look at and so many things going on! It was super fun putting all the people together and my hubby enjoyed doing the biplanes and zeppelins!

The last puzzle we received was the one our kids looked forward to the most. It’s the Create Your Own Floor Puzzle, consisting of 36 pieces, which assembles to be 2′ x 3′. Our kids could NOT wait until they could put it together and then colour it! My son even got out the measuring tape and drew a line at 1′ and another at 2′ so that they each got a third of the puzzle! And then came the discussion about what could and couldn’t be drawn! You know, the whole “no, you can’t draw a sun because I’ve already drawn a sun and we can’t have two suns in the picture!” Here’s what they came up with. Now maybe they should make it upside down and drawn something on the backside! That ought to make for more fun the next time they attempt to put it together!

We had loads of fun with these puzzles. The only con I have to tell you is that I was a wee bit disappointed with how well the puzzles held together. Keep in mind, I’ve done a lot of puzzles in my years and we were kind of puzzle connoisseurs, knowing which brands were better than others. I remember some puzzles that we could pretty much pick up without them falling apart. I’m wondering if perhaps the biggest difference is that most of today’s puzzles are quite a bit thinner? However, these puzzles were still a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of the family puzzle. Outset Media has loads of options of puzzles – I think you could find just about anything you want to do a puzzle on – from doughnuts to tomatoes, from green to purple, and from Adirondack Birds to Classic Archie.

Do head over to Facebook to give Outset Media a like. You can also follow them on Twitter. If you find a puzzle you can’t live without, they have a Locate a Retailer page so that you can find a store near you. Most of their puzzles are priced at $19.99, but the Create Your Own Floor Puzzle is $16.99. Thanks to Outset Media for sharing their products with us!

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  1. Doing puzzles with our kids is time well spent.

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    I would be fun to try and do a puzzle again, it’s been so long since I have done any puzzles!

  3. I do love a good puzzle! I really like that Granny Square Puzzle!

  4. I just learned about Cobble Hill puzzles and the pictures they have are amazing. Love the looks of their puzzles and have some chosen to order for Christmas.

  5. kathy downey says:

    We do puzzles all winter here the kids love it !

  6. Creating one’s own puzzle would be super fun; a unique activity!

  7. I love puzzles, I also grew up doing puzzles all winter long. These look like great puzzles and create your own would be lots of fun.

  8. These are pretty puzzles. We’d have fun doing them.

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I did a ton of puzzles when I was younger, my brother was the master puzzler though, he did two or three of the massive ones 18,000 pieces I believe they were. He then glued the finished puzzles to his bedroom wall.

  10. kristen visser says:

    oh wow! that create your own puzzle is really cool. What a neat and fun idea. I have never seen that before.

  11. Wow, these are captivating!

  12. I am really hoping to get one of the Cobble Hill puzzles for Christmas.

  13. kathy downey says:

    I would love to put together the Winter Barnyard

  14. My children always liked puzzles although I know I am not good with them.

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